Italian Inspired Beauty

Going to Italy is on my bucket list! There are so many things about this stunning place that I can’t wait to experience, from the amazing food to the gorgeous country side. There is so much beauty to explore! I came across some beauty products recently from Principessa Beauty that are rich in texture with heavenly scents~ completely Italian inspired! I was lucky to be introduced to the founder Trish Lucarino, an amazing woman that brings passion and truth to every thing she creates.

Right off the bat I fell in love with the products, they captivated my senses and I was immersed in total bliss. The first product I was introduced to was the “Bacio Me” lip balm. It is perfect to fit in you purse, as well as a “Must Have” for travelling on long flights. With this soothing, non-greasy balm, your lips will be kissably soft. It also comes in a slanted tube “Bacia Me” for easy and quick application. It’s perfect over top of your favorite lip stick!

Next is the “Cattiva Diva” silky hand cream. The bottle says that all you need is a pea size amount, I thought I would see if what they said was true. Honestly I tried it and they were right. Not only is this cream ultra moisturizing, but it had a delicious scent. With sweet almond oil, aloe vera and vitamin E, you’re sure to become addicted with one application. Not to mention it smells like cotton candy.

Last but surly not least, the Dry Shampoo. This little baby is perfect for all occasions from your vacation, your wedding day and every event in between. It’s even perfect for every day use in between washes. It comes in 2 shades, “Bianco Breeze” & “Notte Breeze“. Both can be used for any color of hair, you just have to make sure that you deposit onto your hand first then add to your roots. I had never tried a product like this before and now can’t live without it.

All these products are paraben and sulfate free!

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