Backstage Style with Redken @ World MasterCard Fashion Week Day#3/4


Hair by Redken
Fashion Runway Trend: Modern Retro

We created a low ponytail and released some of the slack to have it droop a little bit, to give it a vintage feel. And from there we added a little bit of texture on the side, to make it more modern and to give it something fresh and urban. To create, straighten hair and pull into a low loose ponytail with a centre part, pull some hair from the sides.  Use Redken Argan 6 to keep hair smooth, and finish with Fashion Work 12 to keep hair lightly set and Shine Flash 02 for sheen.Redken Products Used:  Argan 6, Fashion Work 12, Shine Flash 02

Hair by Redken
Fashion Runway Trend: Putting on the Ritz

The roaring twenties and the great Gatsby of fashionable living was the inspiration, with a more sexy modern take on the finger wave. Create a left side part, then take a diagonal section two inches in from the part to the corner of the eye, clip so hair is out of the away. Tie off the rest of hair into a clean asymmetrical low bun. Hair that was clipped to the side, now needs to be split into two sections, spiral wrap each section with a curling iron (1 inch), then comb out section to create waves, then tie into bun.  Redken’s Fabricate 03 will create texture along with Vinyl Twist 12, finish with Shine Flash 02.

Redken Products Used: 
Fabricate 03, Vinyl Twist 12, Shine Flash 02
Hair by Redken
Fashion Runway Trend: Clean & Fresh

Keeping long flowing hair fresh looking was created by straightening the hair with Redken Argan 6 and applying Wax Blast 10 and Fashion Work 12 for texture. This keeps the hair from “fly aways”, but retains some movement. To add depth Powder Grip 03 was used on the ends of the hair and then rouged to create volume on the bottom.

Redken Products Used: 
Argan 6, Wax Blast 10, Fashion Work 12, Powder Grip 03
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