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What’s FRESH In Beauty!




Dark and Sleek

Made for all hair colours and types Sebastian “Dark Oil” is a hair must have. This styling oil works like magic by smoothing out the cuticles and disappearing, leaving no oily mess – only hair that’s bouncing with incredible shine and manageability. It’s just perfect for sleek styles or crazy curls.

Augment your style with Sebastian Professional



Duck Face
Why not add a little beauty to your next “Duck Face” selfie. The Face Shop is bringing a whole new set of friendly faces with their limited edition Kakao Friends “Character Masks”. They are so convenient for travel and give your face the perfect little pick-me-up for beauty on the fly. With 5 masks to choose from, you’ll be set for all your moisturizing and brightening needs.
Get your beauty on at The Face Shop



Kaleidoscope Eyes

When it comes to my eyes, I love finding products that give me a golden glow all year round. I’ve discovered Teeez Trendy Cosmetics “Spectrum Of Stars” eyeshadow in “Vanilla Sunbeam” and can you say “Hello, Luminescence”? They have 18 different shades that come in a pretty little gold pots and can be worn as a light shimmer or built up to really make your eyes pop. To top it all off, this beauty treat contains argan oil with anti-aging properties.

Find your Shade at Teeez Cosmetics


Forbiddeness. forbidden volume rebel mascara black

They say the eyes don’t lie and with Essence Cosmetics “For-Bidden” volume mascara you’ll be telling nothing but the truth. And the truth is, this product gives you intense volume and show-stopping, voluptuous lashes in just one swipe. I absolutely love the definition and boldness my peepers get and there is no clumping. Who needs false eye lashes when you’ve got this beauty weapon.
Make heads turn at Essence Cosmetics


Derma Pen


Clear Skin

Acne? Check. Fine lines? Check. Pigmentation? Check. These are just some of the skin problems solved with Dermapen Skin Needling. The treatment consists of tiny needles penetrating your skin to stimulate the collagen and rejuvenate your complexion. The pain is quite minimal, kind of feels like tiny bees buzzing on your face. Honestly, this is one of the best treatments I’ve ever had and my skin has never been in better shape thanks to Essence of L Medi Spa and Laser Clinic. In the season of giving, I have teamed up with EOL and want to treat you to experience one for yourself.

Use code #GLOW for $50 towards your next treatment.
Book your free consult today at Essence Of L



Lip Talklscl21-1000x1000

Playing with bold lip colour is my new thing and I am completely obsessing over NYX Liquid Suede cream lipstick in “Brooklyn Thorn”. It glides on wet but drys to a gorgeous matte finish, without drying out your lips. You need to check out the other 24 shades – they have smoking hot colours that will make you play on the wild side. From glitter to glam, NYX will have your lips making a statement! Shop at NYX Cosmetics

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Fresh Beauty: Spring into Spring

Dermalogica Multivitamin Thermafoliant 75mL


The Mother of all Exfoliants

Dermalogica’s Multivitamin Thermafoliant is your beauty tool for sloughing off the dead cells to reveal a brighter glow. The Great thing about this product is it not only polishes the skin, but with a touch of water it’s self-heating, creating that extra touch of exfoliation. With scrubbing action like this, products penetrate and melt into the skin more deeply.
Refresh your skin at Dermalogica








The key to a perfect shave is preparing the skin before. I love looking for products that have fresh ingredients, and that’s exactly what you get with LUSH Cosmetics! D’Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap is like dessert for your legs (and other body parts too). Whisked together is this combination of strawberries, egg whites, coconut oil, cocoa butter and many more antioxidant goodies. The fluffy, whipped, marshmallow texture brings fun to the shower and you’ll be showing off those silky legs.
Discover a new way to shave at Lush



Let the Good Times RollLike Oatmeal in the Morning

What better way to start off the day then with the sweet smell of “Let The Good Times Roll” from Lush. This maize, cinnamon and polenta facial cleanser gently washes, soothes and conditions your skin. I can’t get over the heavenly scent that makes me think of sweet and salty popcorn, caramel and oatmeal with brown sugar all-in-one! A real treat for your face.
Get your morning burst with Lush



In the Buff


Bring Hawaii to your bathtub with the exotic and natural scents of “Kai” body buffer. This unique sponge is infused with good-for-you oils like coconut, olive and palm. This product really does it all, cleanser, exfoliator, moisturizer, bubble bath AND provides up to 30 showers. Oh and it’s a great companion for the travel bug on-the-go (Packs Perfectly)!
Let Kai take you away at Kai Fragrance


Intensive Repair

Cocoa butter is the bomb! Garnier body’s “Intensive 7 days” Conditioning lotion brings moisture-rich hydration and an amazing scent. You’ll love that you can jump out of the shower and it absorbs quickly, while still providing continuous moisture for days. It’s perfect for full body coverage and all weather conditions throughout the year. And the best part, is it contains L-Bifidus, which is inspired by probiotics found in yogurts.
Slather up today with Garnier

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Fresh: Beauty Favourites

Cherry 200ml-1


Cherry Love

As someone that’s always on the go, having a product to freshen my hair in-between washes is a must (especially with a shorter style). Batiste new dry shampoo wakes up my roots with a luscious cherry scent. This quick touch-up adds instant life and texture back into my hair.

Discover your fruity side, Visit Batiste hair






Climate Control

Dermalogica’s not just skin care, they keep you smelling fresh too! “Environmental Control Deodorant” keeps me dry with a blend of odor-neutralizing and natural ingredients. What I love most is its lemony scent and that it contains NO Aluminum Chlorohydrate. Perfect for sensitive skin and as a foot deodorizer too.

Get active with Dermalogica



Aurora Beauty

Collection after collection, Lise Watier continues to blow my mind. The new “Aurora Beauty” eyeshadow palette features 6 shimmery shades, perfect for day or night. With a creme-powder finish, you can keep it simple and matte or dress it up with a Metallic shine.

Ring in the holidays at LiseWatier




Foam Party

Though I’m a sun bunny, I know the importance of being sun-smart. Jergens “Natural Glow” foaming daily moisturizer leaves my skin glowing and hydrated with a blend of moisturizers, antioxidants and Vitamin E.
I love how this formula creates a gradual tan and it quickly dries without transferring onto my clothes!

Create your colour with the help of Jergens & LondonDrugs



Northern LightsPurple

Snap, Crackle, Pop goes Lush Cosmetics new “Northern Lights” bath bomb. I could not believe my eyes how quickly this little wand turned my tub into a colourful sea of neon blue and green. The next best thing to relaxing and being wrapped by scents of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang, was the blanket of tiny stars that floated above.

Have fun and melt away today at LUSH

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Summer Favourites



Blonde Ambition

I have a secret weapon for maintaining my golden locks in-between salon visits. John Frieda’s “Color Renew” tone correcting shampoo diminishes any brassiness and brightens my hair. This affordable line has a great lavender scent and provides protection against UV exposure. A definite must have, boost your blonde today at John Frieda.

London Drugs CC Cream Marcelle



Perfect Imperfections

Finding a great coverage that also gives my skin multiple beauty benefits is an added bonus. This CC cream from Marcelle wears many hats; spf 35, make-up base, tinted corrector and powerful moisturizer, just to name a few. It’s my complete correction solution, especially since it contains 24K pure gold to help fight signs of aging. Run and grab your favourite shade at Marcelle.



Tousled and Tamed

Bumble and bumble is giving my hair nothing but love these days with “Bb. City Swept” finish spray. Not only does it define and manage my hair, it also provides incredible separation and shine. Whether I’m rocking some curls or keeping it sleek, this versatile spray makes my style complete. Suitable for all hair types (Even the fine ones!). Transform your hair by visiting Bumble and bumble.




Muah Rouge

Make a bold statement this summer with Lise Watier’s matte “Rouge Gourmand Velours”. All you need is one beautiful coat to keep your lips popping with the colour you desire. This long-lasting, collagen-restoring lipstick has the most incredible, pigmented shades. Colour and Plump your pout at Lise Watier.




Sun Savvy

Dermalogica delivers again with “Protection 50 Sport”. A top pick when it comes to sun protection. This light-weight, water-resistant, citrus scented lotion has you covered from head to toe. You’ll be moisturized and all set for this Vancouver summer heat. Get Sporty at Dermalogica.

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Fresh Summer Beauty

Palette_EdenTropical Eyeshadows

Tropical Shades

What better way to jump into spring and welcome summer than with Lise Watier’s new “Palette Eden Tropical” eyeshadow. This vibrant collection of lush colours bring the perfect combination to enhance your eyes from morning till night. Create your master canvas at Lise Watierphoto-13



Dynamic Skin

I believe that no matter what time of year it is you should always shield your skin with a spf. Dermalogica’s “Dynamic Skin” SPF 30 gives my skin a barrier against environmental stresses. It not only packs a vitamin punch, it leaves my skin with a dewy finish. Get all your sun coverage at Dermalogica





Cleopatra’s Secret

Who doesn’t want to take a bath that’s fit for a queen! Smell This “Cartouche” milk bath transforms my tub into a dream oasis. With Epsom Salts, Whole Milk Powder and Cocoa Butter my skin was infused with so much moisture. I felt like I just stepped out of the spa. Enlighten you senses with Smellthis





If you’re like me and a fan of bronzed goddess skin, you’ll love Gleam Body Radiance by Melanie Mills. This amazing cream gave my skin an overall glow without transferring onto my clothes. I love finding a product that is so versatile and easy to apply to both face and body. Gleam will have you dancing with the stars. Pick up your luminous shade today at Gleam by Melanie Mills



Hydra Kiss

When it comes to lip love, Lise Watier has mine covered. “Hydra Kiss” colour balm is a triple threat providing the right amount of hydration, shine and colour. It’s a balm, lipstick and gloss all-in-one! A great companion when you’re on the go. Get your kiss on at Lise Watier

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A Fresh look at Spring

ACS_BeurreCorporel+LedumUltimate Body Butter

Lise Watier does a body good with their Age Control Supreme “Ultimate Body Butter”. I absolutely love slathering this body butter on, especially after a shower or a hot yoga session at YYoga. My skin soaks it all in, it has a light scent for that hint of floral sweetness. This cream is rich in Labrador Tea Extract, argan and shea butter, making it a heavy weight contender for fighting dry skin and pre mature aging. Visit LiseWatierAbsinthe_hand cream 100 ml_INABSPJ005



Forest Fresh

Keeping our hands hydrated should be top on the list of priorities as we age. The Body Shop “Absinthe Purifying hand cream” delivers intense moisture and there is no greasy after feel. I am a little obsessed with the earthy scent; it’s like walking through a forest right after it has rained. The bergamot, petit grain and neroli combine for a perfect aromatic blend. Great for everyday use or an overnight treatment. Indulge today at The Body Shop

IT-O2 Ultra Repair Liquid Oxygen Foundation



Skin Perfect

I get so excited about finding a foundation that gives my skin a flawless complexion without a heavy feel. IT Cosmetics “IT O2 Ultra Repair Liquid Repair Oxygen” Foundation in medium is the ideal match for my olive skin tone. This foundation can be worn from sheer to built-up coverage. Oh, and did I mention that it is infused with peptides, hyaluronic acid and other anti-aging benefits? Say goodbye to imperfections and hello to dewy, beautiful skin. Shop IT Cosmetics



Starry, Starry Night
I think it’s pretty clear to say that I love my baths! There is just something about climbing into a hot bath and melting the day away. Lush “Twilight” bath bomb filled the water with colours of pink and purple hues. The relaxing scent of lavender makes you want to drift off to dream. Nothing like wrapping your body and mind in a blanket of zen. Get your fizz on today at LUSHFlying Fox



Flying Fox

With the Vancouver weather still lingering around, what better way to lift your spirit then a little mood-altering aphrodisiac. “Flying Fox” by Lush brings sultriness to the shower with scents of jasmine, yang ylang and palmarosa oils. This beautiful, honey infused shower gel left my skin caressed with moisture. What are you waiting for, your shower awaits. Lather up at LUSH

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A Fresh New Year

brush-on-radiance_zBrush on radiance

I like to stay sun safe and keep a beautiful glow all-year-round. That’s why I am always on the hunt for a great bronzer to add some sun-kissed color. The Body Shop’s “Brush On Radiance” is the perfect fix. Not only do these little beads give my skin a lustrous glow, they can also be used on the eyelids too.Pick up yours at The Body Shop


Bye-Bye Under Eye

When looking for a concealer there are two main factors that are most important, moisture and full coverage. IT Cosmetics’ “Bye Bye Under Eye” not only covers both, but also targets dark circles, anti-aging and is packed full of vitamins. What I love most about this concealer is that it brightens and strengthens the delicate skin under my eyes without any creasing. Grab this beauty fix at It Cosmetics



The Glow

They say beauty comes from within! DAVIDsTEA ‘The Glow” will have you radiating beauty inside and out. Not only does this tea contain key ingredients like rooibos, rose petals, rosehip, jasmine, oat straw and nettle leaf, it’s caffeine-free! Making this little beauty elixir perfect for sipping or steeping in a hot bath. Visit DAVIDsTEA to scoop up some today.It's Raining Men

It’s Raining Men

What better way to ring in the New Year (single or taken) then indulging and lathering up with a scrumptious LUSH shower gel. “It’s Raining Men” is loaded with soothing honey and smells like hot toffee-fudge. It’s like having dessert in your shower. I warn you, you may get the urge to sing and not want to leave. Lather up at LUSH


Karma KreamKarma

Now you can cover yourself from head to toe with Karma. LUSH Cosmetics “Karma Kream” left my skin silky smooth with a calming scent of orange flower and patchouli. The mix of almond oil and cocoa butter easily absorbed and moisturized my skin without a greasy feel. This is my go to moisturizer morning and night. Stop by LUSH

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