A New Found Strength

1010353_10153061906305621_1104355420_nIt’s been 2 months since I started my fitness journey with my new coach Rita Catolino. Now for those that you have followed the blog for some time you know that I have participated in online competitions, tried out different programs and have been trained by a few different trainers. I use to think that I trained hard and pushed myself to be the best version I could be, but in these past few months I realized the real me was waiting to be discovered.

I can honestly say that I didn’t expect a transformation like this to happen. With all the training I did before I would always get in good shape, then hit a plateau and my training would slowly fade into here and there (like most people). When I interviewed Rita, there was this special something that resonated within me and I felt an instant connection to her. I asked her if there would be a possibility to hire her as my coach in preparation for some shows and competitions coming up. Knowing Rita was a very busy girl, I thought that it might be a long shot but I just had to ask! To my absolute surprise she accepted the challenge and started planning my new program.

From the beginning I knew that I was embarking on something unlike I had done before, I wasn’t sure what it was but knew something was going to change in a big way. For starters, Rita shows this enormous dedication and designs perfectly tailored programs to each of her clients. She lets you know she’s in your corner and is your #1 fan cheering you on. This alone has helped keep me on track. Her words of encouragement keep you going strong and she allows you to be vulnerable while constantly supporting you. I can say Rita is a trainer unlike any other that I have come across. The one thing I love most about her is that she keeps it real and shares her own personal struggle with all of us. We get to see someone who we admire and who inspires us overcome daily stresses and life obstacles. This helps keep everything in check and know that this is a journey and lifestyle not a quick fix.

942354_10153010928180621_836176166_n-1The program Rita has me on is a 4 day on, 1 day off (Rest) with interval cardio training. When I first started this program I was afraid to and couldn’t really lift heavy weights. But after a few weeks of getting use to the routine and Rita checking in to help push me past the self-doubt and restrictions, I started to show progress with the heavier lifting. She also had my meal plan catered to the different days and ways I trained (the seed bowl is to die for~Yum). This helped enormously and I slowly started to see my training advance to the next level. I even started running around a lake by my house, which I could never do before. My endurance was increasing and my body was recovering better, allowing me to get the most out of each workout. Going to the gym each day became a scheduled meeting, there was no excuse to miss it and there was no one to let down but myself. I wasn’t just seeing a change with my body, I was seeing a change within.

Over these past few months I have seen my body start to get in the best shape of my life. What’s even more incredible is the body/mind connection I have made. This is the first time in my whole life that I have had the confidence to know that I am capable of anything I put my mind to. Any goal I may have is within reach. I even have built a stronger understanding to proper nutrition and how to fuel your body for maximum performance. I no longer struggle with eating clean consistently and allow myself “treat” days. I use to be really hard on myself for indulging and now have found a balance. This whole transformation is 100% because of my talented, beautiful and dedicated coach Rita Catolino. I can’t say it enough, her program is life changing. For those of you that are wanting to make a change and needing that right fit to get you started, you need to contact Rita for her (online) training program. I can promise you, its money worth spent for an investment that you will carry throughout your life.

To see such definition and how my body has leaned out, I am blown away. I have done program after program and never received results like this. I have always wanted 6 pack abs and I am well on my way to achieving it (four down, two to go). I can’t wait to start phase 2 of my program with Rita, now to just work on my legs and building a bubble butt. We have set small goals for the months to come and a few bigger ones for 2014 (competitions/contest prep). I use to dread going to the gym and now I look forward to it. My body is finally strong, healthy and fit, something I am very proud of. Oh and did I mention, I am sleeping WAY better!

In addition to online training Rita also joined forces with Tommy Caldwell and released “Health Optimized“. They are podcasts on iTunes that cover all the ins and outs of women’s health. I absolutely loved these and they were great little motivation and helpful tips during my program. I look forward to all the ones to come. I had to post the below picture with advice from my coach for a few reasons. One being that her physique continues to inspire me, and two because this advice is golden and shows small changes can make all the difference. There is so much to gain (weight excluded) having Rita as your Coach, I can’t say how truly grateful and blessed I feel to have found her. Thank you Coach C for believing in me until I was able to believe in myself that I could!

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Much Love, Beauty Buzz 4111069250_670674826294301_1748683071_n

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