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L.A Hair with Anthony Pazos

tn_Anthony-PazosHaving styled everyone from Ashley Greene and the Kardashians to Leighton Meester, Gerard Butler and One Direction. Hairstylist-diva-extraordinaire and star of WETV’s highly anticipated docu-series “L.A. Hair“, the flamboyant, young and outrageous, Anthony Pazos is always donning his signature suspenders and bow tie. Anthony is undoubtedly, the next hair genius/image maker/trendsetter to take over the Hollywood hair industry! With his quick wit, sharp tongue, unique and dramatic style, over the top antics, and electrifying aptitude for making women look gorgeous, the lovable Pazos is this show’s breakout star. With his larger-than-life personality and constant comedic outbursts, audiences are going to fall in love with the side-splitting Pazos!

Pazos dazzles as reigning celebrity hair stylist, Kim Kimble’s wild and outspoken protégé in “L.A. Hair”,which follows Kimble’s high-stung staff as they fight to stay on top in the highly competitive Hollywood hair industry. Styling Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Kelly Rowland and Shakira, the “L.A. Hair” glam squad delivers drama, glamour and fabulous hair, bringing viewers inside their hectic lives, handling star-studded clientele, while running this exclusive Hollywood salon.

Transforming a woman into something magical is a dream that Anthony Pazos has turned into a reality using hair as his medium. Having been featured in Vogue Italia, Hollywood Reporter, Backstage, Wired, Venice, Fader and Curve magazines just to name a few, this mane-master has also  appeared on E! Style Network’s “How Do I Look”, and, “Split Ends”.

AP-3540Born and raised in Torrance, California, Anthony Pazos became a self-taught aesthetic mastermind at a young age, graduating with an A.A. and license in cosmetology and working at some of Los Angeles’ most prestigious salons. He was classically trained and mastering the techniques of hair legends such as Vidal Sassoon and Toni & Guy. Currently working as a freelance stylist, this Latin-American’s home base is boutique salon, B2V, in Beverly Hills, were he divides his time between exclusive high-profile private clients, editorial shoots and film projects.

It was such a delight to interview Anthony. He has this infectious energy and zest for life that lights up a room. I love how passionate Anthony is about his work and he is always dreaming a bigger dream, much like myself. So sit back and see who makes the cut with L.A Hair Anthony Pazos!

BB411~ When did you know you wanted to be a Hair Stylist/Artist?

AP~ When I was 13 I knew I wanted to be a hairstylist.

BB411~ How did your career come to be?

AP~ Well when I was young it was my job to help get my sisters ready in the morning and doing their hair was one of my tasks. I realized that I was naturally really good at doing hair.20121010-171030

BB411~ If you weren’t a Stylist and you could be anything in the world what would it be?

AP~ I would be a singer.

BB411~ Who inspired you and who did you admire growing up?

AP~ Vidal Sassoon most definitely inspired me.

BB411~ Have you always been in love with fashion and beauty?

AP~ Absolutely, I remember growing up I always had to match, I hated getting dirty and my hair was always on point even at a young age.

BB411~ You have a new product line coming out fall 2013, can you tell me about it (inspiration and who it represents)?

AP~ It’s a product line of all my favorite products fit into one family. I want it to be a product that everyone can afford but still works. I think it’s important to teach our clients how to take care of their hair after they leave the salon.

Celebrity Hairstylist Anthony Pazos and Ashley GreeneBB411~ Who has been your favourite celebrity to Style and work with?

AP~ Hands down Ashley Greene and Khloe Kardashian

BB411~ Which celebrity have you not worked with but would like to?

AP~ Natalie Portman

BB411~ What are your top 3 tips for gorgeous hair?

AP~ Buy the correct shampoo & conditioner for your hair type, never over flat-iron or blowdry and monthly visits at the salon for a cut.


BB411~ When it comes to hair, what are you known for?

AP~ I’m known for my work with the twilight kids and my work with the Kardashians. People know that I love big hair.

BB411~ Do you have any hair secrets you want to share that have been developed by you?

AP~ Not really developed by me but all my clients wear extensions. Go big or go home.

BB411~ What is the #1 mistake that people do to their hair?

AP~ I would say over flat ironing one section of the hair over and over again. Oh and using rubber bands or elastics with metal to hold the hair up.

BB411~ Favourite colour for hair?

AP~ Majirel & Richesse by L’oreal.

BB411~ Describe your style?

AP~ I like everything to be perfect structurally but styled messy and effortless.

BB411~ What does beauty mean to you? LUmdKPtZnxCvoNwrH6dmWiRvGE17nMyQkPI13aGxfRQ

AP~ It means a few things. Beauty means a feeling that’s exuberated from a person on the inside. Also its someone who is well put together, a person that takes care of themselves on the outside.

BB411~ What inspires you personally and professionally?

AP~ People that have already attained what I want inspire me personally & professionally. Also making others feel good.

BB411~ Are you involved in any charities that are close to your heart?

AP~ Yes Pitbull Rescue charties, Baldwin Breast Cancer Foundation & Unicef

BB411~ What does it mean to you to give back?

AP~ Giving back is doing something for someone else without having a personal gain out of the experience. Being completely selfless.

BB411~ If you could tell your younger self something you have learned and know now what would it be ( a lesson learned or wisdom gained)?

AP~ Don’t be afraid, you’re amazing and you can make your dreams come true.

images-1-1BB411~ 3 words that best describe you?

AP~ Nice, flamboyant, outrageous (and over the top).

BB411~ What is your skin care regime?

AP~ Drinking water and exfoliating my face with the Clarisonic. I also wash my face with Cetaphil.

BB411~ What are your go to hair products?

AP~ Redken shine spray, Redken wax spray and Wella Ocean Spritz.

BB411~ Favourite Make Up Brands?

AP~ I love Mac colors, Nars & Make Up For Ever. I’m also a huge fan of the La Mer foundation.

BB411~ 3 beauty products you carry with you always?

AP~ Redken working spray, I.C.O.N. India oil & Redken Wax blast.

BB411~ #1 beauty product you could not live without?

AP~ Make Up For Ever HD foundation.

BB411~ Do any certain scents remind you of your childhood?

AP~ I like clean zesty scents but I also like aromatherapy scents like lavender & rosemary.

BB411~ Do you have a best kept beauty secret that has been passed down to you (say from your Mother or Grandmother)?25732_1232648223022_1433642778_30486138_7957023_n

AP~ Yes curling lashes with a spoon after you heated it up on the stove.

BB411~ Fun fact that your fans may not know about you?

AP~ I speak fluent Spanish and French. I also have two pitbulls named Kenny Powers & Peanut.

BB411~ Favorite food?

AP~ Angel hair pasta with meat sauce.

BB411~ How do you stay healthy and fit?

AP~ I go to the gym 5 days a week and take an array of vitamins like Vitamin C & B12. Also I eat mostly organic meats, fruits & vegetables.

BB411~ Favorite quote?

AP~ “If it is to be it’s up to me” & “Love Yourself Love Others”

BB411~ Where do you see yourself in 1, 5 and 10 years?

AP~ In one year I see myself speaking at Cosmetology schools inspiring students to follow their dreams. In 5 years I see myself owning a very large salon space with 15 + stylists servicing high-end clientele. In ten years I hope to start a cosmetology school of my own.

Anthony Pazos-REE-000419BB411~ #1 thing you want to cross off your bucket list?

AP~ Climb Mount Everest.

BB411~ What advice would you give entrepreneurs starting out that are following their dreams?

AP~Anything worth attaining is not going to be easy and will take hard work but if you work hard you can & will achieve your goals. Also live below your means so that you can reinvest in your business.

BB411~ When I say the words #lovethis, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

AP~ I’m buying it I don’t care how much it costs!

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A New Found Strength

1010353_10153061906305621_1104355420_nIt’s been 2 months since I started my fitness journey with my new coach Rita Catolino. Now for those that you have followed the blog for some time you know that I have participated in online competitions, tried out different programs and have been trained by a few different trainers. I use to think that I trained hard and pushed myself to be the best version I could be, but in these past few months I realized the real me was waiting to be discovered.

I can honestly say that I didn’t expect a transformation like this to happen. With all the training I did before I would always get in good shape, then hit a plateau and my training would slowly fade into here and there (like most people). When I interviewed Rita, there was this special something that resonated within me and I felt an instant connection to her. I asked her if there would be a possibility to hire her as my coach in preparation for some shows and competitions coming up. Knowing Rita was a very busy girl, I thought that it might be a long shot but I just had to ask! To my absolute surprise she accepted the challenge and started planning my new program.

From the beginning I knew that I was embarking on something unlike I had done before, I wasn’t sure what it was but knew something was going to change in a big way. For starters, Rita shows this enormous dedication and designs perfectly tailored programs to each of her clients. She lets you know she’s in your corner and is your #1 fan cheering you on. This alone has helped keep me on track. Her words of encouragement keep you going strong and she allows you to be vulnerable while constantly supporting you. I can say Rita is a trainer unlike any other that I have come across. The one thing I love most about her is that she keeps it real and shares her own personal struggle with all of us. We get to see someone who we admire and who inspires us overcome daily stresses and life obstacles. This helps keep everything in check and know that this is a journey and lifestyle not a quick fix.

942354_10153010928180621_836176166_n-1The program Rita has me on is a 4 day on, 1 day off (Rest) with interval cardio training. When I first started this program I was afraid to and couldn’t really lift heavy weights. But after a few weeks of getting use to the routine and Rita checking in to help push me past the self-doubt and restrictions, I started to show progress with the heavier lifting. She also had my meal plan catered to the different days and ways I trained (the seed bowl is to die for~Yum). This helped enormously and I slowly started to see my training advance to the next level. I even started running around a lake by my house, which I could never do before. My endurance was increasing and my body was recovering better, allowing me to get the most out of each workout. Going to the gym each day became a scheduled meeting, there was no excuse to miss it and there was no one to let down but myself. I wasn’t just seeing a change with my body, I was seeing a change within.

Over these past few months I have seen my body start to get in the best shape of my life. What’s even more incredible is the body/mind connection I have made. This is the first time in my whole life that I have had the confidence to know that I am capable of anything I put my mind to. Any goal I may have is within reach. I even have built a stronger understanding to proper nutrition and how to fuel your body for maximum performance. I no longer struggle with eating clean consistently and allow myself “treat” days. I use to be really hard on myself for indulging and now have found a balance. This whole transformation is 100% because of my talented, beautiful and dedicated coach Rita Catolino. I can’t say it enough, her program is life changing. For those of you that are wanting to make a change and needing that right fit to get you started, you need to contact Rita for her (online) training program. I can promise you, its money worth spent for an investment that you will carry throughout your life.

To see such definition and how my body has leaned out, I am blown away. I have done program after program and never received results like this. I have always wanted 6 pack abs and I am well on my way to achieving it (four down, two to go). I can’t wait to start phase 2 of my program with Rita, now to just work on my legs and building a bubble butt. We have set small goals for the months to come and a few bigger ones for 2014 (competitions/contest prep). I use to dread going to the gym and now I look forward to it. My body is finally strong, healthy and fit, something I am very proud of. Oh and did I mention, I am sleeping WAY better!

In addition to online training Rita also joined forces with Tommy Caldwell and released “Health Optimized“. They are podcasts on iTunes that cover all the ins and outs of women’s health. I absolutely loved these and they were great little motivation and helpful tips during my program. I look forward to all the ones to come. I had to post the below picture with advice from my coach for a few reasons. One being that her physique continues to inspire me, and two because this advice is golden and shows small changes can make all the difference. There is so much to gain (weight excluded) having Rita as your Coach, I can’t say how truly grateful and blessed I feel to have found her. Thank you Coach C for believing in me until I was able to believe in myself that I could!

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Teen Beauty Tips……..Miss Teen USA


“Who would have thought that in 1952, a local “bathing beauty” competition spearheaded by Catalina Swimwear in Long Beach, CA would transform into an international annual tradition with countless young women around the world vying to become a part of Miss Universe history? As millions of fans have watched around the globe, the contest has evolved into a powerful, year-round,  international organization that advances and supports opportunities for these young women.”

Since I was a little girl, I have been watching the pageants put on by the Miss Universe Organization. I remember sitting on the floor in front of the television at my grandparents house with a score card. I would mark down and score the girls and determine who I thought should be the top spots. I really took this judging role seriously and to my surprise I almost always picked the same girls the judges did. My grandmother always said that she thought one day I would be sitting in the judges seat. I have always felt this certain connection to the organization, but didn’t have a clue why (until now). Call it “Serendipity” if you wish, I have had the pleasure to work closely with the Miss Universe Organization on features with title holders (both past and present), including Miss Maryland USA Nana Meriwether, the current Miss Connecticut USA Erin Brady and the current Miss Connecticut Teen USA Logan West.

               5l3a1109-copy-crop-1 gallery_photo1375371607Erin_Highlight1          gallery_photo1354565247BS8A9986copy


“These women are savvy, goal-oriented and aware. The delegates who become part of the Miss Universe Organization display those characteristics in their everyday lives, both as individuals, who compete with hope of advancing their careers, personal and humanitarian goals, and as women who seek to improve the lives of others.”

As all of you know a huge focus for Beauty Buzz 411 has been supporting various charities and individuals making a difference in this world. I love how the Miss Universe Organization embraces giving back and supports “Being the change you want to see in this world”. When the opportunity came up to feature some of the contestants currently competing for the new title of Miss Teen USA, I jumped on it. Not only are these girls beautiful on the inside and out, they have huge hearts and incredible passion for helping others and being great role models. We thought it would be a great spin on things and asked the girls what their top beauty tips were. I have to say that I can stand behind each tip as I have tested and approved it myself, especially the ice-cube/ice water tips from Miss Wisconsin Teen USA Kate Redecker and Miss Kentucky Teen USA Gracie Sapp (love this and it really works).

I get so many emails from teens asking to do more coverage and features on teen skin care, so here you go my little BB411 luvs~ Enjoy!

Miss Arkansas Teen USA Abby Floyd Searcy:

gallery_photo1372837184HeadshotThere are several causes that are important to Abby starting with the American Association of Cancer Research as she lost both her grandmothers to cancer and her Dad is a cancer survivor. She also gives her time working with Hearts and Hooves which is an organization that helps mentally and physically challenged children through Hippotherapy. She is also excited to be recently involved with Warriors for Ross to help children with cancer and their families.

Beauty Tip – By adding conditioner to her shaving cream, it helps skin feel soft.

Miss Arizona Teen USA Olivia Argue:

gallery_photo1372837074HeadshotOlivia has a passion for working with many organizations. She embraces her opportunities working with Habitat for Humanity, UMOM, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Surfrider Foundation, Spread the Word to End the Word, FITPHX and Future Stars Global Foundation. In three words, Olivia describes herself as ambitious, adaptable and approachable.

Beauty Tip – Uses a tinted moisturizer w/ SPF before applying makeup, whether she is inside or out, she is protected from AZ sun.

Miss Colorado Teen USA Chloe Brown:

gallery_photo1372837366HeadshotWith over 500 hours of volunteer service Chloe is passionate about giving back to her community through organizations like Hospice, Relay for Life, and Challenger Baseball. She even started her own non-profit project called Hats For Hope where Chloe collects hats for cancer patients going through chemotherapy. As Miss Colorado Teen USA 2013 Chloe has reached over 2,500 people this summer alone by making appearances all over the state. Her most touching is when she has the opportunity to speak to young girls about overcoming the challenges of being bullied.

Beauty Tip – Uses “High Beam” by Benefit under her cheekbones and eyebrows for a nice shiny, healthy glow.

Miss District of Columbia Teen USA Despina Ades:

gallery_photo1372837641HeadshotDespina is  a member of the University’s Women’s Leadership Program, serves as a Peer Mediation Coordinator for Expanding where she donates her summers to educate and inspire young women from Niger and was recently awarded, “Tutor of the Year” from the Literacy Center, the world’s largest peer-to-peer tutoring center.

She hails from a very proud and very loud, big Greek family! Despina dedicates her year of service as Miss District of Columbia Teen USA in memory of her late father who passed away from cancer when Despina was just 12 years old. Before his passing, Despina traveled with her father and family by RV to 48 states and says that the experience has taught her to “be the change she wishes to see in the world.”

Beauty Tip – Uses baby power as substitute for dry shampoo because it is cheaper and helps hair retain natural oils.

Miss Florida Teen USA Brianne Bailey

gallery_photo1372837715HeadshotBrianne Bailey is a recent graduate from high school in Weston, Florida where she was involved in the American Sign Language club for four years. She became secretary of the club and in addition was able to teach deaf children, grades K-5, songs in ASL. ASL club raised $4,500 for the children’s after school program this year and Brianne hopes to continue raising funds and awareness for the underprivileged deaf and hard of hearing community.

Another club Brianne hopes to implement in schools is the HOPE club that she co-founded. The Helping Overcome Problems Effectively club deals with bullying, depression, and self-worth. Brianne co-founded this club after her good friend Daniel took his own life. Due to this heartbreaking experience, she hopes to reach out to others and take an initiative towards suicide prevention.

Beauty Tip – To help keep skin smooth and hair from dead ends, she applies coconut oil. She also uses banana peel on her blemishes.

Miss Indiana Teen USA Terrin Thomas:

gallery_photo1372838098HeadshotDarrian Arch recently graduated from Chesterton High School. She hopes to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree from Butler University. Her career goal includes becoming a Surgical Physician Assistant. She believes her strongest talent is her ability to make people laugh. Darrian’s favorite hobbies include swimming, baking, traveling and reading. Her favorite activities include acting, volunteering, cheerleading, gymnastics and Spanish Club. She describes herself as intelligent, motivated and personable.

Beauty Tip – Uses Tree Hut exfoliator once a week to remove dead skin cells and leave skin soft. Also uses medicated Chap Stick for dry and damaged cuticles. To give her eyelashes a bigger curl, she heats an eyelash curler with a blow-dryer until it is warm.

Miss Kentucky Teen USA Gracie Sapp:

gallery_photo1372838304HeadshotGracie is thrilled to be an advocate for Best Buddies International during her reign, and hopes to continue being involved in the charity even after her reign as Miss Kentucky Teen USA has come to an end. Gracie is also very interested in raising awareness for lung disease in children and young adults. She is passionate about this because she has lost many family members to lung disease, and has many friends close to her with relatives suffering with lung disease as well.

Beauty Tip – Washes face in ice or with ice water before applying makeup. Helps shrink pores, decrease the size of any breakouts and tightens the skin to hide wrinkles.

Miss Oregon Teen USA Summer Pilcher:

gallery_photo1372842090HeadshotSummer Pilcher recently graduated Oregon City High School.  I live in the great area of Milwaukie, Oregon. Summer volunteers with the Red Cross, Alzheimer’s Association, and Hands on Portland.

Beauty Tip – Uses tree oil for split ends. Also put light eye shadow over the outline of your lips before you apply lipstick so it doesn’t smear on your skin.



Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA Ebone Jimerson:

gallery_photo1372842153HeadshotEboné has a passion for speaking on behalf of worthy causes. This year Eboné created her own, local television show, featuring fashionable clothing for affordable prices. Eboné’s inspiration for the show is to make those who are less fortunate look and feel as beautiful as they are on the inside.

Eboné’s main social cause, breast cancer, has heavily impacted her life and taken three immediate family members. Besides spending years, supporting her family while they fight the disease, Eboné is an active advocate for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and a frequent volunteer for cancer patients at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Eboné and her mother are the last surviving founders of “Sisters4Sisters”, their own non-profit organization established to mentor and support cancer victims, survivors, and young women. Eboné also volunteers with Katye’s Helping Hands, H.E.L.P. Philadelphia, Philabundance, and JRA Jewish Relief Agency.

Beauty Tip – Adds milk to conditioner which makes it soft, shiny and moisturized.

Miss Washington Teen USA Imani Blackmon:

gallery_photo1372842759HeadshotImani discovered her passion for performing at a young age and dances jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical, and hip-hop. Imani has won numerous awards and scholarships throughout her dance career including a LEON dance summer intensive scholarship in New York this past year. Imani became a professional dancer for the WNBA Seattle Storm dance troupe at the age of ten. Imani have been involved in the BRIDGE program in her school where she was able to mentor a disabled student in a dance class, teaching her different ways to move her body through dance along with gain confidence by participating in class like other students

Beauty Tip – Uses baby powder as substitute for foundation because it prevents possible breakouts and gives an oil-free texture. Also uses baking soda to keep teeth white and odor free.

Miss Wisconsin Teen USA Kate Redecker:

gallery_photo1373658325HeadshotKate Redeker resides in Sheboygan, Wisconsin where she currently attends Sheboygan Area Lutheran High School. Juggling her school work and extra-curricular activities, Kate still finds time to volunteer with various charitable organizations. With her passion for helping others and being in the air, Kate plans on becoming a helicopter pilot for search and rescue after college.

Kate believes her strongest talent is her ability to relate to anyone she talks to and make people smile. She describes herself as personable, outgoing, and a Christian.

Beauty Tip – To hydrate face, she uses two ice cubes and rubs all over face until they melt which combats fat cells, fights acne, tightens face to reduce wrinkles and provides blood circulation helping blemishes heal faster.

site_promo1373904196FanVoteTeenPromoThe 2013 MISS TEEN USA® Competition will steam LIVE on Saturday, August 10th 2013 at 8 p.m. ET LIVE from the Atlantis, Paradise Island Bahamas. Fans can help their favorite contestant earn a spot in the semifinals through the Miss Teen USA Fan Vote presented by Lisa B. Collection.


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The Dance of Life…Miss Teen USA 2012 Logan West


Being in front of an audience was something Logan West was used to when she captured the title of Miss Teen USA 2012. Logan has been a passionate dancer since the age of 2 and claims the art form as well as competing in pageants has helped her to become the confident young woman she is today.

This wasn’t always the case as Logan was ruthlessly bullied growing up. She has turned her negative experiences into positives by creating the “Unite Against Bullies” program which she plans to expand nationally to educate young people about bullying.

Logan is currently studying commercial dance at PACE University and in her spare time enjoys exploring New York City and spending time with family.

Interviewing Logan was a breath of fresh air, not only does she radiate positivity, she is a beautiful role model for young girls. I love how grounded, giving and respectful she is. Her interview responses made me feel as if I was talking to my younger self, there were so many similarities. From the way she views life, believes in helping others, to even thinking we should be italian with our love for pasta (I’m talking with my hands as I say this). This young girl has a beautiful, strong, determined mind and I know she is going to be a voice for so many and impact the world. I feel grateful to share this interview with all of you and hope it leaves you both inspired and motivated to life your best life as it did myself.

BB411~ What inspired you to compete in the Miss Teen USA Competition?cover-logan-west

LW~ I honestly just wanted to make a difference. I saw the impact that being a title holder had on a few of my friends as well as the impact they got to make on those around them. I wanted to compete as a way of sharing my program Unite Against Bullies Today on a national platform and competing gave me the opportunity to do so.

BB411~ What did you accomplish with your title and what do you want to be remembered for?

LW~ I would say my biggest accomplishment this year would be the launch of the UAB Today ambassador program. Seeing my program in every state has been a dream of mine since I started and to finally see it happening has been amazing! I want to be most remembered for just being a normal girl! Most people think that in order to win a pageant you have to grow up in it or have a lot of training. I am simply a girl who set my mind to something, put my all into it, and had faith in the results. Most importantly I’ve stayed the same through my reign; just regular ole Logan.

BB411~ What are your plans after you pass your title on to the new Miss Teen USA on August 10th?

LW~ I’ll head right back to school! I recently signed with a modelling and entertainment agency so I will be exploring my options when it comes to that while earning my degree in school.

BB411~ You have had a passion for dance since you were a little girl, how did it influence the person you are today and what do you love most about it?

LW~ My favourite part about dance is that I can fully express myself without saying a word! I’ve always been drawn to the fact that I can make someone smile or bring them to tears all with my movement. The discipline and dedication required to dance professionally has definitely had a lot to do with the becoming of the young woman I am today.

gallery_photo1354565247BS8A8055copyBB411~ How did your parents influence the person you are today?

LW~ My parents have always held high expectations for my sister and I; they never wanted us to be perfect, but they expected us to put our all into everything we did because quitting or laziness was never an option. They have always said they wanted to raise “two productive members of society” and they did everything in their power to do so. My parents are my rock. They’ve supported me and encouraged me in all that I’ve done as well as taught me that the sky really is the limit.

BB411~ What are the key points to being a good role model?

LW~ I believe a good role model is someone who is comfortable in their own skin! In today’s society it seems that a lot of us are worried about fitting in or looking and being a certain way. I feel a role model should encourage everyone to love the skin they’re in and appreciate themselves. I think a role model should be hard-working, genuine, and personable.

BB411~ You experienced bullying growing up, can you tell me how you dealt with it. What advice do you have for other kids going through the same situation?

LW~ At first my way of dealing with the situation was by ignoring it. I thought that if I pretended it wasn’t happening that eventually it would go away. I was wrong. I needed to speak up and say something; I couldn’t get help if no one knew I needed it. My way of coping now is by sharing my story because reliving it helps me come to terms and accept what happened. My biggest piece of advice would be to tell an adult! You’re not tattle tailing, you’re not snitching, you are helping yourself and potentially all of those around you. Get the help you deserve!

BB411~ What do you do to stay fit and healthy?

LW~ For the most part dancing is my exercise but I also enjoy running and kick boxing. I think my best way of staying fit is by trying not to let my tooth get the best of me.

BB411~ Have you always been in love with fashion and beauty?Logan+West+MBFW+Spring+2013+Official+Coverage+aKrgeiZBr2Wl

LW~ Well I have always been interested, I mean I love to know and wear what’s trendy and in style but I’ve always been the kind of person that just gets whatever the mannequin has on. But I’ve had a love for beauty products for a long time! I basically hoard make up, skin care and hair care products because I just love experimenting with new things.

BB411~ Describe your style?

LW~ Casually chic. I like girly pieces but I try to rough them up a bit by matching them with leather jackets, combat boots, or edgy jewelry. I think I must have been a biker chick in a past life! I just like things that are comfortable and can easily be dressed up or dressed down.

BB411~ What does beauty mean to you?

LW~ In my opinion beauty is loving your perfect imperfections. I believe that true beauty shines from within; of course we see beautiful looking people but I believe a beautiful spirit is much more important.

BB411~ What inspires you personally and professionally?

logan-west-1LW~ Reminding myself of my goals everyday, both large and small, push me. The understanding that a day of not working towards my dreams is only putting me in the wrong direction. I am in control of my own life and that’s what pushes me.

BB411~ Are you involved in any charities that are close to your heart?

LW~ Best Buddies is an organization very dear to my heart. Growing up, both of my parents worked in group homes for mentally disabled adults so partnering with an organization that really wants to partner people with special needs with someone who is “main stream” is absolutely incredible!

BB411~ What does it mean to you to give back?

LW~ Simply put, it’s doing something for someone or something expecting nothing in return. It’s helping your community for the better of all, not just for some sort of prize.

BB411~ If you could tell your younger self something you have learned and know now what would it be?

LW~ I would tell myself not to worry so much about what other people think of me. I grew up hyper sensitive to what people would say or think about me but only lately have I realized that it prevented me from actually living. Doing things for myself rather than the opinions of others is much more fulfilling!

BB411~ 3 words that best describe you?

LW~ Genuine, articulate, dedicated

BB411~ What is your skin care regime?

LW~ Well because of my constant desire to try new things, it’s forever changing, but at the moment I am using a lot of Dr. Murad cleansers, toners, and creams and Epiduo whenever I break out. But one thing that never changes is washing my face at least twice a day!

BB411~ What are your go to hair products?gallery_photo1354565246BS8A0091LightBackgroundHairRemoved

LW~ Moroccan Oil deep conditioning hair masks and Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner.

BB411~ Top Beauty Brands you love for Makeup?

LW~ Make Up For Ever Matte finish foundation, Rain Cosmetics eye pallets and smashbox.

BB411~ 3 beauty products you carry with you always?

LW~ Eos Chapstick, Benefits ChaCha tint lip and cheek stain, Perfekt mascara.

BB411~ #1 beauty product you could not live without?

LW~ Mascara! I’m obsessed; it can totally transform your eyes.

BB411~ Do any certain scents remind you of your childhood?

LW~ This is going to sound gross, but I love the smell of a musty basement. My Gram was a seamstress and once she retired she kept all her fabrics in her basement and I used to look at going in there as a treat. The smell puts me at ease.

Logan+West+HSN+Celebrates+Digital+Redesign+Celh3yblWPMxBB411~ Do you have a best kept beauty secret that has been passed down to you (say from your Mother or Grandmother)?

LW~ Everyone always says that I have really smooth skin, as do my mom and grandmother. We have always lotioned with all natural coco butter, it’s amazing.

BB411~ Fun fact that your fans may not know about you?

LW~ I have been to Disney World 22 times!!! I will forever be a kid at heart.

BB411~ Favorite quote?

LW~ It’s better to be a first-rate version of yourself than a second-rate version of someone else.

BB411~ Favourite food?

LW~ Lasagna! I’m not Italian, but with the way I love pasta I should be!

BB411~ #1 thing you want to cross off your bucket list?

LW~ Go skydiving…but I’ve got to work up a lot more courage before that happens.

BB411~ Describe your perfect day (when you have down time)?missteenusa11

LW~ Sleeping in, making myself a nice hot breakfast, watching a marathon of Law & Order SVU, pampering myself in every way possible and ending the night with soppy romantic movies I’ve already seen 5 times. I don’t get much alone time so when I do, that’s usually what my day looks like.

BB411~ What has been your biggest Aha Moment so far in life?

LW~ When I finished my first semester of college with straight A’s. I needed to prove to myself that I was capable of handling being on my own and that’s exactly what I did! I realized that I could enjoy my college experience, but still be totally focused on what I went there for.

BB411~ What advice would you give young girls starting out that are following their dreams?

LW~ Even when you feel stuck or like things just aren’t working in your favor, PUSH! Your dreams are only as big as you want them to be and reaching them is as simple as working towards them. If you aren’t working towards your goals you are working against them!

BB411~ Where do you see yourself in 1 year, 5 years and 10 years?

Logan+West+Arrivals+Miss+USA+Pageant+YcOttGT_NoalLW~ I’m really excited to use this next year to really get grounded; continue with school, model, really get my feel wet in the entertainment and fashion world. Five years from now I’d like to see myself dancing with Alvin Ailey and traveling the world doing what I love. Ten years from now seems a long way away, but at that time I hope to have finished law school, work in a successful firm, and hopefully be starting a family. But who knows! I’m ready to see where life takes me.

BB411~ When I say the words #lovethis, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

LW~ When I see #lovethis I think of dance! It defines me.

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