Hair that’s anything but “boar”ing

  Tangled hair is enough to drive you crazy. Remember when you were little and Mom tried to comb your hair? Those of you who have curly hair like me, know how difficult it is trying to comb through your locks. It seems like I shampoo, add tons of conditioner and proceed to comb my hair. Then when I’m out I add more product!

I have heard about boar bristle brushes for a long time but never really believed they worked. I decided to buy an inexpensive one to see if all this hype was true, thinking what do I have to lose. Honestly, it is amazing! Now they say it’s not good to brush wet hair, but with this brush I starting at the ends and worked my way up and voila. Not only is it good at untangling my hair, I noticed that after blow drying I had extra shine. I did not have to put product in my hair, though I like to. 

I don’t think I will ever buy a brush that does not have  boar bristle. I do recommend a high-end one though as you will get a longer use out of it. Some of my favorites are Mason Pearson Sephora Collection Boar detangling brush and Denman

A few months ago I was given a gift set of AG Hair cosmetics “Colour Savour” sulfate-free shampoo and color protection conditioner. At first I was skeptical, but after one use I was amazed. Not only did the shampoo smell incredible  like grapefruit and citrus, it lathered up unlike other sulfate-free products.  Even with the insane lather my hair did not seem to get tangled up that much. I also noticed after several weeks of using the shampoo my newly colored hair seemed to still be rich.

As for the conditioner, I always seem to use tons of product and sometimes mix a few different brands. With AG’s color protection conditioner, I used very little and I was able to run the comb easily through my hair. The smell brought me back to when I was a kid when I use to buy pink Hubba Bubba.

These products had great conditioning, moisturizing and detangling power. They protected and prolonged my hair color. This is a definite must have addition to your daily routine. Check out

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