Easter Treats

 Whenever I think of Springtime I think Easter, and when I think Easter I think of color, color, color. Oh and the treats too! Though I can indulge in my sweet tooth here and there, I tend to over indulge in delicious smelling beauty treats and vibrant colors. Lush bath products have always played with fun color combos and this Easter it’s no exception. I am instantly reminded of my childhood and my love for baths. I can remember how much I loved getting a new, fun bubble bath. Especially the bottles that were in the shapes of my favorite cartoon character or Disney Princess. Recently I hopped into LUSH for a few new Easter surprises.



The first treat that I picked up from LUSH was their Immaculate Eggception-pink bath bomb. It was the kinder chocolate egg for bath products. When I first picked it up, it rattled? The was something inside, so I gave it a good whack on the side of the tub and it cracked open, guess what was inside? Another mini bath bomb, a little chick! Then I put all the pieces into my bath and was surrounded by the alluring scent of ylang ylang, grapefruit and vanilla.


So carrots aren’t just good for your eyes anymore, their also a perfect addition for your bath too. LUSH brings you this cleaver “Carrot Top” bubble bar. What I loved most was you take the carrot by the top and mix it around in the water, creating bubbles galore. It’s actually good for up to 7-10 baths. I was wrapped with the beautiful scent of lemon and buchu. This bath bar with have you hopping into your bath and not wanting to leave.


This “Fluffy Egg” from LUSH is so fun. Not only does it have a cute name but it is bright pink, which I’m a huge fan of. This product more than ever reminds me of my childhood, with a mixture of “Mr Bubbles” bubble bath, Hubba Bubba, vanilla ice cream and  cotton candy all thrown together. A candy explosion definitely worth trying. For those like myself that are a fan of the “Creamy Candy bubble bar”, you will want to grab this one. But wait, this is a limited edition holiday bomb so stock up soon before they’re all gone.


I hope everyone had a Happy Easter and would love to hear what you favorite treat is that gets you Hopping!

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Much love, Beauty Buzz 411

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