“Balanced and Fit……a fitness journey”

It feels pretty good to know that I have just finished 7 weeks of my fitness journey. Being at this point only makes me want to keep going as I have started to see some real changes in my body. I have started to build a strong relationship between myself and food. I no longer feel the need to over indulge and have found balance. I plan ahead when I know there are events coming up and eat before to avoid unnecessary snacking. This past week was my birthday so I knew that I would be celebrating on two different occasions (friends & family) and made sure to stay on top of my clean eating. On my actual birthday (Nov 6) with the family I ate clean all day and saved my cheat meal for my dinner out with friends. I of course went for Italian, seems to be the theme (just can’t give up my pasta). I think my goal will be to creat healthy pastas, who knows maybe a cook book is destined for the future!

This picture quote hit home this week as you really need to “Find Your Strong” each and every day. This past week I was feeling a little under the weather and with the new phase in my plan, I struggled a bit when it came to my cardio. I still made sure I went to the gym 4 times and gave my all when it came to weight sessions. As for the cardio I only got in 2 days and 15-20 minutes was the most I could do at a light jog mixed with a brisk walk. I knew I had to go no matter what and do the best I could with the energy level I had, I still felt I got a lot out of my weight sessions. I am quite proud of myself this past week and especially proud with my leg workout. I really am starting to gain stability and balance and my core strength is increasing.

I’m looking forward to starting my week 8, so crazy to think I have been doing this for 2 months already.

Thank you to my personal trainer Hanan Arabatlian from Hanan Fitness  for my fitness program &Steve Nash Fitness Clubs for sponsoring my training at their various gyms.

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I look forward to hearing from all of you, email at beautybuzz411@gmail.com or simply leave a comment here

Much Love, Beauty Buzz 411

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