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I thought I would bring you a special feature for Feed your SKN Friday! I have always been a big believer that you need to nourish your skin from within, but I think it’s equally important to give your skin regular treatments. You can do at home treatments or it’s always great to find a local spa/clinic that will pamper you. I have been very lucky to stumble upon Award winning SKN Holistic Rejuvenation Clinic in Vancouver. Not only do they have amazing, knowledgeable staff, they offer treatments that will have your skin craving more. From the moment you walk in the door to the time you leave, SKN provides a one of a kind experience. I can truly and honestly say that I have never been so relaxed, complete Zen. I love how they customize their facials. Every time I go in for a treatment I get to discover something new. The products they use are incredible, from Osmosis to the Rhonda Allison custom masks I am obsessed with. Here are a few of my favorite picks~

Osmosis Purify Cleanser~ I can’t get enough of this cleanser, it has the most amazing citrus scent. It’s a cleanser and enzyme exfoliator in one. I love how it deep cleanses without stripping the moisture from my skin. Suitable for all skin type and contains key ingredients, Bromelain, Kumquat and Kiwi Fruit Extract.

Osmosis Quench~ A light weight, hydrating moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid and Water Soluble Shea Butter. It is great for oily and normal skin tones. For someone like myself that tends to be a bit dehydrated at certain times of the year, I like to boost this moisturizer with a small drop of Osmosis Immerse (soothes very dry skin).

Rhonda Allison 3-N-1 Peptide Eye Cream~ Chalked full of antioxidants, this eye cream is a must have. Some of the amazing key ingredients are Shea Butter, Witch Hazel and a complex of peptides. It really brightened the eye area and provided mega moisture. It’s excellent for all skin type and can be worn under make up.

Rhonda Allison Honey Paprika Mask~ Though you can not pick up this mask, I had to include it as it was my favorite. All of the masks smell incredible and are so nourishing. I definitely recommend booking your treatment with SKN or finding a local spa/clinic in your area that might carry this line. You can also go to Rhonda Allison and check out her other masks that are available.

Last but not least, the staff at SKN used a cold jade roller on my face. Jade has been used in traditional Chinese treatments to balance and protect the body qi. Jade rollers are used to improve circulation and create a more beautiful appearance. It definitely is the icing on top of the cake!

I had some Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics applied. I love their pressed powder, it’s clean and lightweight, it allows your skin to breathe and is non-comedogenic. It feels like you’re wearing no make up at all and gives you a flawless coverage.

I would love to hear back and let me know your favorite way to pamper yourself!

For my Vancouver followers please visit SKN to book your treatment today

There are so many great spas/clinics around the world. I highly recommend finding one near you that will pamper your skin, take the time to understand what your skin needs and leave you in complete Zen!

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