Suki’s on Granville


There was no hesitation when I was asked to be Dermalogica’s “Little Grey Pass” Ambassador. I have been a huge fan of the brand for years and my love for the company continues to grow. The Little Grey Pass program allows you to cruise around your city, checking out great skin centres. The thought of spa treatments using Dermalogica products is music to my ears.

My second stop on the “Little Grey Pass” journey was Suki’s Salon & Spa on Granville. I had no idea that they had spa services, there’s actually 3 levels to the location. When I walked in I was greeted by their friendly staff and shown around. They have a level for cuts and a separate floor for colour. I love the decor and funky feel, from the colour bar wall to the bold “Unleash the New You” wall quote. I was then taken down stairs to check out the spa level.

I was greeted by my Esthetician Asma and shown around, she described the many ways they incorporate the best of eastern and western spa traditions. From facials, body treatments, massages, hair removal and nail care, Suki’s has you covered from head to toe. My skin concerns going into my treatment were a few breakouts and congestion. Also my skin tends to be more on the dry side and a bit of a moisture addict.

My treatment started with Dermalogica’s precleanse (kaki nut oil), followed by the dermal clay cleanser. A soothing additive was also used to start off my facial with soybean, avocado and sandalwood. Next Asthma gave my skin some serious exfoliation love with a triple-threat of Dermalogica’s multivitamin thermafoliant, accelerator 35 and daily microfoliant. Next she washed my face with the ultracalming cleanser before applying a multivitamin power mask with a collodial gel mask. My treatment was finished off with the ultracalming serum, barrier repair and ultracalming sensitive tint SPF 30.

The way my skin felt after the facial was amazing, super moisturized and radiant. I am crazy about the ultracalming line, my skin was dewy and glowing. My little breakouts even seemed to clear up. Suki’s on Granville gets the Beauty Buzz 411 stamp of approval.

A Big THANK YOU to Dermalogica for continuing to rock it out in the beauty world. Oh and did I mention Dermalogica supports cruelty free! Just one more reason this company is one of my top picks.

Remember to say you heard it HERE first!

Much Love, Beauty Buzz 411

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