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Educate your Skin with Dermalogica

Recently I was able to visit the International Dermal Institute in Vancouver to have a sit down one-to-one with Dermalogica’s instructor Cory Thompson. My skin concern when I came in was slight dehydration and some congestion. After my skin analysis and facial, my skin was more radiant and nourished. I wanted to share with you the great products I was introduced to.

Precleanse~ This great precleanse contains Kukui Nut, Borage Seed, Olive, Apricot Kernel and Rice Bran oils.I don’t usually wear foundation, but if I do this is great to use before my cleanser to get a deep clean. It’s great at taking off water proof make up.

Gentle Cream Exfoliant~ A non-abrasive exfoliation treatment that is great for all skin types, especially dehydrated skin. It contains hydroxy acid and natural fruit enzymes. My skin was left baby soft without feeling tight.

Multi-Active toner~ Anyone that knows me I rarely post about toners as I just don’t use them that often. But, this toner from Dermalogica is great. I love that it contains Aloe, Lavender, Balm Mint and Arnica. All which are soothing ingredients for dry skin. Plus it has an amazing smell. I use it after I work out to freshen my skin.

Skin Smoothing Cream~ This is a great medium-weight cream that is great for drier or prematurely aging skin. Since my skin craves mega moisture, I like to add a few drops of the Skin Hydrating Booster to super-charge it!

I have been a big fan of Dermalogica for some time and wanted to get the scoop on what it takes to have great, glowing skin. Here is my Q & A

BB411~ Tell us a little bit about your self

CT~ I have been working for Dermalogica and the International Dermal Institute for 4 years. My role is to train skin therapists and consumers on how to have absolute skin health using Dermalogica products. My passion for skin care goes far beyond pampering and luxury. Taking care of your skin is like fitness, what you put in is what you get out of it.

BB411~I am a huge believer in the beauty of giving back, what does it mean to you?

CT~Dermalogica has really taught me how to give back. I have been volunteering at Beauty Night for the last year, working with women on the Downtown East-side. What I do is give Skin Treatments to women who usually couldn’t afford them. They might see it as pampering, but I see it as a whole lot more. Giving back doing something I love  is truly amazing. I truly get such a sense of satisfaction from working with these women. I couldn’t ask for more.

BB411~ What is a big “no-no” most people do when it comes to their skin care?

CT~ The biggest “no-no” people make when it comes to skin care is not wearing SPF or using it correctly. Just putting it on in the morning is not enough. One teaspoon is the recommended amount for the face and most people just use a portion of that.

BB411~ How important is it to exfoliate?

CT~ Exfoliation is important because it removes the dull skin cells from the surface of skin allowing for better penetration of ingredients. Depending on the ingredients you exfoliate with, you can work on different conditions. Everything from dehydration to pigmentation. Always let a professional Skin Therapist help you make your decision.

BB411~What do you suggest for those that are overwhelmed with all the option out there for products?

CT~For those who are overwhelmed with all the product choices out there, look for a product that contains no mineral oil or lanolin, and no artificial fragrance or color. Don’t fall into the trap of “miracles in a jar” or “botox in a bottle”. Healthy skin is where it all starts. If you’re confused, ask a Dermalogica Skin Therapist for your zone by zone Face Mapping® Skin Analysis.

BB411~ What are the top 3 beauty products a person should have in their regime?

CT~The top products everyone should have in their regime are a cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin, an exfoliant that suits your skin condition(a scrub isn’t meant for everyone) and an SPF designed for your skin type.
BB411~ What does “Beauty” mean to Dermalogica?
CT~ Beauty to us means healthy skin. No false promises, no hype-Real results. It all starts with healthy skin now and prevention for later.

Dermalogica supports an amazing organization, FITE. To learn more click HERE

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The Buried Life

It’s funny, people say that things happen for a reason! Not too long ago I had a serendipitous moment, LITERALLY! What started out as a not so good day turned out to be a huge changing point in my life, one that would slightly alter the path I was on. I was invited to attend the book tour of “the buried life” in Washington. Now I knew who the guys were and had heard of what they were doing, but after that night I had a whole other level of admiration. I discovered a greater appreciation for living life in the present moment and how no dream is too small.

In case some of you don’t know about these guys I thought I would give you a quick overview. The Buried Life is a company formed by four university students from Victoria, British Columbia~ Dave Lingwood, Ben Nemtin and Duncan and Jonnie Penn. The idea for the name came from a poem by Matthew Arnold entitled “The Buried Life”. MTV picked up the series about these four friends that travel across North America in a purple  bus they named “Penelope”. Not only are these guys on a mission to complete a list of 100 things before they die,  but for every item they accomplish, they help a total stranger do something on his or her own to-do list.

  They are currently on a national college tour promoting the upcoming release of their new book which launches March 27th. To write a best-selling book is #19 on their list! “What Do You Want to Do Before You Die? is an illustrated collection of your wildest dreams. Two hundred of the most moving, imaginative, amusing, and thought-provoking things to do before you die are brought to life through handmade art curated by Dave, Duncan, Jonnie and Ben—the founders of  The Buried Life. Peppered throughout the book are lessons, secrets, and stories that come from five years of asking millions worldwide: What do you want to do before you die?”

I can truly tell you first hand this book is not to be missed. All the artwork is one of a kind, you definitely won’t see it anywhere else. It was done just for the book! Every page captivates you and I can honestly say that you will finish reading it and start writing your list (if you haven’t already). This book is one that you will read again and again, pass on to your friends and family or have it as a conversation piece in your home.

I had the privilege to see their show for a second time in Fullerton, CA and was completely taken back. I sat in an auditorium and heard story’s that were heart wrenching, letters of circumstances that were unimaginable and how “The Buried Life” gave them hope and promise. I heard stories of how people were encouraged to live their dreams, conquer their fears and rise above difficult times. I even met two girls that skipped their mid-terms to see the boys, saying that it was something on their to-do list that they never thought they would get to check off. They had the biggest smiles on their faces and this really meant the world to them. To see people so moved and inspired by these four individuals was incredible.

  A “Bucket List” seems so simple, yet most of us probably could not sit down and think of 100 things. Is it the fear of failing, or is it that we somewhere don’t believe  that our dreams can come true? Somewhere along the way we all get a little discouraged and hold back from living the life we were meant to do. It’s funny, I have started so many bucket lists and every time I have written down something that seems impossible to accomplish, I take it off. Thinking it’s too silly or there is no way it could be checked off. Well that day at the first show I was encouraged to dream bigger and hold onto the idea that the “Possibilities” are endless. Remember to never let someone discourage your dreams and know that “Anything is Possible”.

It’s not the things we do in life that wear us down, it’s what we don’t do.

Do what you love~ it’s what you were meant to do!

This book is a MUST READ, get your copy here before it hits the shelves! I have a strong feeling that it will be the start to a BIG CHANGE in your life.

Check out The buried life on facebook or follow them @theburiedlife

For my Vancouver followers don’t miss their book launch April 4th~ Get your tickets here

I would love to hear from you and tell me something you want to check off your bucket list

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YSL Lips

The Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2012 collection has the most vibrant colors. I was completely in love with the whole collection. I was able to test out a few of the ROUGE VOLUPTÉ PERLE silky-sensual-radiant lipsticks. First off, they come in a beautiful gold case with the timeless Yves Saint Laurent logo. They are like the cadillac of lipsticks! I have been a major fan of glosses and have recently been experimenting more with lipsticks. I have to say, I was impressed with the texture and how nourished my lips were. Plus they smell great too, actually reminds me of watermelon. They provide a great shimmer with lasting color.

#116 Milky Pink~ As a huge fan of pink, I was drawn instantly to this shade. The perfect pink when you want a little color!

#115 Shimmering Coral~ This Coral color will compliment many skin tones. It reminds me of a beach vacation.

Both shades are perfect to welcome Springtime!

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Leprechaun Approved!


What better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and welcome Spring then with a little green to kick-start your day. These three beauty must haves from LUSH awaken your senses with invigorating aromas. Even the Leprechaun’s would approve!

Grass Shower Gel ~ This shower gel smells like fresh-cut grass and is chalked full of antioxidants like wheatgrass juice. I love the uplifting  scent of bergamot, sandalwood and neroli oils. This gel will jump-start your morning, you may not even need your coffee.

Sugar Scrub ~ I say this over and over again, most of us don’t exfoliate often enough. This sugar scrub fits comfortably in my hand, making it easy to use. With ingredients like fennel, lavender and ginger root, your mind will be clear and your body perfectly polished.

Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo ~ What better way to celebrate St. Patty’s Day then with this stout shampoo. Did you know beer is actually good for your hair? With the combination of irish stout, cognac and lemon, fly aways were no match. After my hair was shiny and really soft, perfect for curly hair too.

Check out LUSH  to grab yours today and put a little green into your life

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A Perfect Arch

One of the things I have always struggled with when it comes to beauty is styling my eyebrows. I have tried grooming them on my own, but can’t seem to perfect it like how the professionals do. I have tried many companies out and had my brows tweezed, waxed and threaded, all doing a good job but never having a Wow Factor. Until………..

I had heard from quite a few people about an eyebrow stylist in Vancouver, so I thought I would check her out. I went to see Alisha Noon at Beauty Mark and honestly she has true talent at what she does. I can honestly say that I have never had my eyebrows look so good. After styling, Alisha finished my brows off with Paula Dorf 2+1 brow color in “brunette” and the brow gel. The line also has “blonde” which is great to use on any hair color.

I knew that I must not be the only one out there that has struggled to have the perfect brow. With this being said I thought I would take the opportunity to pick her brain and find out some key points when styling your brows . Here is the Q&A~

BB411~What is the biggest mistake that people do when styling their brows?

AN~ Oh there are so many! But it goes without saying, OVERTWEEZING! A lot of people think that thinner brows open your eyes up therefore making you look younger, but that is not the case…in fact, brows that are too thin for your face shape actually make you look OLDER and draw the focus AWAY from your beautiful eyes and onto your poor overtweezed brows


BB411~Advice for someone who is growing out their brows?

AN~ That would be to PUT THE TWEEZERS DOWN…HIDE THEM~FREEZE THEM! And stay strong! Growing out your brows can be a painstakingly unbearable task but the hardest part is just to get through the first 2-3 weeks and after that, it just doesn’t seem so bad. A good idea is to book a date with a professional a few weeks after you start the grow out process and then you have a goal, something to look forward to. That way every time you have a moment of weakness where you feel like you might break the tweezers out of the cup of water you froze them in, you know that it will all be better soon because you’ve got a plan…and an appointment that guarantees you won’t look like Oscar the Grouch forever

BB411~ What are the key items for beautifying your brows at home?

AN~ A great pair of slant tweezers (I recommend Tweezerman or Rubis), a spooly brush or dry mascara wand to comb your brows, and a standup mirror that you can sit close to with really good lighting, preferably daylight…and stay away from magnifying mirrors! They are breeders of overtweezer achievers!!

BB411~ Which celebrity has the best brows?

AN~ Oh my goodness, there are so many it’s tough to choose. But to name a few off the top of my head, Ashley Judd, Kate Winslet, and Jennifer Lopez.

BB411~ Top 3 items in your makeup bag that you can’t live without?

AN~ Just 3?? YSL Touche Éclat, Shu Uemura eyelash curler, and a tie for Paula Dorf Clear Brow Gel, Bobbi Brown “Peony” blush, and Q-tips

BB411~ What does beauty mean to you?

AN~ Being true to who you are and letting your light shine from the inside out…and good brows and a little lip gloss never hurt 😉

I hope you enjoyed this feature. For all my Vancouver Followers check out Alisha Noon at Beauty Mark or find a stylist near you~ Your brows will Thank you

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Oscar Worthy Love

From the first time I was introduced to LOLO Jewellery & Accessories I have been in love. The line has so many amazing pieces that are truly unique and beautiful. What I love most about LOLO is that you can dress up a basic t-shirt and jeans, as well as add some bling to glamour up your favorite party dress. I find this line to be very versatile. I now have quite a few pieces that have found a home next to my other accessories. I had the privilege to wear a stunning gold necklace, bracelet and matching earrings to my recent Anniversary Charity Night on February 25th,2012. Everyone kept coming up to me asking who it was by! There is truly something special that happens when you put LOLO on and it’s sure to turn some heads and have people talking.

The new addition I have recently added to my collection is this “Oscar Week Piece“. The 14k Gold Vermeil and Swarovski Crystal, 32” necklace was also included in the gift bags for the Oscar’s Red Carpet Style Lounge, where designer Lorena Ponis presented her jewellery to some of Hollywood’s most influential celebrities, media and stylists alike.

LOLO  Jewellery & Accessories is an admired label in North America, selling to select  boutiques across Canada and in the U.S.  With  a studio in Vancouver, LOLO Jewellery & Accessories boasts more than 300  pieces in its collection, each hand-crafted from specialized, quality materials  including the finest Swarovski crystals, sterling silver, 14 karat gold-fill  and semi-precious gemstones.

Designer, Lorena Ponis has spent the last nine years building and developing LOLO Jewellery & Accessories into one of the most recognized and sought after brands from the West Coast.  Over the years, her designs have graced the pages of top fashion and bridal magazines, along with a variety of personalities from daytime dramas to hit reality TV shows.

An entrepreneur at heart, Lorena originally pursued a career in international business, developing markets in Latin America as well as importing various products, before starting LOLO Jewellery & Accessories.  Inherently creative, with a lifetime love for buying, wearing and designing all different types of accessories, Lorena saw an opportunity to turn her passion into a business that would enable her to build her own brand.  In 2004, she began creating her first designs to introduce to the retail market, and within six months launched her first collection to local boutiques in Vancouver, B.C.

Today, LOLO Jewellery & Accessories can be found in select specialty boutiques across Canada and the U.S.

I recently sat down with Lorena for a Q&A to find out some fun facts about the creative genius behind LOLO

BB411~What was the first piece of jewelry you made as a child

LP~On my 6th birthday I made a necklace from a beading machine, you feed the beads through and make your own creation

BB411~What was the first piece you made when you created LOLO

LP~Clear 12mm swarovski cube bracelet, which is still available today!

BB411~When it comes to beauty, what are the 3 things you can’t live without?

LP~LOLO’s oversized hammered silver swarovski crystal studs, Neutral coloured lip gloss with some sparkle and a home-made brown sugar and honey scrub (makes your skin soft, smooth and glowing).

BB411~What lip gloss are you loving right now?

LP~Stila Cosmetics lip glaze in “Banana”

BB411~What does beauty mean to you?

LP~Beauty is when a woman feels comfortable in her own skin, regardless of the imperfections. Being able to acknowledge that she is beautiful without having to feel the need to prove it. The more real you are with yourself and the more natural you look, the more your beauty shines……………LOLO bling always enhances that beauty!

To find out more about LOLO click Here, or check them out on facebook & twitter

I would love to hear what LOLO piece is your favorite!

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Heavenly Scent

I have come across a Canadian based company that offers naturally inspired “body care with a healthy attitude”. deserving Thyme has recently launched a collection of naturally derived, Organic Fragrance Oil Roll-Ons.

Not only are these Fragrance Oil Roll-Ons alcohol and paraben free. They are blended with organic jojoba oil, leaving the skin hydrated and the scent lasts for hours! I had the pleasure of testing out all six alluring scents. I can honestly say it was hard to choose my favorite as I was drawn to each one for different reasons. Two of them tied in the top spot, “Be Sweet” & “Caribbean Coconut”. But the others were a close finish!

Here are the six heavenly scents and a little bit about the memories they each bring back~

Berry Boostiful“~ With the sweet scents of orange and pomegranate, I am reminded of the summertime and sipping on fruit smoothies. This scent is perfect when you need a little energy lift.

Be Sweet“~ Pink Sugar is like sweet cotton candy reminding me of my childhood. This scent is perfect to wear during the day or for a night out on the town.

Caribbean Coconut“~ Coconut and mango drift you off to dream about a warm beach and a pina colada. This amazing scent is a definite pick me up when you’re needing a vacation.

Creamsicle“~ Orange, mandarin and vanilla bring fond memories of sitting on the front steps and enjoying a frozen treat. This scent is clean and sure to brighten your day

Crisp Apple“~ Citrus and apple bring instant memories of springtime. For those who are a huge apple fan, this is for you.

Hawaiian Papaya“~ Mango and papaya are perfect all year round to bring a smile to your face. I am reminded of vacationing in Hawaii, with all the enticing island scents.

I am proud to announce a great giveaway, from March 2-17 you will have a chance to win your choice of 3 favourite Organic Fragrance Roll On value of $60.00. All you have to do is “Like” deserving Thyme & BeautyBuzz411 on facebook. Then go to Beauty Buzz 411 and leave a comment on this post letting me know which scent is your favorite and what memory it evokes

And it gets even better by becoming a fan of deserving Thyme, you will get 25% off on any products purchased. Just enter code #555469251 Here

This contest is open to US and Canadian residents. Winner will be announced March 20th, 2012

UPDATE: Our winner is in! Congratulations to Lara, I can’t wait to hear how you love the new scents.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the rest of deserving Thyme products

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