Fitness Diva with a Purpose: Mandy Gill

Headshot Non FitnessMandy Gill has been quoted as ‘founder of MGM Fitness, TV personality, sponsored athlete, but most of all a humanitarian’. After overcoming anorexia in her late teens, she discovered working out and nutrition needed to be viewed as fun. She decided to combine her two largest passions – broadcasting and fitness – and share them with the rest of the world, from this MGM Fitness was born! At 28 years old she is empowering people of all ages across Canada to discover their strength mentally and physically.

Determined to share her experience of how life changing and beneficial healthy living can be, she’s appeared as a Fitness Segment Host over 50+ times on CTV MORNING LIVE. As well as previous roles as a Morning Show Co-Host/Producer on the BEAT 94.5, SHAW TV Reporter, and KVOS TV Commercial Host.

Outside of these passions, Mandy loves sharing life with her boyfriend Sean, their dog Mylo, and large family. Volunteer opportunities she takes pride contributing towards are SOS Children’s Charity, Sole Girls Mentorship Program, and Downtown Eastside Kitchen Crew Member.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Mandy for our interview and left inspired. Not only is Mandy down-to-earth, genuine and thoughtful, she’s the sweetest person I’ve ever met! I don’t think there is a bad bone in her body. Mandy speaks only the kindest words and always looks at the bright side of life. Through the ups and downs, she has stayed positive and is always working on personal growth. If there’s a challenge Mandy’s up for it.

MGM Fitness is in full swing and I know this is only the beginning for this “Fitness Diva” with a purpose. When you project positive energy out into the world, the world throws it right back, and that’s what surrounds Mandy’s life. Sitting and listening to how important the people in her life are to her, made me proud to have her as a friend. When Mandy loves, she loves! The light that appears in her eyes when she talks about her boyfriend Sean, pup Mylo and incredible connection with her family and friends is beautiful to see.

10670240_10154887854225721_4123416688773712513_nSo here you have it~ Mandy is a well-rounded individual with a heart of gold. Along with being Reebok Canada’s Sponsored Athlete, TV Segment Host, Crossfit Beauty, Amazing Girlfriend, Furbaby Mommy, Loving Daughter, Awesome Sister and Devoted Friend, she is putting the FUN back into working out with MGM Fitness. Mandy also has a few exciting additions to her life (or soon-to-be); new home-owner with partner in crime and love Sean, new puppy coming this month and is waiting to hear if her and Sean have been picked as one of the teams for Season 3 on the Amazing Race Canada!!!!!!!

It is with a lot of joy in my heart that I get to share this interview with all of you. I hope it encourages you to find what you’re meant to do and follow your passion!

BB411~ You have been in the media eye for some time, how did it all unfold?

MG~ In 2006, 3 months before I graduated I was hired on by the Fox. I had plans to move back home to Calgary, but this new opportunity changed things. I worked with them for a few months and hired by sister company AM730 doing traffic reporting. From there I saw a posting for the Beat94.5 and became ‘Mandy Gill from the Hill’. I would go up to Whistler, Sun Peaks, Cypress and more, all to snowboard with fellow listeners. I can’t actually believe they called it a job. It then evolved into the summer sticker search position, and from there I started begging my boss to let me go on-air in the studio. Years passed as I filled the role as a Morning Show Co-Host/Producer and Afternoon Show Co-Host, but could still tell I had more to offer. In January of 2013 I arrived back from a trip to Europe and asked the VP of Bell Media to sit down with me and discuss my vision of combining broadcasting and fitness. He suggested contacting CTV and that’s where fitness segments were born. To my surprise in August 2013 I was part of 60+ let go due to restructuring within the company. My (boyfriend) Sean could not have been more supportive during these moments of uncertainty, but I quickly rose to my feet and realized it was all for the better. I was meant to share my love for broadcasting and fitness not part-time, but full-time. From this our company MGM Fitness was born.


BB411~ Did you know from a young age that you wanted to get into broadcasting?

MG~ Yes my mom always tells me of this story. When I was younger and had to do book reports, instead of just writing them out I would go rent a video recorder from 7/11. I would have my mom videotape me as I would tell the story. As a kid I wanted to be a marine biologist and broadcaster, so every story was about dolphins and whales on camera!

BB411~ How did your love for Crossfit come to be?IMG_2853

MG~ As a teenager I was anorexic. That time is really a blur to me. I went through a lot of rehab and therapy at 18 and came out of it thanks to the support of my family. In 2007 I met with my now best friend Nina and her husband Dave over nachos and wine (real healthy…). He mentioned that he was working at a new gym and to come in for a class. The next day we went and I couldn’t even do a single pushup on my knees. This resonated with me – I wanted to be strong. I told my parents how excited I was for this new self-discovery and they worried that it would be something that was unhealthy for me (considering what I went through with my eating disorder). However that first day has led me to the very thing that has brought me true happiness and realizing what my body is truly capable of. I love Crossfit wholeheartedly. I absolutely love it, it’s what I’m meant to do.

image1 copyBB411~ What does your training look like?

MG~ I train on average 2 hours per day, 5 days a week. The other 2 days are active rest days for hikes, swimming, adventures outdoors with Sean, etc. I train at CrossFit North Vancouver and still have the same coach I did when I started 6 years ago (Dave Kitchen). He’s awesome, he puts up with a lot. I also am blessed to have two Chris’ as my coaches. Chris Schaalo who helps me grow in our competitor program in North Vancouver, and Chris Spigner who is located out of the Cayman Islands who has really helped me work my weaknesses. I’m having so much fun with it, I’m not worried where I place or what happens, just go in and know I did my best.

BB411~ You are a Sponsored Athlete for Reebok, how did that all come to be?

MG~ Throughout my entire journey as an athlete Reebok has been incredibly supportive. I love Reebok and what it does for the community. It all started with cards I used to get from them in the mail every Christmas saying “Hey Mandy Happy Holidays, create yourself a pair of shoes”. I’d go online and custom design my own shoes – how cool! In January they offered me a sponsorship role within Canada. I still remember the call, I hit the roof with excitement. I was blown away that they’d want someone like me. I wasn’t training 8 hours a day, running marathons, etc. They said that’s exactly why we want you, cause you’re real. You do all different activities at all different levels. You’re not stuck to one thing. I felt honoured to be recognized by them. As an athlete it’s great to have that support behind you. I love pink everything and lets just say, They Deliver!

BB411~ What do you love most about working together with Reebok?ShawTVShoot - Reebok

MG~ Having fitness segment experience behind me, I have jumped on board with Reebok to help support their vision as well. Through this I am able to touch all different types of demographics and influence people through fitness and the messages Reebok stands behind. I live the lifestyle and if I can share it with people to help inspire them then the sky is the limit.

BB411~ Where does your drive and focus come from?

MG~ Having FUN! If it’s not fun, I won’t do it. When I love something I live it passionately and always want to be my best for not just myself first and foremost, but Sean, my family, and what my core values are.

BB411~  I had the opportunity to ask Reebok what they love most about Mandy……

Reebook~  “Mandy speaks with passion about fitness, it’s part of her lifestyle and is what motivates her socially, mentally and physically. This is completely aligned to our brand DNA and we want to partner with those people, like Mandy, who share our belief in Fitness.”
Dan Aversa, Manager – Fitness & Training.

BB411~ I am a big fan of Reebok and all they stand behind. Knowing that they have someone like Mandy as one of their Athlete’s makes me love them even more. A definite Power House!

BB411~Who do you admire in the fitness industry that you feel is a good role model?

MG~ I got the chance to meet Jillian Michaels while she was in Vancouver last year and pick her brain about all my experiences talking to the media about fitness. She has really helped me understand how to talk to the public. Tommy Europe has also been a guiding light in the creation of MGM Fitness.


ReebokShoot2BB411~ Favourite exercise to do

MG~  Oh, I love overhead squats.

BB411~ Favourite body part?

MG~  Either my tummy or my legs. I have my Moms legs!

BB411~ Top 3 tips when first starting to workout?

MG~ Get motivated. Schedule 60 minutes. HAVE FUN!

BB411~ What supplements do you take?

MG~ Once a week I get an IV thanks to my naturopath Dr. Sara Kinnon at Bellevue Health. As well I take BCAA’s, Glutamine, Magnesium, and probiotics.

BB411~ Favourite reward meal?

MG~ 80% Dark Chocolate

BB411~ Favourite smoothie recipe?

MG~ (Laughs) We took the Vitamix from Sean’s parents place, his brother has been looking for it. Sean’s been juicing lately: celery, carrots, apples, pears, the whole sha-bang. We’re not getting enough vegetables and juicing has been where it’s at.

BB411~  What inspires you professionally and personally?

MG~ Personally, my better half Sean, and our family. Professionally, Aamar (Former CTV anchor). After finishing fitness segments on TV, he would let me stick around and watch him interview so I could learn from his talents.

BB411~ How do you stay motivated with life’s daily stresses that come up?


MG~ Touching base with my mindset, yoga, family dinners, and I love going for walks with Sean and Mylo.

BB411~ If you could tell your younger self something that you now know, what would it be?

MG~ Really it is just to love yourself regardless of where you are at, to be easier on yourself, and that beauty is not all about how you look. I think we get very caught up and confused with the media these days. And my goal in the media is to change that so beauty comes from the inside out, not outside in.

BB411~ What charities are you involved in that are close to your heart?

MG~ Everything that has to do with raising awareness for Mental illness, the Downtown lower east side kitchen crew, Union Gospel Mission, and a company I volunteer for called Sole Girls (they empower girls 8-12 years old).

BB411~ What does it mean to you to give back?

MG~ It’s the least I can do for all the gifts life has brought my way. It really completes us as individuals to give without receiving.

NailsBB411~ What does beauty mean to you?

MG~  Being You!

BB411~ #1 product you could not live without?

MG~ Does having my nails painted, and earrings in count?

BB411~ A beauty product you carry with you always?

MG~ Lip Therapy Vaseline Pink Bubbly (simple, easy, and extra glossy!!!). A gift from my friend Behmann in Europe.


BB411~ Do any certain scents remind you of your childhood?

MG~ Lavenderimage2

BB411~ What’s your favourite fragrance?

MG~ Thanks to Sean’s obsession – Victoria Secret Pure Seduction.

BB411~ What is your skin care regime?

MG~  Vivierskin, Skin TX, and everything else the Coliseum Media Spa recommends after working closely with them at facial appointments.

BB411~ Have you always been in love with fashion and beauty?

MG~ My nickname for Crossfit for the last 6 years that my coach Dave gave me is “Diva”. I’m either all or nothing. My mom use to call me Mr T when I was little. I used to go to McDonald’s and get the bracelets you get in happy meals and wear as many as I could fit up to my elbows. I’d wear chains all down my neck, so the diva side has never left. I plan out all my outfits before a competition. If I can deadliest 350 pounds, I can do it glammed up.


BB411~ How would you describe your style?

MG~ Always in Reebok! (Laughs) and the other percent of the time that I’m not, 6″ heels.

BB411~ 3 words that best describe you?

MG~ Loving, Determined and Spontaneous (I love travelling).

BB411~  Favourite food?

MG~ Anything at Nonna’s

BB411~ Fun fact that your fans may not know about you?

MG~ Country music is my favorite.

BB411~ If you weren’t in the career you are today and could be anything, what would you be?

MG~ Training dolphins.

BB411~  #1 thing you want to cross off your bucket list?

MG~ I want to go to Thailand with Sean and survive as a celiac!

BB411~ I asked Sean this question, ‘I love Mandy best when….’

Crossfit - Las VegasSean~  ‘When she smiles’

BB411~ What do you love most about Sean?

MG~ I fell in love with him because he’s extremely polite and he loves family. He’s from a big Italian family and he has a huge heart. I love the way he makes me see things, I’ve never had anyone open my eyes and change my perspective the way he does. Whenever I’m with him I feel like we can conquer the world together.

BB411~ When I say the words “love this” what is the first thing that comes to mind?

MG~ When Sean and I are working out together!

BB411~ What has been your biggest AHA moment in life so far?

MG~ Loving yourself first. Then you can give to others.

BB411~ Favourite quote?

MG~ “Life begins at the end of my comfort zone”. It’s tattooed on my right wrist as a daily reminder.CheeringPhoto

BB411~ What advice would you give entrepreneurs starting out, following their dreams?

MG~  Be Patient. I’m still learning to practice this!

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Much Love, Beauty Buzz 411

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