For the Boys

Recently I have had an overwhelming request from many of my male followers for recommendations on different products. Even though a lot of the products I post about can be used by men, I realize there has to be ones catered to the lovely men in the world. So I thought I would start a mission to research them myself. That’s right all that will be featured on Beauty Buzz 411 will be personally tested by me and a little help from some panel members (for a second opinion~guy friendly). I will make sure to cover a wide range of products from skin care, hair care, body care and nutritional tips. I even have some great interviews coming your way on some fabulous men (see previous post on Michael Stagliano). Ever since I was younger I have been obsessed with products that have incredible scents. I can still remember sitting on the counter with both my grandfather and father, watching them shave and the memory/scent of their aftershave is embedded in my head.

My first product that I tested out and stamp the BB411 approval on is “Dirty” hair styling cream from LUSH. Not only does it have an amazing scent consisting of a combination of “spearmint, tarragon and a breath of salt air”, it contains rosemary which calms your scalp. With curly hair I find it hard to find products that don’t leave my hair crunchy. This styling cream not only gives your style a firm hold, it leaves the hair soft, flexible and moisturized (probably because it contains cocoa butter). Honestly this cream is perfect for straight or curly hair and ideal for both men and woman. No greasy feeling here.

I decided to try out the rest of the line to see if it stacked up. The “Dirty” Springwash was incredible, now probably because I’m a sucker for anything mint. It completely woke me up in the shower and was so refreshing. It made my skin tingle and had a cooling effect during a hot shower. Perfect for Summer mornings after a late night or after the beach or a day of boating. Next on the list, “Dirty” Shaving Cream. It definitely delivered a great shave and left my legs remarkably smooth. It contains Oat milk, shea butter and honey which are all great for calming irritations (& red marks on sensitive chins~for the boys). Last but not least was the “Dirty” Body Spray. With notes of sandalwood, tarragon, lavender and subtle spearmint, this fragrance is great for any man on the go. What I love most is it has a lock on it, making it handy for travelling. It can be used as a deodorant or a body spray. All of these products had a second seal of approval from my male panel and made perfect Father’s Day gift ideas.

Check out LUSH and pick up a little “Dirty” today

What products do you want to know about that are For the Boys?

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Look forward to hearing from all of you

Much love, Beauty Buzz 411

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