Dancing to His Own Beat with Jonny Staub

jonny_0014With over 15 years being on the radio, Jonny is ecstatic to be leading The Beat 94.5’s new morning show Jonny, Holly and Nira! Born in small town Ontario, Jonny is a 9th generation Canadian and loves spending time with family and friends. He is an active athlete, playing soccer with Vancouver’s OFK recreation league. He enjoys working out and spending time outdoors. Jonny is bilingual in English and French. He grew up with an older sister and is a sucker for McDonald’s cheeseburgers, Bette Davis movies, concerts and the card game “Big 2”!

You can also catch him weekdays on CTV BC’s Noon News hosting the popular segment “What’s Trending” showcasing the hottest viral videos and the major things buzzing online. Jonny takes great pride in his charity work. Among his favourites, A Loving Spoonful and The Scotiabank AIDS Walk For Life. He lives in Yaletown with his dog Tacos.

For years I have been listening to Jonny on the air and loving his high energy that keeps the drives to and from work entertaining. I still remember calling into the radio station and having a long conversation about how amazing it was to hang with Lady Gaga. I have had the pleasure of seeing Jonny out at various media and fashion events, where he is always looking fashionably fabulous.

Through out the years I have seen Jonny’s incredible dedication to his career, generous heart for his friends and family and this way about him that can brighten any day. He has been both inspiring and shown great strength in seeing the good, even with life’s struggles. I jumped at the opportunity to interview this gentle, carefree soul and share more about what an incredible guy he really is. You can ask any of his friends, Jonny’s the guy you can always count on ~ See what’s the driving force behind this passionate and fun-loving guy!

BB411~ When did you know you wanted to be a Radio Host?

JS~ I always loved radio…and used to make “fake radio shows” with music in-between for my girlfriends. In high school, it seemed like my one and only viable option (no math or science required!).

BB411~ How did your career come to be?

JS~ For most of us, it requires a lot of moving around the country. I went to Conestoga College and majored in Radio and Television. At 17 I was already on the air at the #1 station in Kitchener/Waterloo (just outside of Toronto). I was 19 when I got my first full-time job offer, in Vernon BC. Stops after that included Calgary, Vancouver, Hamilton, Edmonton and now Vancouver (round 2).

BB411~ If you weren’t a Radio Host and you could be anything in the world what would it be?

JS~ A comic book penciler. Or a cue card writer. For real, I have mad penmanship.

BB411~ Who inspired you and who did you admire growing up?

JS~ My whole family is compiled of hard workers. They are my roots and my backbone. Both my Mother and Father’s side are such strong, wonderful people. My Oma especially. She continues to inspire me in her twilight years and lives a very full life.

BB411~ Have you always been in love with fashion and beauty?IMG_0329

JS~ Always. Funny story. I was doing a piece a few years back for CBC Vancouver and my grade 10 English teacher Mrs. Kearney caught the segment in Ontario. She found me online and wrote this letter to me “I will never forget the first day you waltzed into my classroom, you took your long scarf and threw it over your shoulder and made such a statement”. This was like, 1994. The gay kid with a scarf, indoors? All of the cool kids had leather football jackets, I had a silk scarf…I mean…c’mon!

BB411~ Who has been your favourite celebrity to meet?

JS~ Probably Katie Couric. She just radiates energy. Beyoncé and Rihanna are both great.

BB411~ Which celebrity have you not met but would like to?

JS~ Hands down, Wendy Williams. My BFF Ceara and I are going to make it happen in 2014.

BB411~ What has been the best concert you have attended?

JS~ Stevie Wonder here at Rogers Arena. My Mom sent me some early birthday cash, and the day of the concert I bought tickets for my other BFF Strawberry Zachary and I. It was so good that it was spiritual.

BB411~ You went on the Rihanna 777 tour, what was that like (favourite stop)?

IMG_6081JS~ I think it was a really cool concept, but after 7 days of non stop globe-trotting, I came home and was a mess for like a month. I travelled with some amazing people who are now friends for life. Stockholm was unbelievable and the venue for Rihanna’s concert there was breathtaking. My favourite was hands down Paris. I had never been before. 5 of us went to the Eiffel Tower in the middle of the night and I wept like a baby. It was breathtaking and romantic.

BB411~ What did you love most about Rihanna’s fashion and style?

JS~ She’s able to pull off crop tops and the most gigantic low riding pants. It’s straight thug meets Caribbean madness. All the while she’s dancing, and tappin her lady area for that sick song “Cake”. Thick black sunglasses, dope jewelry. She makes it look effortless.

BB411~ Describe your style?

JS~ I try for “effortless street fresh”. As I type this I am wearing a black toque, a crew collared camo & grey sweatshirt, a pair of diesels and Nike dunks. I’m not really your bow-tie and skinny jeans kind of guy. I respect it and can pull it off, but prefer to look like a cool dude that you’d see on the street.

BB411~ Favourite colour?

JS~ Green

BB411~ What does beauty mean to you?

JS~ For me beauty is internal. Glamour is external. I love thick 80’s eye shadow and dark eyeliner…heavy blush, wispy hair and shoulder pads. Think Linda Evans/Joan Collins Dynasty. That’s hot and glamorous. But it’s not beauty. Beauty is a soul that sees the world with a kind, child like wonder.

BB411~ What inspires you personally and professionally?IMG_4835

JS~ Professionalism is up there as is team work. Holly, Nira and Amy (The Beat 94.5) are 3 of the most talented gals I have ever worked with. They inspire me and raise me up daily.

BB411~ Are you involved in any charities that are close to your heart?

JS~ A Loving Spoonful is my local charity. The work they do in the community and the dispelling of shame for our friends who deal with HIV/AIDS is spellbinding. Lisa Martella and her crew treat me like family and I am always happy to help them out. Great cause.

BB411~ What does it mean to you to give back?

JS~ It truly gives you just as much when you give to others. I encourage everyone to try it.

BB411~ If you could tell your younger self something you have learned and know now what would it be?

JS~ I would’ve tried to curb all the shame, hurt and self hate. Growing up gay was (and still is) hard. It’s still a daily battle. I’m getting better at it and I’m not afraid of therapy anymore. Perhaps my younger self should’ve known that the road was going to be bumpy but OH SO worth it!

BB411~ What 3 words best describe you?

JS~ Creative. Loving. Nostalgic.

IMG_3743BB411~ What is your skin care regime?

JS~ Lots of moisturizer! I have all of my products in the bathroom. Daytime, I love Clinique’s Redness Solutions line (lifesaver). At night, my skin doctor (Dr. Lee Thompson) also sold me this cream that I am in love with. It’s called ZO SKIN HEALTH “Ommerse”. It’s anti aging and loaded with retinol. Plus I get Botox, 2-3 times a year from Dr. Lee Thompson. He is the only man I have ever trusted with my face. Hands down the best.

BB411~ What are your go to hair products?

JS~ I am all about a good cut. At home, blow dry and affordable TRESemme’ hairspray. I use Sebastian Matte Putty if I need more hold.

BB411~ 3 beauty products you carry with you always?

JS~ I keep face cream with me at all time. Lipbalm (Burt’s Bees Peppermint) and cologne.

BB411~ #1 beauty product you could not live without?

JS~ Outside of moisturizer? It’s gotta be my YSL Touche Éclat. Waking up everyday at 4am, it’s nice to have an under eye highlighter that is subtle yet affective when you look like a haggard mess.

BB411~ Do any certain scents remind you of your childhood and what is your favourite fragrance?

JS~ Anything sweet being baked in a kitchen is heaven to me. If I could recreate my Oma’s kitchen into a bottle, I would spray and chug it. Cologne wise: Hermes Ambre Narguile, It’s like manly apple pie.

BB411~ I love that you picked your Oma’s kitchen! I feel the same way about my Grandmother and so wish I could go back for just a day and sit with her. It brings back such sweet, beautiful memories. I’m also a fan of Hermes, there are quite a few that are becoming favourites!

BB411~ Do you have a best kept beauty secret that has been passed down to you (say from your Mother or Grandmother)?

JS~ Under eyes, use olive oil. Also, olive oil your hands and feet before bed and put fresh white cotton socks over them. There is no need to have ugly hands and feet- especially when it will cost you relatively NOTHING to make them great.

BB411~ Fun fact that your fans may not know about you?IMG_5267

JS~ At home I blast R&B music and dance in the mirror. Then I take a break and watch my daily PVR’d episode of Days of Our Lives.

BB411~ Favourite food?

JS~ Quinoa with ground turkey and avocados.

BB411~ How do you stay healthy and fit?

JS~ Well I lie a lot. To be honest, I can either devote my life to fitness, or hit the gym 4-5 times a week, eat a decent meal and deal with my ‘flanks’ and other problem areas. Also, it’s good to know what size of clothing looks good on you and wear it accordingly. Don’t get me wrong, I go through phases of salad and chicken breast. Other times, I just want penny candies and a nice big Ginger ale. Balance is key and also your worst nightmare.

BB411~ Favorite quote?

JS~ “Life is like a banquet and most poor suckers are starving!”

BB411~ Where do you see yourself in 1, 5 and 10 years?

JS~ I’m working more and more in conjunction with CTVBC (same ownership as The Beat 94.5) so I hope some more TV work. Morning radio is so much fun, it’s the hours/time of day that makes it harder. Hopefully our radio show will continue for many many more years. We are a great team who value and enjoy each other. I couldn’t image my life right now without it and my girls (Holly, Nira and Amy)!

IMG_5430BB411~ #1 thing you want to cross off your bucket list?

JS~ Perform 5 mins at a comedy club.

BB411~ What do you want to be remembered for when you look back at your life?

JS~ The word: “Gracious”. I hope to live a life full of grace and kindness.

BB411~ What advice would you give entrepreneurs starting out that are following their dreams?

JS~ If you know it’s for you. Like REALLY REALLY REALLY know it. Don’t stop. Ever. It will pay off.

BB411~ When I say the words #lovethis, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

JS~ A BIG bowl of wine gums!

To keep up to date on Jonny Staub be sure to follow him on Twitter and Tumblr for all he has going on. Oh and don’t forget to tune in Weekday mornings (530am-9am) with Jonny, Holly and Nira at The Beat 94.5

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