For many years I found my eyes watered while wearing mascara. I finally realized that I was sensitive to many brands, so I decided to start using natural plant-based mascara instead. That was until I came across COVERGIRL Nature Luxe mousse mascara. With natural beeswax, this mascara gives my lashes great volume and length. I especially love the brush wand and the whipped texture, it gives amazing separation and clump-free lashes. I use the water-resistant formula, as it removes easily with my favorite cleanser and water. It’s especially great for those wishing to find a lighter mascara that still gives great coverage. You can enhance bare lashes or add more layers to creat a bolder look. Either way I am a huge fan of this line!

I also recently tried COVERGIRL Exact Eyelights for green eyes in “black ruby”. This formula has light-reflecting metallics and a hint of tint to make your eye color pop. This mascara has eye-brightening colors for blue, brown and hazel eyes. Both these mascara’s are hypoallergenic and suitable for contact lens wearers. COVERGIRL mascara will now have a permanent home in my make up kit!

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