Balanced and Fit…..a fitness journey

During my fitness journey I will be posting a picture of a quote that inspired me during the past week. I love this quote and it really rang true to me “JUST GO. Getting out the door is the hardest part.”  Most of us wake up and start the day with a million things to do, the list seems to grow day by day. But at the end of the day you just have to put your workout clothes on and tie up your laces and head out that door. There really is no time for excuses and you have to set time aside for your health and workouts. This past week I have been mixing up my workouts from going first thing in the morning to a few days heading to the gym in the afternoon. Honestly though the mornings are tough, I feel I get a better workout in. Maybe it’s because by afternoon I have already been on my computer, ran errands, etc. I think it’s great to start your day with a clear mind and feed your body with a good burn.

I have been following the plan set up by my trainer Hanan and worked out with weights 4 times this week. Like any fitness plan, starting out can leave your muscles sore and it can be challenging to wake up and say “I’m too sore and I will go to the gym tomorrow”. You can’t give in to those thoughts and you have to push through. The longer you stick to your program the easier it will be to recover from your workouts. Anything is hard at first and you have to remember your commitment to a healthier life. To help with my muscle soreness Hanan has recommended taking Glutamine (which I am starting this week) and stretching after each session.

I have been following the meal plan she designed and trying to eat more protein to build muscle. I have been getting creative with my breakfast from protein powder/egg white pancakes to scrambled egg white omelets with veggies. I had a few cheat meals this week and did really good all the other days.Hey, I know I’m only allowed 1 but 2 happened…you want honesty right? I have to admit that by eating clean and then having a cheat meal my body doesn’t respond well. I feel lethargic and my tummy was a little crampy. Guess it goes to show that eating food that’s not good for you really does make you feel sluggish and blah. Just think what if you eat like this all the time?

Overall I have had increased energy, except a few days when I was sore and didn’t sleep well the night before. I have increased my water intake and I feel it has definitely helped with not feeling so tired and the occasional headaches I was getting. In the past 2 weeks I have lost 4 pounds (which could be some water weight according to Hanan) but know that there won’t be much of a weight shift as I build muscle, as muscle weighs more than fat! Well it’s off to start prepping for week 3. I look forward to sharing my fitness journey with all of you……….

Thank you to my personal trainer Hanan Arabatlian from Hanan Fitness   for my fitness program & Steve Nash Fitness Clubs  for sponsoring my training at their various gyms.

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