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PaiChideya-BiopicFashion Designer Paidemoyo Chideya has spent the last ten years discovering what it means to become not only the epitome of the classic, but the innovative of fashion as well. With her product line, it is clear that this designer is here to make her mark on the fashion world.

Born in Zimbabwe, raised in Sweden, London and with nuances in Paris, Paidemoyo learned to refine her design eye through the diversity of all the multiplexes of cultures that surrounded her upbringing. Upon her New York City arrival, and determined to learn and succeed in the fashion realm, she apprenticed for Carolina Herrera, Calvin Klein and the likes of Ralph Lauren, where she learned to refine her eye for vintage, style, eloquence and demure.

Now mature, and ready to entrance the world with her own style, she has created two lines that encapsulate her vision of the fashion world and her efforts to give back to a world that is in desperate need of healing. This designer not only has a vision, but genuinely works on infusing help into the infrastructures of suffering economies, by not only being eco- conscious, but by creating jobs where jobs are needed right in the heart of the problem, sourcing locally in Africa.

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Paidemoyo Chideya of DeMOYO at the spring/summer 2013 show at World MasterCard Fashion Week. I was instantly drawn to her magnetic personality and beautiful outlook on life. I had the privilege of witnessing her amazing creations come to life on the runway. I knew she would be a perfect match for a Spring feature on Beauty Buzz 411. Here’s a little look into how DeMOYO is making her mark on the world!

BB411~ When did you know you wanted to be a designer?GP4_8348

PC~ Probably as early as 7 or 8 when my drawing skills first developed. However, the first tangible experience of this was during my foundation year studying art in Paris.

BB411~ If you weren’t a designer and you could be anything in the world what would it be?

PC~ A chef and a humanitarian. (I consider myself to be both anyway)

BB411~ Which designers did you admire growing up?

PC~ Although not cited as a designer, Erté had phenomenal illustration skills and took what I know as design to an untouchable level.  Modern day designers that I have adored have been the likes of Carolina Herrera and Yves Saint Laurent at his peak.

BB411~ Have you always been in love with fashion and beauty?GP4_8368

PC~ Its been a love/hate relationship: a genuine relationship. I have always love the art and grateful for the fact that my creativity expresses itself through fashion. That being said, fashion is also one of those most difficult industries in the world. It hasn’t killed me thus far, but I am definitely stronger for it. My passion for it never ceases.

BB411~ What kind of person does your line represent?

PC~ She’s conscious, between 23-35, mid to higher level income, career woman with an edge to her.

BB411~ Who has been your favourite celebrity to dress?

GabrielleMillerinDeMOYOPC~ Gabrielle Miller

BB411~ What was your favourite moment from showing Spring/Summer 2013 at World MasterCard Fashion Week?

PC~ The moment right before the first model walked out onto the runway. This moment signifies the sum total of all the parts of hard work that led to it. Very exciting!

BB411~ What was the inspiration behind the Beauty Looks during the show (make up & hair)?

PC~ Metallic eyes and tousled hair!  A relaxed and carefree attitude, with a dash of punk rock for added flavouring.

BB411~ What is your favourite season to design a collection for?

PC~ Spring! There is so much more that you can do with the body when you can show it off.

BB411~ What do you look for when creating each collection?

PC~ Inspiration that can keep me going for months is what I desire. So I tend to look for ideas that have substance and meaning that I can really meditate upon.  For me, this usually shows up in a spiritual context.GP4_8387

BB411~ Favourite colour?

PC~ Purple

BB411~ What are the 4 staple pieces every woman should have in their wardrobe?

PC~ Excellent shoes, a perfect purse, a great pair of well-fitting jeans and a white tee.

BB411~ Describe your style?

PC~ Vintage with a futuristic twist.

BB411~ What does beauty mean to you?

PC~ Beauty is about knowing that you were created perfectly, exactly as you are. The beauty that one resonates comes from within- now stick a brown paper bag on that and #WORKIT.

BB411~ What inspires you personally and professionally?

DeMOYO_OFW_SS12PC~ Personally, my parents. I literally stand on the shoulders of giants. They have paved the way for me to become all that I can be and more. I am grateful. Professionally, I have come across so many individuals that have exemplified focus, determination, character and strong will. They are countless.

BB411~ Are you involved in any charities that are close to your heart?

PC~ I have been working on my own charity that serves to help and assist children with their creativity in Zimbabwe; that’s one and the latter part of it serves to assist women with their creative skills as well.  I have found that there are so many incredibly talented people with whom a little encouragement of their core competencies, can change lives. Its called Art DeMOYO. Stay tuned for more on this in 2013.

I also love the work of UNHCR – The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

BB411~ What does it mean to you to give back?

PC~ To be of service: a responsibility that ensures that someone else’s day was made better due to a simple gesture on my part.

BB411~ If you could tell your younger self something you have learned and know now what would it be (A lesson learner or wisdom gained)?

PC~ Remember Thee, Remember Thee. In other words, don’t forget who you are, where you came from and where you are going.

BB411~ 3 words that best describe you?

PC~ Awake, Luminous, Creative.

BB411~ What is your skin care regime?DeMOYO1

PC~ Dermalogica Pre Cleanse and water – twice a day.

BB411~ 3 beauty products you carry with you always?

PC~Bobbi Brown Pot rouge for lips and cheeks in “blushed rose”, Bobbi Brown pressed powder and NARS oil free primer.

BB411~ #1 beauty product you could not live without?

PC~ NARS oil free primer

BB411~ Do any certain scents remind you of your childhood and what is your favorite fragrance?

PC~ Chanel Chance – Eau Fraiche

BB411~ Do you have a best kept beauty secret that has been passed down to you (say from your Mother or Grandmother)?

PC~ Sleep will save you a life time of wrinkles….(ps. It works)

BB411~ Fun fact that your fans may not know about you?

PC~ That I do my nails every 48 hours. lol

8119944917_f70e702a9f_zBB411~ Favorite quote?

PC~ “Know your people.”

BB411~ What advice would you give entrepreneurs starting out that are following their dreams?

PC~ Create your vision and stick to it. Be prepared to fall. Failure is a rite of passage to your success. Remain humble when your work starts to pay off. And finally, you only reap what you sow.  Plant a seed or two everyday, because it won’t happen overnight.  Nurture and feed your dream: if you  don’t it won’t come true.

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