Behind the Lens!

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Sascha Mazzucco. Originally born in Amsterdam, his family moved to New York City at a young age and he now resides in Montauk, NY. The son of fashion photographer and renowned painter, Raphael Mazzucco and the talented photographer Lisa-Marie Mazzucco, one could say that Sascha was exposed to the arts at a very early age.  At only 17 years old, Sascha already has a natural way about capturing beauty and drawing you into his work.

From the moment I saw his work I was very intrigued to hear more about what inspires him and how he knew that he wanted to be a photographer. He told me that three years ago he received a camera as a birthday present. He ventured out into New York City, snapping photos of the scenery and people, and it wasn’t long before he realized he had a “knack for it”.


Sascha’s  inspirations continue to be Raphael Mazzucco (his dad), Annie Leibovitz and Damien Hirst to name a few.  When asked about what he looks for when preparing for a shoot (inspiration), he replied, “taking time to himself to find the right background scenario. One that will tell a story and capture the moment.”  Raw beauty was about bringing versatility to his shoots. Being able to capture beauty in many different forms, from rigidness to a softer, sensual side.  One word he would use to describe himself, he replied “Spontaneous”.




Sascha has already photographed 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Girl, Irina Shayk and his work also includes shooting for Blue and Cream clothing store.  He is an outgoing individual with a creative eye and you can see that he truly loves what he does. With a big, bright future ahead of him, I can’t wait to watch his story unfold.

To see more of Sascha’s work visit his facebook page & Follow him on Twitter @SaschaMazzucco

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  1. Great article Crystal!


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