American Beauty: Erin Brady


On Sunday June 8th we watched as Erin Brady passed her title on to the new Miss USA. It was incredible to watch the recap of Erin’s journey over this past year. It was so emotional as Erin truly is such a humble person and puts the needs of others first. She is genuine, sweet and has carried her title with such grace, honour and kindness. Sitting down for my interview with Erin was such a treat. She is such a sweet heart and her kind heart shines very bright. Here’s a little more on Erin and our fun-loving interview on BB411.

Miss Connecticut USA Erin Brady stopped using her calculator and started wearing a crown when she captured the title of Miss USA 2013 on June 16th, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. A former number cruncher and Financial Accountant for Prudential Retirement, the 25-year-old from East Hampton graduated from Central Connecticut State University with a degree in Finance and a minor in Criminal Justice. She is proud to be the first person in her family to obtain a college degree.

Erin was raised in a household where she was subjected to alcohol and substance abuse and as a result hopes to use her title to advocate for children that have been exposed to similar situations. It is her goal to break the cycle of addiction after learning that more than half of adult addicts were children of alcoholics. The environment that Erin grew up in allowed her to realize the importance of being a role model to her two younger sisters. Erin made the conscious decision to live on her own at the age of 17 and says the experience taught her how to be self-sufficient and emotionally strong.

In her free time, Erin enjoys relaxing with friends and family, skiing, cooking and exploring new restaurants. Erin has a passion for running and enjoys pushing her body to its physical limits. The last race she participated in was the ‘Tough Mudder,’ a rigorous obstacle course that tests your endurance and mental strength.

As Miss USA, Erin was a spokesperson for breast and ovarian cancer education, prevention and awareness and worked closely with organizations such as Gilda’s Club, Susan G. Komen and the National Ovarian Cancer Alliance, among others. After her reign, Erin plans to pursue her MBA however; she is excited to see where her new title takes her and has an interest in broadcasting and hosting.

BB411~ What inspired you to compete in the Miss USA Competition?

1371472207_erin-brady-miss-usa-zoomEB~ I have always wanted to pursue modelling since I was very young but it never was in the cards for me. A friend of mine suggested pageantry and the Miss USA system specifically. After looking into it further, I realized the great message that the Miss Universe Organization stood by which is women empowerment. I then decided to compete at the Miss Connecticut USA pageant two years ago and that was by far the best decision I have made.

BB411~ What do you hope to accomplish with your title and what do you want to be remembered for?

EB~ As Miss USA, I hope to be able to leave an impact on many people all over the country. Between the volunteer work and being able to meet so many different people from all parts of the world, I hope that I am able to leave a lasting impression that changes the stereotype that so many people have stapled to the world of pageantry. I hope people remember me as the Miss USA that remained true to herself from the moment I began my reign. In addition, I want people to see that you can have it all. You can be smart, beautiful, kindhearted, and keep a solid relationship with the ones you love.

BB411~ What do you plan on doing after your title is passed on (Career Wise)?Miss California USA 2014 Pageant

EB~ I would have said I would be going back to school in the fall to pursue my Master’s degree and continue my career in the financial world. Since becoming Miss USA, so many new doors and opportunities have opened up that it is too soon to tell. Although school is something I will definitely go back to eventually, I would love to pursue some modelling and hosting as well.

BB411~ How did your childhood influence the person you are today?

EB~ My childhood was not the typical childhood most people would have expected. I experienced many struggles and life lessons at a very young age, forcing me to grow up extremely fast. Even though there are times that I regret and resent not experiencing the typical things a “normal” child would have experienced, I know that I would not be half the person I am today if I didn’t have these experiences to shape me.

BB411~ What are the key points to being a good role model?

EB~ Being a great role model is something that should come very naturally and effortlessly. When you don’t try to be someone other than who you are, you are able to really leave an impact on others without even realizing it. There is something to be said about that freshness that people love and look up to. Also, being a role model to me, means being selfless and thinking about others before yourself.


BB411~ Who was your role model growing up?

EB~ My grandmother was my role model growing up. She is one of the most amazing women I know. The relationship I have with her is unlike anything I can describe. I spent every day after school and every day during the summer with her and she has left an impact on me that has forever changed my life.

BB411~ What does beauty mean to you?

EB~ Yes beauty is an exterior quality, but beauty to me is in your heart. There are so many people I have met in this world that are physically beautiful, but once you get to know them, that persona disappears. If you are beautiful from the inside, so many people will see just how beautiful you really are.

BB411~ What inspires you personally and professionally?

EB~ Personally, positive people with dreams inspire me. There is something to be said about those people who are always happy and are smiling around you. It’s a very magnetic trait and it is inspiring to be around. Professionally, I love taking chances. I think you learn so much more when you are pushed out of your comfort zone, some of the best things result from that. It’s those abstract thinkers that really make a difference in their lives and that is inspiring to me.Erin+Brady+MBFW+Theia+Presentation+6-AV_lntoq0l

BB411~ Are you involved in any charities that are close to your heart?

EB~ I was able to work with Gilda’s Club first hand being Miss USA. This is a group that offers services to people affected by cancer. It is amazing what this group does for friends and family members affected by the negative affects of cancer. Being able to take part in their work is truly very special. I also have worked with Habitat for Humanity in the past and this was such a great organization because you build homes for people who financially can’t afford to have one. Being a part of something as tangible as building a home, is just something I have never experienced before and it helps change the lives for so many.

BB411~ What does it mean to you to give back?

EB~ It is so important to give back. I call it “paying it forward.” You have no idea just how badly other people have it until you see how something so small that you may do, affects them so dramatically. It really warms your heart and makes you such a better person when you take that extra few minutes out of your time to give back to someone less fortunate.

BB411~ What is your skin care regime?

EB~ Every night, I wash my face with “The MAX Stem Cell ” facial cleanser from Image Skincare to remove all my makeup from the day. I follow this with the “Dickinson Witch Hazel” toner to get any left over residue off my skin. Then follow with the Vital C Hydrating Intense Moisturizer from Image Skincare to leave my skin with that healthy glow that radiates all day. I also use their Prevention + Daily Ultimate Protection Moisturizer SPF 50 for when I go outside.

BB411~ What are your go to hair products?

EB~ I use a lot of Chi hair care products. They have a wonderful shine spray that I use to finish my hair when I am done styling. Additionally, they have a “helmet head” hairspray which holds every last strand of hair in place as you carry on with your busy day.


BB411~ Top Beauty Brands you love for Make up?

EB~ I have been using Rain and Mac Cosmetics. Their makeup is unbelievable. You can use their makeup for both day and night looks without looking too done up. It is great quality and I use them for everything from lip gloss to eyeshadow.

BB411~ 3 beauty products you carry with you always?

EB~ I always carry a Burt’s Bees Pomegranate lip balm, a Dickinson Witch Hazel Cleansing wipe, and a tube of L’Oreal Voluminous mascara.

BB411~ #1 beauty product you could not live without?

EB~ I can’t live without lip gloss. I have about 12 tubes in my purse at all times. I just love to have that sexy lip all day. My favourite is from Bare Escentuals Buxom Full-On lip polish in “Destiny”. It’s a plumper, I love how it tingles and gives a glistening look.

BB411~ Do any certain scents remind you of your childhood and what is your favorite fragrance?

EB~ Yes. Any time I smell the fall, it reminds me of going back to school which was one of my favorite times of year. My favorite fragrance is actually “Fame” by Lady Gaga.

BB411~ Do you have a best kept beauty secret that has been passed down to you (say from your Mother or Grandmother)?

EB~ My mom always told me to drink a lot of water and moisturize because it keeps your skin looking radiant and youthful.

BB411~ Have you always been in love with fashion and beauty?

EB~ I have always loved fashion and beauty. I grew up walking around with my mom’s high heels on and singing in front of the mirror with my hairbrush. The great thing about fashion is you can make it as unique as you want to and it is forever changing. It’s just great to be able to express yourself through makeup and clothing.

BB411~ Describe your style?gallery_photo1375371607Erin_Highlight2

EB~ Some of my fashion icons are Jennifer Lopez and Kate Middleton. I love to dress classy yet glamorous. When you have a great outfit, you gain a sense of self-confidence that just radiates off you all day.

BB411~ Favourite Designer?

EB~ Alexander McQueen. I just really love all his designs.

BB411~ Fun fact that your fans may not know about you?

EB~ I have a mild obsession with Flamingos. I’ve always been fascinated with things in the tropics. I went on a trip a few years back to Aruba and where we stayed they had a private island with wild flamingos. They were the most fascinating creatures. They would walk up to you and you could feed them. The fact that they’re pink birds alone are incredible. I have a pink flamingo plunger and stapler, I have the most random objects that are all flamingos.

BB411~ Have you always been athletic?

EB~ I grew up as a tom boy and have always been athletic. I was always outdoors building forts and keeping very active. I was an avid swimmer and runner. I competed in cross-country and track and field while in school and loved every minute of it.


BB411~ Favorite food?

EB~ I am a health nut and recently, my favorite food has been brussels sprouts sautéed with olive oil, garlic, and balsamic vinegar.

BB411~ What do you do to stay fit and healthy?

EB~ I love to run! This is the most stress relieving activity for me. I plug in my headphones and just explore. Additionally, I love yoga as a relaxing way to unwind and I also hit the gym a few times of week for some light weight training.

BB411~ What are the top 3 artists on your playlist?

EB~I just put Justin Bieber with Will i am, Usher & Gavin Dagraw


BB411~ What does your ideal day look like when you have down time?

EB~ I am an early bird so I get up and have a great breakfast (pouched eggs on an english muffin if I go out to eat and Almond and banana sandwiches at home). Then I like to get a workout in before I start the day. If the weather was nice, I would head to the beach with a great book and relax for the day. Currently I’m reading “Lean In” from Cheryl Steinberg. Then I would head home and make a great dinner with some of my close friends and finish the day off with a comedy because I love to laugh.

BB411~ If you could tell your younger self something you have learned and know now what would it be?

EB~ Enjoy every second of your life, good or bad, because time goes by so fast. I wish I was back in school some days because your life just flies by even faster once it is done. Some of the best years of my life were while I was in school. I just wish I enjoyed them more and didn’t wish to be older.gallery_photo1375371608Erin_Highlight3

BB411~ 3 words that best describe you?

EB~ Magnetic, Intelligent, Selfless

BB411~ Favorite quote?

EB~ “Life is too good to feel bad.”

BB411~ #1 thing you want to cross off your bucket list?

EB~ I want to see a broadway play in NYC because this is something I have never had the chance to do. The Lion King and Wicked are on my top list of must sees.

BB411~ What has been your biggest Aha Moment so far in life?

EB~ The biggest aha moment for me was when I graduated from college and started working in the corporate world. It is quite a unique feeling to finally have those four hard years pay off with a rewarding job that pays you for all of the hard work you have put in.

BB411~ What advice would you give entrepreneurs (young girls) starting out that are following their dreams?

EB~ Anything is possible. Nothing comes easy so stick to your heart and push through the hard times because once you get over those, anything is possible.

BB411~ Where do you see yourself in 1 year, 5 years and 10 years?

EB~ In one year, I can honestly say I see myself still living in NYC and pursuing some modeling, which is what I have wanted to do my whole life. In five years, I hope to be married with kids because I am a family girl and can’t wait to start one of my own down the road. In ten years, I hope to have completed my family and traveled all over the world because that is something I want to do for the rest of my life.

photoBB411~ When I say the words #lovethis, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

EB~ My life. I am absolutely in love with my life right now. I could not be happier!

The are big things in the future for this beauty. Next up on the list is her wedding to fiancé Tony Capasso!

To keep up to date on Erin follow her on Twitter and Instagram

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Suki’s on Granville


There was no hesitation when I was asked to be Dermalogica’s “Little Grey Pass” Ambassador. I have been a huge fan of the brand for years and my love for the company continues to grow. The Little Grey Pass program allows you to cruise around your city, checking out great skin centres. The thought of spa treatments using Dermalogica products is music to my ears.

My second stop on the “Little Grey Pass” journey was Suki’s Salon & Spa on Granville. I had no idea that they had spa services, there’s actually 3 levels to the location. When I walked in I was greeted by their friendly staff and shown around. They have a level for cuts and a separate floor for colour. I love the decor and funky feel, from the colour bar wall to the bold “Unleash the New You” wall quote. I was then taken down stairs to check out the spa level.

I was greeted by my Esthetician Asma and shown around, she described the many ways they incorporate the best of eastern and western spa traditions. From facials, body treatments, massages, hair removal and nail care, Suki’s has you covered from head to toe. My skin concerns going into my treatment were a few breakouts and congestion. Also my skin tends to be more on the dry side and a bit of a moisture addict.

My treatment started with Dermalogica’s precleanse (kaki nut oil), followed by the dermal clay cleanser. A soothing additive was also used to start off my facial with soybean, avocado and sandalwood. Next Asthma gave my skin some serious exfoliation love with a triple-threat of Dermalogica’s multivitamin thermafoliant, accelerator 35 and daily microfoliant. Next she washed my face with the ultracalming cleanser before applying a multivitamin power mask with a collodial gel mask. My treatment was finished off with the ultracalming serum, barrier repair and ultracalming sensitive tint SPF 30.

The way my skin felt after the facial was amazing, super moisturized and radiant. I am crazy about the ultracalming line, my skin was dewy and glowing. My little breakouts even seemed to clear up. Suki’s on Granville gets the Beauty Buzz 411 stamp of approval.

A Big THANK YOU to Dermalogica for continuing to rock it out in the beauty world. Oh and did I mention Dermalogica supports cruelty free! Just one more reason this company is one of my top picks.

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Summer Favourites



Blonde Ambition

I have a secret weapon for maintaining my golden locks in-between salon visits. John Frieda’s “Color Renew” tone correcting shampoo diminishes any brassiness and brightens my hair. This affordable line has a great lavender scent and provides protection against UV exposure. A definite must have, boost your blonde today at John Frieda.

London Drugs CC Cream Marcelle



Perfect Imperfections

Finding a great coverage that also gives my skin multiple beauty benefits is an added bonus. This CC cream from Marcelle wears many hats; spf 35, make-up base, tinted corrector and powerful moisturizer, just to name a few. It’s my complete correction solution, especially since it contains 24K pure gold to help fight signs of aging. Run and grab your favourite shade at Marcelle.



Tousled and Tamed

Bumble and bumble is giving my hair nothing but love these days with “Bb. City Swept” finish spray. Not only does it define and manage my hair, it also provides incredible separation and shine. Whether I’m rocking some curls or keeping it sleek, this versatile spray makes my style complete. Suitable for all hair types (Even the fine ones!). Transform your hair by visiting Bumble and bumble.




Muah Rouge

Make a bold statement this summer with Lise Watier’s matte “Rouge Gourmand Velours”. All you need is one beautiful coat to keep your lips popping with the colour you desire. This long-lasting, collagen-restoring lipstick has the most incredible, pigmented shades. Colour and Plump your pout at Lise Watier.




Sun Savvy

Dermalogica delivers again with “Protection 50 Sport”. A top pick when it comes to sun protection. This light-weight, water-resistant, citrus scented lotion has you covered from head to toe. You’ll be moisturized and all set for this Vancouver summer heat. Get Sporty at Dermalogica.

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The Spa on 4th

There was no hesitation when I was asked to be Dermalogica’s “Little Grey Pass” Ambassador. I have been a huge fan of the brand for years and my love for the company continues to grow. The Little Grey Pass program allows you to cruise around your city, checking out great skin centres. The thought of spa treatments using Dermalogica products is music to my ears.

First on the list was a stop at Beverly’s the Spa on 4th, located in the heart of Kitsalano. I have driven past many times but never checked it out. From the outside it looks smaller than it is, but once inside you soon realize there is more to this beautiful hidden gem. Upon walking in, I was greeted on the main floor where you can shop and purchase product, as well have your makeup done. I was then taken upstairs to change and relax in their lounge before heading in for my treatment.

I was treated like a queen by my skin therapist Amanda with the “Time Smart” facial. My main skin concerns were slight dehydration and congestion (change of season). My 60 minute treatment started with a complimentary (AMAZING) 15 minute back massage. What an awesome way to start off a treatment! Next, my skin was cleansed with Precleanse and the Skin Resurfacing cleanser, then some exfoliation with one of my favourites Daily Microfoliant. She then followed up with light extractions and Dermalogica’s  Age Smart Multivitamin Power Serum. Another one of my favourites, Multi Active toner was applied before massaging my skin with soothing oils. The oil combination smelled heavenly. Last a Colloidal hydrating mask (professional use only) was applied and my treatment was finished off with Dynamic skin recover and Intensive eye repair.

Immediately following my treatment my skin was glowing, radiant and drenched with moisture. There were no signs of dehydration. My skin looked so incredible I decided to go makeup free. I was very impressed by the level of professionalism and care my therapist and the spa provided. Beverly’s the Spa on 4th gets the Beauty Buzz 411 stamp of approval. I also highly recommend asking for Amanda. There spa services include facials, massages, pedicures, manicures and much more. Check them out HERE.

A Big THANK YOU to Dermalogica for continuing to rock it out in the beauty world. Oh and did I mention Dermalogica supports cruelty free! Just one more reason this company is one of my top picks.

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Fresh Summer Beauty

Palette_EdenTropical Eyeshadows

Tropical Shades

What better way to jump into spring and welcome summer than with Lise Watier’s new “Palette Eden Tropical” eyeshadow. This vibrant collection of lush colours bring the perfect combination to enhance your eyes from morning till night. Create your master canvas at Lise Watierphoto-13



Dynamic Skin

I believe that no matter what time of year it is you should always shield your skin with a spf. Dermalogica’s “Dynamic Skin” SPF 30 gives my skin a barrier against environmental stresses. It not only packs a vitamin punch, it leaves my skin with a dewy finish. Get all your sun coverage at Dermalogica





Cleopatra’s Secret

Who doesn’t want to take a bath that’s fit for a queen! Smell This “Cartouche” milk bath transforms my tub into a dream oasis. With Epsom Salts, Whole Milk Powder and Cocoa Butter my skin was infused with so much moisture. I felt like I just stepped out of the spa. Enlighten you senses with Smellthis





If you’re like me and a fan of bronzed goddess skin, you’ll love Gleam Body Radiance by Melanie Mills. This amazing cream gave my skin an overall glow without transferring onto my clothes. I love finding a product that is so versatile and easy to apply to both face and body. Gleam will have you dancing with the stars. Pick up your luminous shade today at Gleam by Melanie Mills



Hydra Kiss

When it comes to lip love, Lise Watier has mine covered. “Hydra Kiss” colour balm is a triple threat providing the right amount of hydration, shine and colour. It’s a balm, lipstick and gloss all-in-one! A great companion when you’re on the go. Get your kiss on at Lise Watier

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A Fresh look at Spring

ACS_BeurreCorporel+LedumUltimate Body Butter

Lise Watier does a body good with their Age Control Supreme “Ultimate Body Butter”. I absolutely love slathering this body butter on, especially after a shower or a hot yoga session at YYoga. My skin soaks it all in, it has a light scent for that hint of floral sweetness. This cream is rich in Labrador Tea Extract, argan and shea butter, making it a heavy weight contender for fighting dry skin and pre mature aging. Visit LiseWatierAbsinthe_hand cream 100 ml_INABSPJ005



Forest Fresh

Keeping our hands hydrated should be top on the list of priorities as we age. The Body Shop “Absinthe Purifying hand cream” delivers intense moisture and there is no greasy after feel. I am a little obsessed with the earthy scent; it’s like walking through a forest right after it has rained. The bergamot, petit grain and neroli combine for a perfect aromatic blend. Great for everyday use or an overnight treatment. Indulge today at The Body Shop

IT-O2 Ultra Repair Liquid Oxygen Foundation



Skin Perfect

I get so excited about finding a foundation that gives my skin a flawless complexion without a heavy feel. IT Cosmetics “IT O2 Ultra Repair Liquid Repair Oxygen” Foundation in medium is the ideal match for my olive skin tone. This foundation can be worn from sheer to built-up coverage. Oh, and did I mention that it is infused with peptides, hyaluronic acid and other anti-aging benefits? Say goodbye to imperfections and hello to dewy, beautiful skin. Shop IT Cosmetics



Starry, Starry Night
I think it’s pretty clear to say that I love my baths! There is just something about climbing into a hot bath and melting the day away. Lush “Twilight” bath bomb filled the water with colours of pink and purple hues. The relaxing scent of lavender makes you want to drift off to dream. Nothing like wrapping your body and mind in a blanket of zen. Get your fizz on today at LUSHFlying Fox



Flying Fox

With the Vancouver weather still lingering around, what better way to lift your spirit then a little mood-altering aphrodisiac. “Flying Fox” by Lush brings sultriness to the shower with scents of jasmine, yang ylang and palmarosa oils. This beautiful, honey infused shower gel left my skin caressed with moisture. What are you waiting for, your shower awaits. Lather up at LUSH

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Glitter and Glam with Melanie Mills

MM-headshot_HREmmy Award winning makeup artist Melanie Mills is one of Hollywood’s leading style-makers and beauty consultants, known for her glamorous flair, supreme talent, and vivacious personality.  Melanie’s journey began in Thousand Oaks, California, but she soon ventured throughout the world living, learning, and making memories that would leave lifelong impressions not only on her, but on those she encountered. Born to a family of intelligent, strong, and capable women, each style icons in their own right, Melanie’s love affair with glitter, glam, and all things stylish was her true destiny.

Today Melanie is one of the most sought after makeup experts in the industry. With more than 14 years of experience, Melanie is a master of her craft sculpting faces and bodies to true works of art in a variety of mediums including television, film, and editorial.

In 2007, Melanie was selected as the Department Head Makeup Artist for ABC Television’s global phenomenon Dancing With the Stars, where she completely redefined the look of the series and ultimately won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Makeup Design in 2008. Melanie’s superior talent has earned her nine career Emmy nominations for her work on various projects in the Entertainment Industry, including two double-nominations.

While working with Dancing with the Stars, Melanie created Gleam Body Radiance; a revolutionary transfer-resistant body makeup that perfects and illuminates the skin in four shades and is sold worldwide. Expanding her beauty collection, Melanie launched Gleam Lip Radiance in February 2012. Made with organic and botanical ingredients, Gleam Lip Radiance not only moisturizes, but also can be used alone and lasts all day – or night – long.

Melanie continues to expand Gleam by Melanie Mills with new and exciting products, many of which are featured her book in “Glitter and Glam.” Melanie’s products and tips for creating flawless makeup for the face and body have appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and Access Hollywood Live, and in national publications including Allure, Shape, Vogue, InStyle, US Weekly, OK, Redbook, and People, among others.

I have always been a fan of bronzed skin! When I found out I was going to interview the woman who works magic behind the scenes for one of my favourite shows (DWTS), I was over the moon with joy. It was an absolute pleasure to interview Melanie, she is a true artist with incredible talent. I also had the opportunity to test out a few products from Melanie’s line and Gleam Body Radiance was outstanding. It definitely received the BB411 stamp of approval for “Must Have” beauty products. I hope you enjoy the interview and get inspired to add a little glitter and glam into your life!


Allure_Thumb         InStyle_Thumb

BB411~ How did you come to work as a Make Up Artist, was it something you wanted to do from an early age?

MM~ I always did makeup for photo shoots in my neighborhood, or my friends’ makeup to go out, but I did not realize I could do makeup as a career until I was around 24 years old. I thought I wanted to be an Italian translator and live in Italy, which is what I originally went to school for in Florence. I visited a makeup school in Milan with a friend and fell in love with all things beauty and glamour. I realized ‘oh my god I could actually do makeup as a career!’

BB411~ How was it working as the Head of the Makeup Department on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, what did you love most?

MM~ I ran the makeup department at the show for 5 years and created the signature look of the performers. What an amazing experience! DWTS was fun, full of fabulous energy and great people. The best part was doing bold looks you wouldn’t usually see on TV. Meeting all the fabulous pro dancers and all of the amazing stars from so many different levels was great as well. It was a party and intense. I loved being backstage on a live show where you never quite knew what was going to happen next, but had to be prepared and ready for anything.GleamTube_onWhite_LR

BB411You developed your own product line “Gleam“, how did that all come to be?

MM~ Gleam is a beauty line that started with Gleam Body Radiance – a makeup, moisturizer, and glow all in one available in four fabulous shades for every skin tone, and yet all skin tones can use any shade for a different end result. The bodies are a big part of dancing and a lot of skin shows. I wanted the bodies to look spectacular and I needed a product to help me even out all of the spray tanning that was going on. I needed a body makeup that would not get all over the place and, if it did transfer, would not stain. So I concocted the perfect recipe and came up with Gleam Body Radiance. 

Gleam Body Radiance can create a tan, enrich a tan, and help to even out sunless tanning. It’s pigmented enough to cover small stretch marks, small varicose veins, and any uneven or blotchy skin. It can also be used to create just a golden glow or to highlight and contour. The ingredients are the highest quality and can be used on the face as well. Body Radiance is a must-have beauty product! Once I debuted Gleam Body Radiance, I then released the gorgeous Gleam Lip Radiance lip-gloss collection. Combining the best features of a lipstick and gloss – Gleam Lip Radiance is long wearing, anti-feathering, non- sticky, and available in 7 power-pigmented shades. The newest addition to the Gleam Cosmetic Line is Radiant Dust — a gorgeous luxe loose powder that mimics the 4 Body Radiance Shades. Radiant Dust can be used all over the face and the body and is stunning. This product is as unique as it is hydrating with Jojoba Oil as well.

GlitterandGlamBB411~ Tell us about your new book “Glitter & Glam“?

MM~ “Glitter & Glam” is a book to inspire all to have fun with makeup, step outside of the box and play with color. I give some basic tips covering everything from eyelashes to skin care to body makeup. Included are some natural looks, but I really wanted to capture the drama and glamour of makeup and how makeup can change one’s look and mood. I was so lucky to have 13 of my celebrity friend’s pose for 2-3 different looks. I focused on my favorite icons and stories, like Snow White, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, Queen Nefertiti and David Bowie, creating stories that matched their personalities or features. One section of the book showcases the color wheel — where I chose 10 different solid background colors to feature 3 different makeup looks using the back ground color as inspiration. Red eye shadow, blush and lips – oh yes check it out. Another unique component of “Glitter & Glam” is The Faces of the World section where I took 3 girls of a same ethnicity and posed all 3 together in 3 different looks. This really shows the power of makeup and how it can change one’s appearance drastically! Again be inspired, play and make a statement!

BB411~ What is your signature look that you are known for makeup wise?

MM~ Gleamalicious gorgeous flawless complexions and body. I am known for revolutionizing the body for television. The body is just as important as the face. Glitter is another Melanie Mills’ signature — mostly from my work on DWTS. I am also known for glitter-izing existing tattoos. Last, but certainly not least, I love lashes and try to include them in each and every look.

BB411~ What does beauty mean to you?

MM~ Beauty to me is compromised of so many things, but most of all I truly believe beauty is a state of mind rather than an outward appearance. There are so many ways to find beauty. Beauty can be found in a nice cool breeze, or a sweet kiss from my daughter. It can be raw or sweet; it can be flawless or imperfect. Most of all beauty is what you have within! I find beauty in everything!Melanie-Mills-LEAD

BB411~What inspires you personally and professionally?

MM~ Personally, my daughter inspires me daily. To make her proud – well there just is no greater feeling. I consider myself a creative soul and truly find inspiration in so many things, from movies, magazine campaigns, color, texture, trips, history and music – to name a few. I also love a challenge and nothing feels better than overcoming obstacles and achieving more each day.

BB411~ Are you involved in any charities that are close to your heart?

MM~ I’m always supporting The LA Children’s Hospital; what they do for children and their families is amazing.  I recently supported BASE Camp Children’s Cancer Foundation at my “Glitter & Glam” Book Launch Party. Talia, the young aspiring makeup artist, touched my heart and I was so inspired by her. I was very sad to hear of her passing, so we wanted to honor her memory by supporting the organization that she was associated with and who still supports her legacy. Also a huge supporter of diabetes research – as my step-dad suffered for many years and ultimately lost his battle to the disease.

BB411~ What does it mean to you to give back?

MM~ To give back with makeup in particular is to be able to inspire, drive, challenge and teach makeup artists both new and seasoned to be the best they can be. To help them find their way and to become great makeup artists themselves. I love it when I can offer new opportunities by bringing aspiring artists backstage to Fashion Week or hiring artists for various projects and productions.

BB411~ What is your skin care regime?

MM~ I love Skin Ceuticals! In the AM 1) wash with a foaming or cream face wash 2) tone with the spray toner 3) apply eye serum 4) apply eye balm 5) apply a neck, chest and hand corrector 6) lotion (Emoliance is amazing and I would bathe in it if I could) 7) Always apply sunscreen.

In the PM I use 1) a clarifying cleanser with exfoliation then all the same steps but with heavier creams and sometimes Retina A. I also try to get facials every 4-6 weeks.

BB411~ What are three beauty products you carry with you always?

MM~ Gleam™ Lip Radiance, Mascara and Gleam Body Radiance™ in Rosé Gold7 Gloss Shades line Up.White_LR

BB411~ #1 beauty product you could not live without?

MM~ Uggggg so tough, but I think my Gleam™ Lip Radiance is my must-have product!

BB411~ What advice would you give entrepreneurs starting out that are following their dreams?

MM~ Just start doing it! Take it step by step. No job is too small or too big. Sometimes you even have to donate your time for the experience and recognition. Outline your dreams and make a plan to get there. Most importantly – network, network, network!

BB411~ Where do you see yourself in 1 year, 5 years and 10 years?

I try not to define my life by segments, but as far as the future I do have big plans and know that the timing will work itself out. For my future, I definitely see Gleam™ as a major brand competing with all the other key players in the industry. I plan on building my resume and ultimately running major fashion shows in NY, Paris, Milan and London during Fashion week. As I debut my first book, “Glitter & Glam” I hope to one day be on the NY Times Best Seller List with 1-2 more books on the shelf. Also, would love to do some producing and directing!!! I definitely see more traveling opportunities ahead while producing stylized shoots. Most important – I plan to always stay content at home and in my garden with my family and friends feeling accomplished and successful.

BB411~ When I say the words #lovethis, what is the first thing that comes to mind?


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