Valentines Day Treats

hearts resized1Happy Valentines Day to all! Whether you are taken, single, looking, committed, today is a day that you can celebrate love with anyone or in any way. There are so many ways that people celebrate today, some go for dinner, receive flowers, pop some bubbles with girlfriends, spend quality time with family or some celebrate Anti-Valentines day and have a “Me” day. It doesn’t matter how you decide to spend it, just do something you love.

Today I take time to remember all the things I love in life, my family, friends, BB411’s Mascot Arthur and this amazing blog that has filled my heart with so much love. I am truly grateful for these past few years and all the support you all have given. It is because of the people I have in my life and all the followers/supporters of Beauty Buzz 411 that I get to wake up each day and write about what inspires me, things I love and the people who make a difference in this world.

This Valentines Day I wanted to share with you some of the great beauty finds that were must haves. First off I have been in love with hearts and anything with hearts my whole life. Whether it be home decor, clothing, pictures, jewelry, stickers, etc. One person that I absolutely adore and love her fashion sense is the beautiful Jillian Harris. Jillian is known for posting on her Site many things that have heart designs. Here are some sweaters Jillian has been seen sporting, along with a few other favorites from Wildfox Couture. Currently Jillian is relaxing in Maui with the love of her life, professional snowboarder Justin Pasutto. Coming very soon Beauty Buzz 411 will feature Justin and I can honestly tell you, you don’t want to miss this one. Justin opens up about his love for snowboarding, his family and most of all the woman who captured his heart~Jillian!

beige-pink-heart-angora-sweater jillian-harris-home-decor-5

jillianharris c98ca13421256189590310c5074c8627

Lately I have been on this Nail Design kick and playing with a lot of different colours. Everywhere in the media from awards, music and fashion  shows, this seems to be an important piece to the fashion puzzle. I wanted to share with you some of my favourite brands and colours that are definitely Pink and Red V-Day inspired!



Sephora by OPI in “Arm Candy“, Essie in “Plumberry” and Joe Fresh in Neon Pink.

Red & Burnt Orange:

Sephora in “And a Cherry on Top“,  Dior in “Riveria“, OPI in “Big Hair…Big Nails” and Jacob in “Rouge Stiletto” and MAC in “Kid Orange

I love prepping my nails with Essie “Apricot Cuticle Oil”, OPI Top Coat and accenting my ring finger with Essie “Shine of the Times”.

heart wreath

I also love the new butter LONDON SPRING 2013 ‘SWEETIE SHOP’ COLLECTION. The colors remind me of  tiny heart-shaped  Sweethearts candies. They offer a stunning range of lacquers, designed by their very own Nonie Creme, and based on the season’s latest fashions. The colour palette is perfectly tailored to each and every one of us, with something for everyone. The butter LONDON team does nails for fashion shoots and stars around the world. You can find them back stage at London Fashion Week, shooting for Vogue and Harper’s, even at the MTVAwards.

It doesn’t matter whether you are pampering someone else or treating yourself this Valentine’s Day, Kerstin Florian has options for extreme relaxation that go beyond a box of chocolates, and are good for the mind, body and soul. What better way to say I love you than with caviar? Kerstin Florian’s Caviar Pure Luxury Kit features four ‘delicious’ caviar products based around nutrient-rich caviar extract known for intense moisturizing, remineralizing, regenerating and protecting properties. Not to mention a few celebrities and artists are fond of this line including Patrick and Jillian DempseyKatie HolmesMariska HargitayTilda SwintonMatt VanLeeuwen and Sonia Leeimage

  • Caviar Creme Cleanser starts the caviar indulgence perfectly. The gentle, yet incredibly effective formula rich in botanical oils and mild cleansing agents such as lactic acid removes surface debris and all traces of make up.
  • Caviar Rose Damascena Mask creates the ultimate caviar sensory experience. The natural floral rose-water envelops the senses with its fresh scent and hydrating, soothing, relaxing and toning qualities.
  • Caviar Age-Defense Cream viciously fights aging with peptides and protein-rich properties in a lightweight serum. The age-defense product provides the highest concentration of age-management properties to visibly firm and deeply hydrate the skin.
  • Caviar Night Creme  is the ultimate skin luxury. The nourishing treatment contains a collagen-synthesizing peptide complex that significantly firms and strengthens the skin during the course of the night revealing glowing and refreshed skin come morning.

Another great  gift for the bath and spa lover is Kerstin Florian’s Lavender Dreams Kit, with four relaxing bath products.image-1

  • Turkish Body Scrub with Eucalyptus scrub is based on a unique salt crystal derived from a thermal mineral source. The invigorating body scrub contains minerals and trace elements to clean the skin with the added benefits of circulation, stimulation and eucalyptus.
  • Lavender Body Spray  is a reviving, soothing and calming light oil spray with the beneficial properties of lavender, it comforts dry skin, leaving the skin appearing softer and more hydrated.
  • Lavender Eye Pillow: Close your eyes and place this pillow over them, and the gentle weight will ease tired eyes and relieve tension. The soothing scent of lavender helps to melt away and calm the senses.
  • Soothing Mineral Bath is an all natural bath combining ylang ylang, Melissa and lavender with thermal mineral salts to calm the senses and help to provide remineralizing benefits for the body.

Last but not least I could not leave out and share some of my favorite products that I discovered this Valentines Day from LUSH.

The Kiss is another first from the LUSH labs; a delicious vegan lip gloss that’s absolutely free from preservatives! With luxurious shea and cupuaçu butters, they’ve created a light balm to moisturize and protect the lips, while giving them a subtle pink glossy sheen – and a delicious almond and mandarin flavor to boot. Re-apply frequently to keep your lips plump and soft after all that kissing. It has a heavenly scent that will surely become an addiction!

Tender is the Night is the world’s first soft-centered massage bar, with a light shea and murmuru butter shell that crushes easily in the hand to reveal the almond oil, glycerine, cupuaçu and agave syrup core. This soft centre makes your massage an unforgettable, slippery, sensual experience – letting hands slide tenderly over the skin while spreading an intoxicating jasmine, ylang and vanilla perfume all over.

03050Everyone’s favorite toadstool has returned! Their enormously popular Magic Mushroom bubble bar is back again this Valentine’s Day, spreading his bubbles and soft, fruity scents everywhere he goes! His red cap contains the creamy Vanillary perfume, and is topped off with a perfectly white stem of fresh strawberries. Lay back in his enchanting waters and allow a spell of relaxation to wash over you. Although sharing a Valentine’s bath can be very enjoyable, you may not have mush-room for anyone else with this fungi!03051

When love isn’t a factor in your Valentine’s Day, it’s okay to indulge your wicked streak and celebrate the cynical! With the same vanilla-musk scent as their Butterball Bath Bomb, The Ex-Factor is especially fun for those of you who have a thirst for revenge. Pay no mind to the endless stream of cards, candy hearts and pink balloons around you, and drop our little blue man of bath time voodoo in your tub instead. Delight in watching his limbs dissolve one by one, into the calming, deep blue water until finally (finally!) his little heart explodes into a thousand tiny pieces, only to be washed down the drain into nothingness. Revenge satisfied!
What did you do this Valentines Day to indulge?

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I look forward to hearing from all of you, email at or simply leave a comment here

Much Love, Beauty Buzz 411

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