Nothing but Real “Luve”

From Pop Stars to international stages, Rosette Luve is making a name for herself. Rosette is a Canadian singer, songwriter and dancer, who specializes in pop, R&B and house music. With a great voice and unique style to match, this artist brings it on many levels. What I love most is that she can rock the all natural look and then turn up the heat and rock out the latest fashions. Rosette is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. I love featuring artists that give back, she is involved with various charities and organizations like The Diversity Project that make a stand in helping an important cause.

I wanted to sit down with her and really find out the Beauty411 on the real “Luve”

BB411~Have you always been in love with fashion and beauty?

RL~I wasn’t always in love with it. Growing up I was more of a Tom boy. Playing ball, soccer and I was really into martial arts back then too. Fashion was never a top priority for me..I started to appreciate fashion just recently when I was introduced to Jason Matlo and seeing all the hard work that is put into it. I see how it doesn’t come easy. It’s hard work to stay relevant and cutting edge.

BB411~….and what was your earliest memory?

RL~Probably about 2 years ago when I did my music video for Ditzy Girl.. In the video we were making fun of Ditzy girls. But I have to say I learnt fast that these girls must take ALL DAY to prepare to look on point.. Lol.. It was days of shopping for the “right outfit” and making sure we looked “current”

BB411~3 beauty products you carry with you always?

RL~My black eyeliner.. Mineral powder blush, and voluminous mascara..

BB411~#1 beauty product you could not live without?

RL~Aveda facial moisturizer

BB411~Favorite lip color?

RL~My Pink lipstick I bought from Mac I think it’s called “girl about town

BB411~ I have to say I am in Love with this color and think it’s a “MUST HAVE”!

BB411~You are in amazing shape, what’s your secret?

RL~Hahah, amazing shape! Lol thank you for your kind words. ☺ I work out 3-4 times a week with Karen Dand at the Steve Nash fitness world. She is just amazing. Kicks my butt. But well worth it. If anyone wants to get in shape.. She the girl to “getter done”

BB411~What does beauty mean to you?

RL~Beauty.. To wake up every morning knowing you are beautiful inside and out. To feel good about yourself. No matter what the magazines say “how you should look like or be”. Who you are is beautiful.. And no amount of makeup or style can take that away from you. Remember that, Beauty is more than a just pretty face..

BB411~Do you have a best kept beauty secret?

RL~Not really.. Maybe just moisturizer

BB411~Fun fact that your fans may not know about you..

RL~Im really laid back, love to be spontaneous. And say whatever I feel at that moment.. Never hold anything back 🙂 *If you wanna stay in touch make sure to add/follow me on Facebook/twitter  “Rosette Luve”  I always respond to people when I can 🙂

“I am a huge believer in being positive with life and loving every moment of it, and if I can make people feel great with my music, I have done my job” says Rosette Luve.

To hear more on Rosette’s music check her videos Here

Much Love, Beauty Buzz 411

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