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My “Good Luck Perfume”

There is nothing better than finding something that you absolutely love, something that brings an instant smile to your face and starts your day off right.

For many of you that have been following my posts from the beginning, you know that I love products with heavenly scents, ones that wrap beautiful notes around you and awaken your senses. In a previous post I introduced you to the amazing Italian-inspired line Princepessa. Being such a huge fan of this company, it was hard to keep my lips sealed and this feature in the vault for so long.

Quite a few months back I was invited to a private pre-launch for a new product line that was soon to be unveiling. Princepessa was teaming  up and collaborating with Mary Zilba on MZ by Princepessa. At the launch I had the chance to sit down and interview both Trish (Princepessa) and Mary and try out the new line. From the moment I put the perfume to my nose I knew there was something special. As I sat there and tested all 4 products, I learned more about the brand and how the signature scent came to be. The perfume was inspired by Mary’s childhood, remembering how her mother used to smell every time she hugged her and the way the summer brought warm sunshine and sweet notes of Jasmine into the family home. Honestly from the enticing perfume to the ultimate nude lip gloss , the whole line is a MUST HAVE!

My favorite of the bunch is the perfume, probably because one of the key notes behind the scent is Jasmine (which you all know is one of my favorites). This perfume is so unique and brings so many memories to mind, including a mixture of lemon meringue pie, the beach, a summer breeze and crisp linen. It’s fresh, clean and has a hint of sweetness. You really have to try it for your self.  I can’t tell you how many times I have been out and both men and women have stopped me to ask what I was wearing! I have to say that something happens when you wear it. I don’t know if it’s the love for the scent that puts me in a great mood, but it seems that every time I put it on, good things happen. I coined it my “Good Luck Perfume”, and so the Twitter Hashtag was born. I would constantly refer to my new little good luck charm and before long everyone was talking about it.

There’s nothing I love more than featuring products that are created from people and companies that ‘give back’. I can truly say that I am proud to wear this perfume knowing that it was created by someone who is as genuine, beautiful and sweet as Mary Zilba. For those of you that may not know Mary, let me shine a little light. Mary has been in the public spotlight nearly all her life, and giving back has always been a top priority. From her selfless devotion to one of the many charities she is involved with like Tuberous Sclerosis (which is very dear to her) to her unbelievable love for her three amazing teenage sons and little yorkie George. Devoted to her family, friends, charities, music and yoga, Mary lives life with a full heart. I am blessed to call her a friend.

I am so happy that MZ by Princepessa has launched and everyone can finally experience the joy I have been talking about for all these months.

To pick up this beautiful line please visit Principessa and order yours today!

To read more about the charities that Mary supports, visit her website

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Love Like This

There’s so much more to Michael Stagliano than reality tv. Though he won our hearts with his infectious personality and charm on The Bachelorette Season 5 and Bachelor Pad 2, he is now connecting with us on a more intimate and interactive level with his new “Love Like This” acoustic tour. Though Michael has been playing music for years, it wasn’t until the end of BP2 that a friend encouraged him to take his music to the next level. After a few singles on iTunes, Michael is now playing to his fans across the US and Canada All of the shows have a charity partnership and he jumps on the opportunity to give back with proceeds being donated from merchandise and ticket sales. Michael sings about love lost, love found and searching for the perfect love. His shows are personal, heartfelt and interactive. From story-telling to his original music, this is a show you don’t want to miss.

I have said it time and time again, I love featuring artists that give back. Michael Stagliano is a walking example on how one person can make a difference. He is genuine and has such a big heart~ a true gentleman.

I recently had the chance to sit down with Michael and find out more behind about his passion for life and how he embraces possibility.

BB411~When did you start singing and playing the guitar?

MS~Ive been playing for 10 years now!  I was 18 when I started. Craziness!!!

BB411~Do you play any other musical instruments?

MS~I also played drums for 6 years, and I am a truly gifted (not really though) slap spoon player. I get down hard.

BB411~When did you know you wanted to sing professionally?

MS~Haha, OH. I still don’t know if I want to do that professionally.  I have a wonderful life running my company in L.A., and playing gigs on the weekend.  Becoming a professional recording artist would change that up a lot. But I am open to whatever opportunities come my way. You have to keep an open mind.

BB411~Besides a Musician if you could be anything professionally in the world what would it be?

MS~Ohhhh.  Great question. I LOVE to entertain. I don’t particularly enjoy being the center of attention but, I love creating something that makes me people laugh or smile, or forget about their troubles for a while.  (That rhymed, huh?)  Maybe a screen writer for film.  I’d also love to be an author.  WHAOW!

BB411~Why did you call the tour “Love Like This” ?

MS~It’s kind of a life motto that was born a few years ago.  At the core it’s just about LOVING on people. I don’t mean to sound like a hippy and the idea behind LLT is a lot less idealistic… It’s just simple: Spread love, share love, hug someone you don’t know, smile at them.  Forgive someone who doesn’t deserve it.  Love Like This, is my attempt to encourage others to do all of those things.

BB411~What inspires you?

MS~The concept of potential.  That truly, one human.  ONE human out of 7 BILLION can do incredible things.  Each of us have such profound potential.  It is constantly inspiring to think about how much we all can do with our lives.

BB411~What music inspires you?

MS~The Civil Wars, MJ, John Mayer, Jesse J, even Lady GaGa.  If it get’s my foot tapping or my heart hurting…I am inspired : )

BB411~If you could collaborate with any musician who would it be?

MS~Christina Grimmie or John Mayer.  I feel like I approach music the same way that those two do.  We “paint with the same colors” if you will.

BB411~Can you tell me about Stesso Sports?

MS~I’d love to!  It is a social sports company that I started in 2009.  We organize after works sports leagues for adults all over L.A. County.  We are in 4 cities around and including Hollywood and besides setting up the Leagues every season, we have a HUGE charity component.  Attached to every League is a sponsor bar.  10-20% of the money we spend at those bars comes back to our company and we support charities with that money.  We also plan social events, and do corporate team building events as well.

BB411~What does it mean to you to give back?

MS~It means everything.  I try to live me life 3rd.  God first, others second…myself third.  And believe me, I am no saint.  I am not trying to preach or give everyone warm fuzzies here.  I just think it is such an important habit to have as a human to give back.  Whether it is financially, volunteering your time, sharing a kind text/phone call, forgiving someone…  Just being in the service of others is a powerful way to live.

BB411~Can you tell me a little bit on why “Save Ryan” benefit concert is so dear to you?

MS~Oh man, I can tell you A LOT A BIT about that.  But I will keep it brief:  A family I have known for about 13 years now, the Faulkners are adopting a 2nd child.  They are a single income family in Columbus, OH, and to put it plainly…They are some of the most wonderful people I know.  They are kind and warm, humble and SO GIVING to others…it is remarkable.  They have felt moved to adopt and advocate for a special needs orphan in Easter Europe named Ryan.  I learned of his story when I went out to visit with them for a few days in Jan, and I felt moved to advocate for him as well.  The Benefit concert for Ryan is one of many ways I am trying to get him home…We did a benefit concert in Los Angeles on March 23, and have partnered with Graham Bunn‘s co-founded 46NYC clothing company and put on a benefit concert April 6 in New York. Lots going on for this little boy. Check my website for details.

BB411~What other charities are you involved in?

MS~We work with an NPO Back2Back…they help out orphans in Monterey Mexico (the highest population of orphans in the world).  B2B get’s them educated and fed, and helps find them a home.  We also work with I LOVE WATER/Thorn Clothing inc.  They are a T-Shirt company whose proceeds help get clean water in Africa.  Lastly, and NOT LEAST.  46NYC, Graham Bunn’s clothing line…I try to advocate and help then out as much as possible as well.

BB411~What is something you want your fans to know about you that they might not already?

MS~Wow…so many things come to mind.  I am a writer actually, and I wrote a book called Wesley’s Stories: After School Adventures.  It is a young adult/middle reader fantasy novel consisting of 5 short stories.  I have also started the second book in that series, Wesley’s Stories: The Hidden Tales.  On top of that, my brother and I are writing a screenplay called “Salem”…. OH MY LORD it is going to be scary.  We LOVE scary movies and feel like the Salem Witch Trials have never really been done, especially the way we are writing it… ha-ha oh man.  No one is ready…

BB411~What is your skin care regime and do you have any favorite products?

MS~I literally….don’t use anything. Shower, shave, go.

BB411~Favorite Cologne?

MS~I wear a brand called Fcuk.  It’s awesome.

BB411~Would you do reality TV again, Would you ever consider being the Bachelor?

MS~Absolutely!  It is a friggin blast.  The Bachelor world has been very good to me.  Bachelor Pad 3 or Bachelor… I’d be down for it all : )

BB411~What are the top 3 qualities a woman should have?

MS~ #1. Humility #2. A sense of humor #3. A desire to better herself and those around her, always.

BB411~If you had to describe yourself in a few words, what would they be?

MS~accessible, unassuming, and a hugger.

BB411~Describe your perfect day?

MS~Christmas Day.  BOOM

BB411~ #1. thing you want to do before you die?

MS~Make a baby

BB411~I read a lot you love to give out hugs, is this true?

MS~More true than you know, Hahaha.  Yea I truly make an effort to meet and hug EVERY person after every show.  It’s awesome.

That’s right ladies, you heard it straight from Michael himself~Hugs for everyone!

Check out the website for dates and venues to find out how you can catch one of his shows.

For everyone in Vancouver come check out the Friday April 27th show with myself and get your tickets Here. I will be posting a follow up after the show (Click here to read)

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Easter Treats

 Whenever I think of Springtime I think Easter, and when I think Easter I think of color, color, color. Oh and the treats too! Though I can indulge in my sweet tooth here and there, I tend to over indulge in delicious smelling beauty treats and vibrant colors. Lush bath products have always played with fun color combos and this Easter it’s no exception. I am instantly reminded of my childhood and my love for baths. I can remember how much I loved getting a new, fun bubble bath. Especially the bottles that were in the shapes of my favorite cartoon character or Disney Princess. Recently I hopped into LUSH for a few new Easter surprises.



The first treat that I picked up from LUSH was their Immaculate Eggception-pink bath bomb. It was the kinder chocolate egg for bath products. When I first picked it up, it rattled? The was something inside, so I gave it a good whack on the side of the tub and it cracked open, guess what was inside? Another mini bath bomb, a little chick! Then I put all the pieces into my bath and was surrounded by the alluring scent of ylang ylang, grapefruit and vanilla.


So carrots aren’t just good for your eyes anymore, their also a perfect addition for your bath too. LUSH brings you this cleaver “Carrot Top” bubble bar. What I loved most was you take the carrot by the top and mix it around in the water, creating bubbles galore. It’s actually good for up to 7-10 baths. I was wrapped with the beautiful scent of lemon and buchu. This bath bar with have you hopping into your bath and not wanting to leave.


This “Fluffy Egg” from LUSH is so fun. Not only does it have a cute name but it is bright pink, which I’m a huge fan of. This product more than ever reminds me of my childhood, with a mixture of “Mr Bubbles” bubble bath, Hubba Bubba, vanilla ice cream and  cotton candy all thrown together. A candy explosion definitely worth trying. For those like myself that are a fan of the “Creamy Candy bubble bar”, you will want to grab this one. But wait, this is a limited edition holiday bomb so stock up soon before they’re all gone.


I hope everyone had a Happy Easter and would love to hear what you favorite treat is that gets you Hopping!

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A “Fresh” look at Springtime


 What better way to dive into Spring then with some great new additions to your skin care regime and make up bag. This season I am indulging in vibrant colors, glowing skin and nutrient-rich ingredients. There is nothing my skin loves more than products that deliver intense moisture. I have compiled a list of items that are perfect for “Must Have Monday”.



Hydration that doesn’t leave

What better way to combat our Vancouver weather than with a product containing the powerful concentrated Labrador Tea extract. I found a new line by Lise Watier, Age Control Supreme La Creme gives superb moisture day and night. This line also has a great elixir for am/pm, the night-time serum is black and disappears as you apply to your skin. The incredible Labrador Tea leaves can with stand extreme climate conditions and do not shed. In my eyes, Labrador tea is a superhero in skin care.

Recently I featured Lise Watier in a segment I did for West Coast Style presented by Pacific Centre with Host Mana Mansour . The show explores fashion & beauty trends, local designers & the hottest fashion events. To prep my make up and hair for the taping, I acquired the help from two talented individuals, Gemma Lagden & Chris Funk from Funk’d Hair

Gemma Lagden heads the makeup department at Shaw TV Vancouver. Over the last five years, her television experience has included network projects for NBC, ABC and MTV as well as national commercials. I have known Gemma gor some time and have been looking for an excuse to work with her. She is such a pleasure to work with and actually introduced me to a few new favorites that are sure to make a future post!

Chris Funk from Funk’d Hair is the “King of the Roller Brush” and flat-iron! I have been going to Chris for some time now, whether it’s for a blow out or some added curls, he glams you up for any occasion. Trust me, your hair will thank you.

Click Here to watch the video

Strawberry & Roses

I love finding products that smell good enough to eat! Fresh reminds me of my childhood, spending time in the kitchen & garden with my grandmother. The Sugar Face Polish gently exfoliates with real brown sugar and strawberries, evoking memories of warm oatmeal and freshly baked pie. A perfect way to follow-up and lock in moisture is with the Rose Face Mask. With the captivating scent, I’m reminded of rose bushes in full bloom. I’d guarantee that my Grandmother would approve. Check out Fresh to order yours today!

Red~The new Black

My new obsession is rocking red lips. I have always kept a neutral lip, but I’m discovering how much fun a little pop of color can be. Paired with a smoky eye for a dramatic look, or as a featured lip, Lise Watier’s Haute Couleur High Coverage Lip Lacquer in Rouge Catwalk makes a bold statement. With a lighted applicator and mirror, this lip lacquer will not disappoint. Live on the wild side and add some color to your life.

After Glow

Put a little spin back into your skin care. With this powerhouse couple, my skin has been taken to the next level. The SKN Spin is a must add to any regime, it allows products to penetrate deeper and gives a gorgeous, radiant glow. The After Glow Serum pumped my skin full of nutrients and antioxidants, leaving it feeling restored and replenished. Aging skin is no match for these two.

Learn more at and visit

A Beautiful Blend

Since I love anything pink, I could not resist this wonderful little gem. I was able to perfectly blend my foundation, even in the tiniest corner. With its versatility and durability, the Beauty Blender is the ultimate make up sponge. I love its unique shape and how it gives you a flawless coverage. Who doesn’t want a streak free complexion? Say good-bye to boring sponges and hello to this beauty. For My Vancouver and Canadian followers, check out Beauty Mark



I would love to hear what beauty “Must Have” you love that gets you ready to welcome Spring! #BB411 #MustHaveMonday

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