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Stop and Smell the Roses

      Growing up one of my favorite times was hanging out on a Sunny day with my Grandmother in her Rose Garden. I never quite knew how she managed to grow such big beautiful rose bushes. We would pick a handful and bring them inside and put them in a vase. They just seemed to light up the house and the smell was enchanting. Not to mention they always put a big smile on her face, which was the best part of the day.

   It’s no doubt this early childhood memory has made me a lover of this amazing flower. Whether its fresh roses in the house or a garden I encounter, it always brings me back to those summers and the happiness I felt

   Year after year I have found different products that have managed to capture the smell of roses. I thought I would share some great finds and products I love


I just can’t resist handcreams, ones that are ultra moisturizing that don’t leave a greasy feel. Recently I came across one that I absolutely love and it includes one of my favorite smells Roses! Crabtree & Evelyn “Hand Therapy Collection” in Rosewater is amazing. It’s formulated with macadamia nut oil, shea butter and rosewater that work together to leave the hands soft and smooth. It contains myrrh which helps to condition your cuticles and nails. I love putting this on before I go to bed, the smell drifts me off to sleep

   Recently a good friend gave me this wonderful little bottle of sweetness. This Face and Body Mist in “Rose Petals” from Passion Moon Potions is a great addition to your perfume collection. Its light for those days when you just need a little pick me up or on a warm Summer night heading out with friends.Check out their website at

  Last but not least are  these lip balms from the Rosebud Perfume Co. Everyone that knows me  knows how much I love a good lip balm. There’s nothing better than soft, supple, gorgeous, kissable lips. They have to have a great smell and the balms below definitely do. They all go along with the theme today – Roses!

The first one I want to tell you about is “Brambleberry Rose” . It has an amazing smell that combines berry, honey, vanilla, shea butter & brambleberry rose. It was created for Vivian the President of Rosebud Perfume Co., Inc. When I put it on it reminds me of Berry Suckers that I use to eat as a kid.

Next is the “Rosebud Salve”  which has a soft scent of Rose. This Salve is great as a lip balm but can be used for other purposes. Not only does it relieve chapped lips it can be used for skin irritations it is great for rough, dry cuticles. You don’t need a lot, a little goes a long way.

Last but not least is this delicious lip balm. Though it doesn’t smell like roses, I had to include it. It’s the “Strawberry” lip balm, and reminds me of 2 things as a kid. #1. Yummy candies that I use to eat on the front porch & #2. a Strawberry lip balm that came in a strawberry shaped container that I received with my Strawberry ShortCake Characters.

These wonderful lip balms can be found (Canada & US followers)

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The Many Uses of Coconut Oil!

     Ever since I was little I have loved Summer. The warm sun shining down and the smell of Coconut Oil. There was just something about it that put a smile on my face.

Over the last couple of years I have grown to love Coconut oil even more. There are so many wonderful ways that you can incorporate it into your daily routine. Here are a few of my favorites:

#1. Hair Treatment– Coconut Oil is amazing for transforming your dull, tired, over-processed locks. When I need to add shine or moisture to my hair, I take a few tablespoons and work through from my roots to the ends (Depending on how thick and long your hair is you may require less) . I section my hair so I can have an even coat throughout. Once I’m done I wrap my hair up in a bun and leave on for as long as I can. After several hours I wash, condition and dry my hair. Sometimes it may take 2 Shampoo’s to rinse depending on the brand.

I don’t recommend leaving it overnight unless you sleep with a wrap on your head as the oil can get on your pillow (Shower Caps work well).  This treatment makes my hair feel incredibly soft

#2. Sore Muscles and Dry Skin– When ever I have a had a great workout and my muscles are sore , there is nothing more rewarding than a hot bath with some Coconut Oil. I add a teaspoon-tablespoon to the water and massage the water into my skin. Not only does this work for my muscles, it’s amazing at moisturizing the skin. Your as good as new when your done. Be careful while in the bath as well as  getting out as it can be a little slippery. Trust me though it’s so worth it!

To add one more little treat while soaking in the bath, you can add some coconut oil to your face and use as a mask. I recommend applying to a clean face and avoid the eye area. The great thing about Coconut oil is you don’t need to rinse it off, just rub in when your all done!

Coconut Oil has been used for many years for many purposes around the world and has many health benefits, especially when used for cooking.

Since I’m on this Coconut Oil kick, I have to include 2 of my favorite Body Butters.

The first is The Body Shop’s Coconut Body Butter. It contains Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter. Not only does this product smell delicious, I love the way it glides on my skin leaving it smooth and nourished. A Product that I will use through the years.





The next product is almost the same, but I like to use this when I’m going out and need that little bit of glow. It has a subtle shimmer and is made with virgin coconut oil, cocoa butter and shea butter to moisturize.

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That Darn Pimple!

Sometimes its just one, then its two and quite often you have a major breakout session.

Acne can stem from so many factors –  stress  & hormonal imbalances seem to be the top culprits!

Recently I went through a 3 month period where I had a major breakout on my forehead. I tried everything and nothing really seemed to work. I heard of  Dr. Jason Rivers at Vancouver Skin  and decided to get a referral to go in and see him. As he has a long waiting list I was given the option to come in and see their skin care specialist Melissa Baker. I went in and had a consultation with Melissa, who was extremely knowledgable and recommended La Roche-Posay. Now, La Roche-Posay is a brand that is world recognized and can be found in Shoppers Drugmart. The product she recommended though can only be purchased by a Dermatologists office.

The product she prescribed was La Roche-Posay trio treatment  Biomedic line – LHA (Lipo Hyroxy Acid). It consists of the Cleansing Gel, Pre Peel LHA Solution & LHA Serum. I was a little hesitant at first and ended up going with another line. As a few weeks went by my skin continued to breakout. I finally had enough and called her to come back in and pick up the Biomedic line and within 2 days my skin had cleared incredibly!

Not only did these products help with my Darn Pimples, they gave me a radiant glow. The line is known to also reverse signs of sun damage, fine lines, dark spots, premature aging & skin imperfections.

This line is one I highly recommend but advise you to consult with a specialist like Melissa Baker to make sure you use it properly. Melissa is not only well-trained but she is someone who makes you feel very comfortable from the first moment you meet her. She even called me a few weeks later to check in and see how things were going

For all my followers make sure to search the nearest  Dermalologist near you.

Another product I recommend that is less expensive and great for those one or two stubborn pimples is Doctor Burt’s Herbal Blemish Stick. It contains 10 natural herbal ingredients like Tea Tree, Willow Bark, Juniper Oils, and my fav Calendula! Calendula is amazing, it helps redness and inflammation. This is a product the guys will love too!

Calendula cream can also be bought in a tube and is great for skin conditions as well. A guy I know used it for Eczema on his hands and it helped soothe and moisturize.

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