Again I’m bringing you a featured company for “Feed your Skin Friday’s”. I recently had the opportunity to visit the Lush kitchens in Vancouver and from the moment I walked in the door I knew this was going to be fun! I have always been a fan of LUSH bath bombs and have had the pleasure over the last few years to start trying some of the other amazing wonders that are created by this beautiful brand.

I was greeted at the door by Jill Yewell, who was going to be my guide for the tour. As you can see from the picture of the lobby, the LUSH world is full of color! I honestly walked in and felt like I was a kid in a candy store, maybe Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory for grown-ups!

I have always felt good using LUSH products, but this tour really gave me a different perspective and whole new meaning to “the love you put in, is the love you get out”. I say this because the staff at LUSH really love what they do. I walked around and was introduced to so many wonderful people. Everyone was happy and I can truly say that each product is wrapped with a lot of love! Each person was such a valuable part in the production, from the Bath Melts, Shampoo’s and everything in between . I saw a step by step outline on how the products go from the raw ingredients to packaged goodness. Fun fact~ every person that made a specific batch of product got to have a sticker placed on the product that has their name and picture.

Walking through the LUSH kitchen I was able to see many of the exquisite ingredients that they use in their products like fresh vanilla beans, organic eggs, Fair trade Shea Butter, stout beer and essential oils just to name a few. I really did not know they sourced locally as well. I would have to say the highlight of the tour came when I was introduced to one of their staff, Reggie! Not only was he super happy, he had a great sense of humor. I was put right to work and loved every second of it. I had the chance to help in the preparation of making the Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner, by stirring the product over heat. It had the most fragrant smell to it and I could have stayed there for hours!

The whole experience at LUSH was so much more than I could have ever pictured. I was able to see first hand the dedication their staff have and the heart that goes into making all the products for their customers. I walked away with quite a few new favorite’s that are a  MUST HAVE.

Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner~ You know how good your hair feels after a hair mask, well now your body can feel the same. This amazing smelling conditioner contains cocoa butter, cupuacu butter, almond oil and Argan oils. You just apply all over your body after showering, leave on for a few minutes, rinse and pat dry with a towel. The beautiful scent of roses will linger on your skin.

R & B (Hair Moisturizer)~ I love the scent of Citrus and Jasmine and this hair conditioner combines them both. The scent is truly to die for! With ingredients like organic avocado butter, oatmeal, olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil, jojoba oil and candelilla wax, dry hair is not match for this powerhouse treatment. It gives my hair beautiful, bouncy curls without weighing it down.

Lustre Body Powder~ Again with the seductive scent of Jasmine, this body powder gives a hint of shimmer in the daytime or you can apply more to get that bronzed goddess look for a night out.

Peace Massage Bar~Who doesn’t love chocolate and a good cause? The Peace Bar is “made with cocoa beans sourced from a small village in Colombia where inhabits refuse to participate in the turmoil around them and strive for peace. Buying Fair Trade cocoa beans from them is LUSH’s way of supporting their efforts.” This bar is sure to entice your sweet tooth and make you feel good.

Friends with Benefits Massage Bar~ I’m in chocolate overload heaven. I had to include this massage bar as it contains Marigold oil which is soothing and calms the skin. This chocolate bar is perfect for sharing 🙂

Lip Tint~ What better way to finish up a chocolate experience than with a million kisses” & a latte. A Million Kisses is a great berry red lip tint that will suit everyone. With an undertone of blue, your smile will appear even whiter. With the scent of lemons and roses mixed together, you will be ready for Springtime. Latte is great for those that want a softer, warmer color. It gives you just a hint more color than a nude lip. You will be reminded of sipping on a vanilla latte.

I want to say a great big THANK YOU to all the staff at LUSH for showing me such a wonderful time.

To get any of the products listed above or to check out all the other items in the LUSH brand, click Here

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I would love to hear from you and  know what your favorite “MUST HAVE” item is from LUSH

Much Love, Beauty Buzz 411

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  1. Oh I just loved your article! I am totally addicted to all the Lush products! I bought products to take care of my skin from head to tie this past weekend. There are so many I love but a few of my favorites are Karma Kream body lotion, Angels on Bare Skin cleanser cake roll, Dirty hair styling cream and Karma Komba shampoo bar for your hair. I plan to go back to Lush in a couple of weeks to pick up even more goodies. Even my husband wants some of his own Lush products!!


  2. […] LUSH has been a life saver. I am totally obsessed with their R&B hair moisturizer which I have posted about before. It is one of my go to products that I also use as a styling aid. The Blousey shampoo […]


  3. […] and continued to grow for the company. Last year I had the amazing opportunity and privilege to tour the LUSH factory kitchen in Vancouver. Whether it be my experience in the stores, the tour, the product or the incredible staff I have […]


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