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Hair Love with Lindsay Heighton



Lindsay started as a protégé with Mystique in April 2016 after having picked up her first pair of scissors in 2012. She has now graduated from Mystique’s intensive Protégé Program and is excelling as a Hair Designer. Lindsay loves the teaching atmosphere at Mystique where she can focus on growing her knowledge in a team-based environment.

Since becoming Mystique’s Davines Ambassador, Lindsay enjoys broadening her understanding of this unique eco-friendly line and sharing her knowledge with staff and clients. Lindsay has a natural eye for cutting and colouring and is well received by clients who appreciate her positive attitude and advice on hair care. Lindsay has built an immense following with fashion colours and bright transformations. With her attention to detail, Lindsay can create a masterpiece with just about anything she puts her mind to.

To say I’m a fan of Lindsay is an understatement! Lindsay has been my stylist for some time now and I just keep falling more in love with my hair each time I see her. In a previous interview here, I can’t stop talking about how much I adore Mystique Hair Design and Lindsay. Lindsay has been someone that through a very difficult time in my life was a bright light. Her patience and genuine care for her client was something that was truly something special. Lindsay gave me some of my confidence back helping me go purple and continues to guide me through all my creative, hair dreams. Oh and I can’t forget to mention that Lindsay is funny and makes going to the salon feel like you’re hanging out with your girlfriend.

I could decide to pick any colour of hair, any style and even go as far to say shave my head (which I might do in the future) knowing the trust I have in Lindsay. When I first called Mystique I had no idea who my stylist would be and I have to believe that the universe stepped in and placed me with someone that I think it knew I needed. Because of Lindsay I’ve gone out of my comfort zone and you could say feeling supported to work on certain parts of myself that I have previously kept closed off. As someone that comes from unhealthy situations, trusting people has been something that has been hard for me.

To some going purple is just colouring your hair; but to me it was so much more and kind of showed me the person I have been trying to reclaim for years. You could say it helped me rediscover the part of me that I wasn’t sure I’d find again. The purple hair has a lot of significance and I’ll be sharing more about that in time……

So until then, sit back and enjoy this interview while you get to know a little more about my awesome stylist and friend; Lindsay Heighton.

BB411~ How did you come to work as a stylist and what do you love most about it?

LH~ When I was in high school I was in theatre. For the plays and musicals we had to do our hair all fancy and done up. I would always get compliments on how I did my hair so the girls and guys would ask if I could come early and do theirs as well. (I even started doing a few haircuts in the change room too!) That’s when I knew I loved hairdressing. So I decided to go to school for it! My favourite thing is a tie between two things; getting to express my artistic side through colouring and cuts, and making people feel amazing. The look on their face and hearing about all the compliments they got made my day!

BB411~ What do you love most about working at Mystique Hair Design?

LH~ The team! If it wasn’t for these girls I don’t think I would have made it. I am a person who is very hard on themselves which can be a good thing and a bad thing. But with these girls by my side giving me positive feedback and showing me the way I was able to grow from it and make my clientele very happy! Also the education. We take lots of extra classes and do hair at different events which keeps you challenging yourself.

BB411~ Describe the Team at Mystique Hair Design?

LH~ As I said before, they really are a team. We all have different personalities here and it’s amazing to see them all come together to make a team that can make anyone happy!

BB411~ What has it meant having Steph as a boss, what do you love most, and what has been the greatest lesson/gift she has taught you?

LH~ Out of all my bosses Steph stands out because she gets it. By that I mean she is human; you never feel like she is way above you and just your boss. She feels like one of the girls. That being said she will keep you moving forward constantly and not letting you stay too comfortable. We can all work on something. But my point is that she understands family and the importance of life and being happy. If you need anything you can go to her; work or outside life, she’ll be there. As for what she’s taught me I would say how to be the best version of myself. I’ve worked on my mental health while being here with her and the rest of the girls help. Of course there is also the obvious she has gifted me the art of being a talented hairdresser!

BB411~ You are a Davines Ambassador, tell me about the company, what you love most about them and why you chose to represent for them?

LH~ The Bollati family founded Davines in Parma, Italy in 1983. They have continued to grow to be a massive company with a small family feel. Everything is grown on their farms to be added into their shampoos and conditioners, their own trees are used to make the boxes, and every single detail is thought out. Their slogan is SUSTAINABLE BEAUTY. They want us to be using natural ingredients and protecting the planet.


This is why I have chose to represent them, because I believe in what they stand for, and I have seen INCREDIBLE success in their products. They are constantly reworking their lines to keep them as updated and high functioning as possible. If they find something better, they replace it. You know you’re always getting the best when you use Davines.

BB411~ What has been your greatest success as a stylist?

LH~ My greatest success or feeling of accomplishment is when I have guests who are so happy that the rebook there next few appointments. It’s so satisfying knowing I have helped someone deeply truly feel beautiful. Also when I’m in situations like back stage events where it’s fast and way out of my comfort zone yet everything comes together and I feel so great when it’s all done. It gives me a huge sense of success.

BB411~ Who inspires you as a stylist?

LH~ Countless of different hairstylists across Instagram and other social media platforms.. but if I had to pick a big one it would be Guy Tang. He does so many amazing fun colours that really make me want to work on some mermaid hair clients!

BB411~ Is there a hair style/trend that you have been dying to do but haven’t had the chance yet or a client that wanted to try it?

LH~ Probably just more fun fashion shades that I haven’t worked with too much yet. I’ve done lots of blues and purples but not too much of the other colours of the rainbow.

BB411~ If you weren’t in the career you are today and you could be anything in the world what would it be?

LH~ As silly as it seems the dream for me would be voice acting, or designing video games. Anyone who knows me knows I have a very nerdy side and my passions are video games and hairdressing. Two very opposite worlds. But I think it would be so fun!

BB411~ We all have that hair trend/style we tried as a kid or young adult that we regret, what was your worst hair style looking back?

LH~ My mom always gave me these straight across bangs that were 2 inches thick and 1 inch above my eyebrows when I was young. It looked like a shelf. My hair was very thick so those bangs did NOT suit me. Thanks Mom 😉


BB411~ What are your top three hair products right now?

LH~ That’s easy!

R+CO’s Highdive. A moisture and shine cream you apply before you blow dry. The hair feels like butter after!

Davines’ Vegetarian Miracle Nourishing shampoo and conditioner. This stuff SAVED my hair and scalp after having an allergic reaction to lightener when I bleached out my hair. It’s so nourishing and has a ton of natural ingredients so you know it’s good stuff.

LaBiosthetique’s Chevuex Long oil. It’s for long hair as the name would suggest but anybody can use it (just avoid the roots). Silky shiny hair for days with that stuff!

BB411~ What is the biggest misconception people have about their hair?

LH~ That it’s better for your hair to be greasy and oily when getting it coloured. It’s actually not true at all! If the hair has too much oil built up on the cuticle, then the colour has another layer to penetrate before getting through. Sometimes we even have to wash clients hair that is too oily before colouring.

BB411~ If you could tell your younger self something you have learned and know now what would it be?

LH~ To care less about what other people think of you/your work/your life. Also to stop worrying so much in general. You are going to go grey and your hair will start falling out!

BB411~ Three words that best describe you?

LH~ Caring, creative, and perfectionist probably haha.

BB411~ Fun fact that people may not know about you?

LH~ Like I said before, I love all things nerdy and geeky! Video games, comics & superhero’s/villains, computers, you name it 🙂

BB411~ Favorite quote?

LH~ Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift which is why we call it a present.

BB411~ What is the #1 book you would gift to someone?

LH~ Honestly, I don’t really read that many books. But one I have always enjoyed was The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien. Like I said, I’m quite nerdy outside of the hair world haha.

BB411~ What are the 3 sites you check out on a regular basis to keep updated (news, spiritual, etc)

LH~ Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. They cover all the topics I could be interested in.

BB411~ A place that you haven’t travelled that is top of your list?

LH~ New Zealand and Japan!

BB411~ Number one thing you want to cross off your bucket list?

LH~ Getting a tattoo! I know that seems so small but I’ve always adored tattoos, yet have a horrible fear of needles. I’ve never been brave enough to go get one so it’d be a big step when I finally do get one!

BB411~ I’m in the exact same boat, really want one but have a fear of needles and also what I’d want for a design. I have so many ideas!

BB411~ When you look back at the life you lived, what do u want to be remembered for?

LH~ For making people happy. I’m always last on the list of important things in my mind.

BB411~ If you could change one thing in this world, what would it be and why?

LH~ The cost of living. It’s too damn expensive. People shouldn’t have to scrape by just to have a place to live and to put food on the table. What if I want to travel? That’s certainly not going to happen anytime soon at this rate!

BB411~ What has been your biggest Aha Moment so far in life?

LH~ When I started working at Mystique and realized what it meant to be working in a place where people actually want nothing but the best for you and will not take advantage of you being new into the industry. Nothing but support from your workplace was not something I experienced in the hair world until I started here.

BB411~ What advice would you give entrepreneurs starting out that are following their dreams?

LH~ As cliché as it seems, to just stick with it. Speaking from experience there are always going to be people that get in your way, tell you no, and take advantage of you. You just have to find that person/people to give you a chance. If you can dream it you can do it.

BB411~ Describe your perfect day when you have some down time?

LH~ I have two, if I’m on vacation then sleeping in and staying in my pjs all day and watching movies with my loved ones and baking sweets.

If I’m alone then waiting until it’s night time and going for a walk at the beach with some hot chocolate in hand. Very peaceful!

BB411~ When I say the words #lovethis, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

LH~ My family

I highly recommend contacting Mystique for a consultation with Lindsay and you can keep up to date with them out on their Website, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

Mystique Hair Design: In A League Of Their Own

Before I get into how amazing of a salon Mystique Hair Design in White rock is, let me first tell you about how finding them came to be; and why Steph hands down is a rare gem with a heart of gold!

Last year I had a major hair crisis when my hair went every shade of “I didn’t want that”, from orange to green to wtf is that colour. I was devastated and fortunate enough for a friend to find me a salon to correct it. But in that time Steph reached out on social media to say that she was happy I found someone but if ever I was in need of anything in the future that they were here to help. WHAT! This is someone that doesn’t even know me and has nothing to gain but it showed just why Mystique Hair Design is in a league of their own. To me that was an act of pure kindness.

Even though I had my hair corrected, I still wasn’t in love with it as much as I wanted to be. I wanted someone that specialized in blondes as it has continued to be my obsession (recovering-former brunette). I also wanted to find someone that really invested in their clients and gave you that “I fucking love my hair” feeling every time I left the salon. So I decided to reach out to Steph and see if there was a stylist available, expressing that I was nervous to try someone new and wanted someone really good. Steph rest assured me that the whole team was amazing and she was setting me up with Lindsay. She told me that I would be in exceptional hands and I would be more than happy.

Here’s the thing… I went in feeling pretty good and relaxed that it would be a great experience, but what I got was way more than I could have ever imagined or hoped for. First off, if you haven’t been to White Rock you are missing out. Parking and walking down to the salon I was taken back by the beautiful view of the water, there is something magical when you can sense the ocean. Upon walking into the salon I was acknowledged by each staff member (even if it was just a look up from their client and a smile) and instantly greeted by Lindsay. It wasn’t an awkward first meeting, Lindsay welcomed me as if she had known me prior. We sat down and consulted on my hairs history so she could really grasp the life of my hair (well at least what I’ve put it through over the last few years). I told her that I wanted to go pretty blonde but not so much that I look washed out. Lindsay talked me through everything and before long we were underway on making me a blonde bombshell. Steph came over after she was done with her client and made me feel even more at ease that I was in great hands. Steph had this awesome energy about her and I could see why I had such a good feeling sitting at the salon. I hadn’t been sitting for long when the girls were bringing me over a little gift they give each client (a hot hand towel, under-eye beauty treatment patches, tea and yes….a yummy macaroon). I was feeling so relaxed and taken care of and I had only been there for a short amount of time. When everything was all done, Lindsay left me blushing at the image I saw looking back in the mirror. I knew right then and there that Lindsay was my girl! So with a refreshed attitude I left and continued loving my hair.

I ended up going back to Lindsay for another round of blonde and expressed to her that I was going through some changes and needed something adventurous, bold and different. I told Lindsay I tried a pink hue before and didn’t like the tone with my skin. And Lindsay said “oh you are a purple girl, why don’t you go purple”. “Purple? I don’t think I could do that”, I felt nervous and scared. But Lindsay being Lindsay with her huge heart took the time to go over the process saying lets just go light purple to test it out. She told me it wasn’t permanent and if I didn’t like it I could wash it frequently and it would fade out. But Lindsay had a feeling she wasn’t sharing: that I would fall in love with it.

Actually “fall in love with it” is a bit of an understatement. What transformed after going purple was something I could have never dreamed. It’s as if I finally felt more like myself than ever before. There was this whole new level of confidence. I owe a lot to Lindsay, the way she built trust with a new client was really something special. Here is a girl (Me) who was fearful to do something risky (I know most people might not think going purple is risky), but with Lindsay by my side I gave up control and decided to jump. What most people don’t know is I spent years in a relationship that would never allow me to do something like this. So from someone that felt boxed in, controlled and insecure, going purple was actually a really BIG THING for me. Actually when I was little I was obsessed with a purple lipstick and Cyndi Lauper so going purple was also a magical process believe it or not. This is just another reason that Mystique and Lindsay are in a league of their own. They had the confidence knowing how the purple would turn out and held my hand the whole way through. It’s not about $$$ – it truly is about the whole experience from the moment their clients walk in the door to the moment they send them out into the world to rock their new look. Whether I stay purple, go back blonde eventually or try something crazy and new; I have my complete trust in Mystique and Lindsay’s vibrant, expressive, creative mind. They say to “Love what you do” and it shows on every single client at Mystique Hair Design.

There are so many wonderful reasons to become a client at Mystique Hair Design, but before I finish off this heartfelt feature, here is a little Q&A on some hair love. Enjoy!

  1. Top trends going into winter: Darker colours; lots of reds!
  2. What’s the key to colour correction: There are many. many, many steps. First is to be realistic; understanding the process that got the hair in that condition in the first place. Going back and taking an inventory (history of the hair) of what’s been on it for the last 2 years.
  3. What is the benefit of using paper foils instead of metal foils: For a full head of foils they are better as they don’t conduct heat the same way metal foils do. And since bleach is heat-activated it allows us to control the process and lift slowly.
  4. Two ways to cancel unwanted brassiness: Highlights and Lowlights to add dimension. Also for blondes; using a purple shampoo for helping with yellow and blue shampoo (salon recommended) for orange.
  5. You have used two different colour lines on me; tell me what you love the most about both lines: La Biosthetique (Blonde) ~ This line is super conditioning (Vitamin E and Avocado oil); hair feels better after being coloured. The whole line is versatile and each colour can be mixed in many different ways. They are big on education with providing our team the opportunity to perfect our skills and craft (4-5 classes and 2 trade shows per year). And can we talk about their reds…they fade beautifully and last a long time (just ask Lindsay who is rocking some gorgeous colour)        Pulp Riot ~ This line lasts such a long time and doesn’t fade fast, and it’s easy to remove when you want to change it. It makes the hair feel amazing and the colour smells so good you could eat it….. But don’t ha ha! Lindsay expressed to me that she especially loved helping me go purple as she got to express herself through the colour and be creative. Also loved the trust I put in her to customize it.
  6. Favourite treatment for hair right now: La Biosthetique PCC treatment (in salon only). It’s a 2 step process; first step is a vial liquid that adds protein to strengthen the hair and the second step is a conditioning mask to lock everything in.
  7. What’s your favourite product at this current moment: “High Dive” by R+Co. It’s for deep hydration and reflective shine; you add it to towel-dried hair before blow drying. It really helps with flyaways and is good for all hair types, especially for straightening or curly hair.
  8. Mystique Hair Design specializes in many amazing services, has there been any hair that you haven’t been able to work with: Henna Colour! If you put bleach or perm on it there is a chemical reaction that destroys the hair!!!!!!!!
  9. Top tips for hair: Always use a heat protector before heating-tools (styling) and sun exposure. Also don’t wash everyday; natural oils are great for hair and over washing it can strip the hair.
  10. How would you sum up the Team at Mystique: Supportive, hardworking, passionate. You basically summed us up by asking; WE ARE A TEAM! We work together and help each other out. We are also HUGE into EDUCATION. It’s very important to stay current, updated and challenge ourselves. Keeping things fresh and trendy is a top priority for our family (clients).

If I haven’t fully expressed how much I adore the girls at Mystique Hair Design, let me wrap it up in these final words. The shop is stunning and cozy, they carry awesome hair care brands, they give you treats during your treatment, the staff has a wicked energy, they give back to the community, they care about the environment, they are AMAZING Hair Gods (stylists) and the care about each client like they were family. Oh and the shampoo head massages are to die for!

I highly recommend contacting Mystique for a consultation and you can stalk them by check them out on their Website, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

I am super excited for my next visit where Lindsay will be taking my purple to a whole other level; think Katy Perry!

Much Love, Beauty Buzz 411


Summer Favourites



Blonde Ambition

I have a secret weapon for maintaining my golden locks in-between salon visits. John Frieda’s “Color Renew” tone correcting shampoo diminishes any brassiness and brightens my hair. This affordable line has a great lavender scent and provides protection against UV exposure. A definite must have, boost your blonde today at John Frieda.

London Drugs CC Cream Marcelle



Perfect Imperfections

Finding a great coverage that also gives my skin multiple beauty benefits is an added bonus. This CC cream from Marcelle wears many hats; spf 35, make-up base, tinted corrector and powerful moisturizer, just to name a few. It’s my complete correction solution, especially since it contains 24K pure gold to help fight signs of aging. Run and grab your favourite shade at Marcelle.



Tousled and Tamed

Bumble and bumble is giving my hair nothing but love these days with “Bb. City Swept” finish spray. Not only does it define and manage my hair, it also provides incredible separation and shine. Whether I’m rocking some curls or keeping it sleek, this versatile spray makes my style complete. Suitable for all hair types (Even the fine ones!). Transform your hair by visiting Bumble and bumble.




Muah Rouge

Make a bold statement this summer with Lise Watier’s matte “Rouge Gourmand Velours”. All you need is one beautiful coat to keep your lips popping with the colour you desire. This long-lasting, collagen-restoring lipstick has the most incredible, pigmented shades. Colour and Plump your pout at Lise Watier.




Sun Savvy

Dermalogica delivers again with “Protection 50 Sport”. A top pick when it comes to sun protection. This light-weight, water-resistant, citrus scented lotion has you covered from head to toe. You’ll be moisturized and all set for this Vancouver summer heat. Get Sporty at Dermalogica.

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Much Love,

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L.A Hair with Anthony Pazos

tn_Anthony-PazosHaving styled everyone from Ashley Greene and the Kardashians to Leighton Meester, Gerard Butler and One Direction. Hairstylist-diva-extraordinaire and star of WETV’s highly anticipated docu-series “L.A. Hair“, the flamboyant, young and outrageous, Anthony Pazos is always donning his signature suspenders and bow tie. Anthony is undoubtedly, the next hair genius/image maker/trendsetter to take over the Hollywood hair industry! With his quick wit, sharp tongue, unique and dramatic style, over the top antics, and electrifying aptitude for making women look gorgeous, the lovable Pazos is this show’s breakout star. With his larger-than-life personality and constant comedic outbursts, audiences are going to fall in love with the side-splitting Pazos!

Pazos dazzles as reigning celebrity hair stylist, Kim Kimble’s wild and outspoken protégé in “L.A. Hair”,which follows Kimble’s high-stung staff as they fight to stay on top in the highly competitive Hollywood hair industry. Styling Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Kelly Rowland and Shakira, the “L.A. Hair” glam squad delivers drama, glamour and fabulous hair, bringing viewers inside their hectic lives, handling star-studded clientele, while running this exclusive Hollywood salon.

Transforming a woman into something magical is a dream that Anthony Pazos has turned into a reality using hair as his medium. Having been featured in Vogue Italia, Hollywood Reporter, Backstage, Wired, Venice, Fader and Curve magazines just to name a few, this mane-master has also  appeared on E! Style Network’s “How Do I Look”, and, “Split Ends”.

AP-3540Born and raised in Torrance, California, Anthony Pazos became a self-taught aesthetic mastermind at a young age, graduating with an A.A. and license in cosmetology and working at some of Los Angeles’ most prestigious salons. He was classically trained and mastering the techniques of hair legends such as Vidal Sassoon and Toni & Guy. Currently working as a freelance stylist, this Latin-American’s home base is boutique salon, B2V, in Beverly Hills, were he divides his time between exclusive high-profile private clients, editorial shoots and film projects.

It was such a delight to interview Anthony. He has this infectious energy and zest for life that lights up a room. I love how passionate Anthony is about his work and he is always dreaming a bigger dream, much like myself. So sit back and see who makes the cut with L.A Hair Anthony Pazos!

BB411~ When did you know you wanted to be a Hair Stylist/Artist?

AP~ When I was 13 I knew I wanted to be a hairstylist.

BB411~ How did your career come to be?

AP~ Well when I was young it was my job to help get my sisters ready in the morning and doing their hair was one of my tasks. I realized that I was naturally really good at doing hair.20121010-171030

BB411~ If you weren’t a Stylist and you could be anything in the world what would it be?

AP~ I would be a singer.

BB411~ Who inspired you and who did you admire growing up?

AP~ Vidal Sassoon most definitely inspired me.

BB411~ Have you always been in love with fashion and beauty?

AP~ Absolutely, I remember growing up I always had to match, I hated getting dirty and my hair was always on point even at a young age.

BB411~ You have a new product line coming out fall 2013, can you tell me about it (inspiration and who it represents)?

AP~ It’s a product line of all my favorite products fit into one family. I want it to be a product that everyone can afford but still works. I think it’s important to teach our clients how to take care of their hair after they leave the salon.

Celebrity Hairstylist Anthony Pazos and Ashley GreeneBB411~ Who has been your favourite celebrity to Style and work with?

AP~ Hands down Ashley Greene and Khloe Kardashian

BB411~ Which celebrity have you not worked with but would like to?

AP~ Natalie Portman

BB411~ What are your top 3 tips for gorgeous hair?

AP~ Buy the correct shampoo & conditioner for your hair type, never over flat-iron or blowdry and monthly visits at the salon for a cut.


BB411~ When it comes to hair, what are you known for?

AP~ I’m known for my work with the twilight kids and my work with the Kardashians. People know that I love big hair.

BB411~ Do you have any hair secrets you want to share that have been developed by you?

AP~ Not really developed by me but all my clients wear extensions. Go big or go home.

BB411~ What is the #1 mistake that people do to their hair?

AP~ I would say over flat ironing one section of the hair over and over again. Oh and using rubber bands or elastics with metal to hold the hair up.

BB411~ Favourite colour for hair?

AP~ Majirel & Richesse by L’oreal.

BB411~ Describe your style?

AP~ I like everything to be perfect structurally but styled messy and effortless.

BB411~ What does beauty mean to you? LUmdKPtZnxCvoNwrH6dmWiRvGE17nMyQkPI13aGxfRQ

AP~ It means a few things. Beauty means a feeling that’s exuberated from a person on the inside. Also its someone who is well put together, a person that takes care of themselves on the outside.

BB411~ What inspires you personally and professionally?

AP~ People that have already attained what I want inspire me personally & professionally. Also making others feel good.

BB411~ Are you involved in any charities that are close to your heart?

AP~ Yes Pitbull Rescue charties, Baldwin Breast Cancer Foundation & Unicef

BB411~ What does it mean to you to give back?

AP~ Giving back is doing something for someone else without having a personal gain out of the experience. Being completely selfless.

BB411~ If you could tell your younger self something you have learned and know now what would it be ( a lesson learned or wisdom gained)?

AP~ Don’t be afraid, you’re amazing and you can make your dreams come true.

images-1-1BB411~ 3 words that best describe you?

AP~ Nice, flamboyant, outrageous (and over the top).

BB411~ What is your skin care regime?

AP~ Drinking water and exfoliating my face with the Clarisonic. I also wash my face with Cetaphil.

BB411~ What are your go to hair products?

AP~ Redken shine spray, Redken wax spray and Wella Ocean Spritz.

BB411~ Favourite Make Up Brands?

AP~ I love Mac colors, Nars & Make Up For Ever. I’m also a huge fan of the La Mer foundation.

BB411~ 3 beauty products you carry with you always?

AP~ Redken working spray, I.C.O.N. India oil & Redken Wax blast.

BB411~ #1 beauty product you could not live without?

AP~ Make Up For Ever HD foundation.

BB411~ Do any certain scents remind you of your childhood?

AP~ I like clean zesty scents but I also like aromatherapy scents like lavender & rosemary.

BB411~ Do you have a best kept beauty secret that has been passed down to you (say from your Mother or Grandmother)?25732_1232648223022_1433642778_30486138_7957023_n

AP~ Yes curling lashes with a spoon after you heated it up on the stove.

BB411~ Fun fact that your fans may not know about you?

AP~ I speak fluent Spanish and French. I also have two pitbulls named Kenny Powers & Peanut.

BB411~ Favorite food?

AP~ Angel hair pasta with meat sauce.

BB411~ How do you stay healthy and fit?

AP~ I go to the gym 5 days a week and take an array of vitamins like Vitamin C & B12. Also I eat mostly organic meats, fruits & vegetables.

BB411~ Favorite quote?

AP~ “If it is to be it’s up to me” & “Love Yourself Love Others”

BB411~ Where do you see yourself in 1, 5 and 10 years?

AP~ In one year I see myself speaking at Cosmetology schools inspiring students to follow their dreams. In 5 years I see myself owning a very large salon space with 15 + stylists servicing high-end clientele. In ten years I hope to start a cosmetology school of my own.

Anthony Pazos-REE-000419BB411~ #1 thing you want to cross off your bucket list?

AP~ Climb Mount Everest.

BB411~ What advice would you give entrepreneurs starting out that are following their dreams?

AP~Anything worth attaining is not going to be easy and will take hard work but if you work hard you can & will achieve your goals. Also live below your means so that you can reinvest in your business.

BB411~ When I say the words #lovethis, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

AP~ I’m buying it I don’t care how much it costs!

To keep up to date on Anthony check out his Site, follow on Twitterfacebook and You Tube

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Much Love,

Beauty Buzz 411

Talking Hair & John Frieda with Alain Larivee

alaintwitterJohn Frieda is proud to have talented celebrity stylist Alain Larivee serve as its Canadian Creative Consultant. Alain is a skilled professional, whose work has been applauded by the fashion industry’s most respected publications, including Montreal Gazette, Le Journal de Montreal, Fashion Magazine and Flare. Alain joined John Frieda’s renowned editorial team in 2007 as the Canadian Creative Consultant for the John Frieda Professional Haircare division of KAO Canada Inc.

Passionate and unique, Alain Larivée, owner of CAJH Maîtres Coiffeurs Salon, is one of the most sought after hair stylists in Montréal. Alain’s down-to-earth approach coupled with his meticulous attention to detail has won him critical acclaim by top fashion magazines and newspaper writers. In 2009 and 2010 Alain and the John Frieda team of stylists were the official hair stylists for Gemini and Genie Awards. In 2010 Alain led a team of hair stylists to get Canadian talent such as Kristin Booth and Karine Vanasse red carpet ready.

Alain strives for perfection with every cut and colour combination, customizing each style to the individual. He ensures colour works with skin tones, while the haircuts take into consideration light and shadow. Though his work is influenced by trends, he ensures that each cut is carefully crafted to complement the contour of the face.

His success has afforded him a devoted following by high-profile Canadians, including Jessica Lucas, Chandra West, Amy Jo Johnson, Marianne Fortier, Colin James, Wendy Crewson, Eric Webster, Sarah Polley, Guy Trepanier, Katie Sevigny, Vik Sahay, Paul Merkilo, and Suzie Leblanc. In addition, Alain has had the opportunity to work with actors and dancers, such as Britain’s Andrew Wade, Monique Leger, and with producers and directors like Peter Hayes, Richie Mehta and Pier Rodier.

Having served as a platform stylist for several respected organizations, Alain’s work has been seen on stages across the country, including appearances on Quebec’s makeover TV hit Metamorphose. He continues to receive accolades on radio, TV and magazine interviews.

I had the pleasure to meet Alain at a few John Frieda media events around Vancouver. I absolutely loved how genuine and easy going he was. At each event Alain took great pride in representing the JF brand and sharing his tips and tricks with us all. I became a fan of John Frieda and learned easy ways to get salon style at home. Alain showed such passion and creativity that interviewing him seemed like a natural thing to do. I hope you enjoy.


BB411~ When did you know you wanted to be a Stylist?

AL~ Growing up, I always loved playing with hair. I remember that at the age of five one of my evening rituals was to brush my mother’s long hair and braid it for her. I feel as though I was born with the hair stylist bug! My dad used to tell me that I should go into a trade after high school because then I’d always have something to fall back on. Ideally, he wanted me to be a lumberjack and I opted for the Sudbury Regional Hairdressing School.

BB411~ Have you always been in love with fashion and beauty, what is your earliest memory?

AL~ I never really liked what my parents would choose for me to wear and also really didn’t like the way the barber would cut my fine blond hair. My mother, being a home-maker, was amazing with her sewing machine, so I would have her redesign most of my clothes growing up. I met my first hairstylist at the age of nine and started paying for my own haircuts then. I was also the first kid in Timmins to have  bleached and spiked hair.

BB411~ If you weren’t a Stylist and you could be anything in the world what would it be?

AL~ I think that I was born to be on a stage – it’s a toss-up between acting, singing or performing. I always dreamt of doing a duet with Elton John.

BB411~ Who did you admire growing up?

AL~ David Bowie, Billy Idol and Michael Jackson were amongst my favorite people as a youngster. I also loved Balenciaga, whose amazing designs were worn by the most beautiful women.

BB411~ Describe your personal style?

AL~ I’m pretty eclectic when it comes to my personal style. I’ve never been part of one influence or trend. I feel that I am able to mix things up depending on the event and my mood.

BB411~What inspires you professionally and personally?

AL~I’m inspired both professionally and personally when I work with others who have creative and artistic abilities. Their unique visions influence me to think outside of the box and to translate this into my personal art form.

IMG_7504 1.35.45 PMBB411~ What has it been like to work for John Frieda?

AL~ Being part of the House of Experts at John Frieda has been an honour since day one. Working with a salon caliber product that is available to every woman is something that I respect and am easily able to represent with pride in my work.

BB411~What makes John Frieda unique or revolutionary?

AL~ John Frieda has a simple message and that is ‘class for the mass,’ and this saying inspires me every day.  Over the last 25 years, innovation has been prevalent among John Frieda product lines and it has changed the way we look at hair care products. For me, the most groundbreaking technology that John Frieda has come out with recently is the new Colour Protection line that is specifically formulated for blondes, brunettes and red heads,  and that works to maintain hair colour for up to ten weeks. When women colour their hair, fading is normally their number one concern. This line of shampoos contains polyol technology, which is patented by Kao, and works by entering the outermost layer of the hair cuticle and binds with water as it tries to enter the hair. This traps water and blocks it from entering the hair, minimizing hair swelling and ultimately reducing colour bleed.  John Frieda truly is an expert in their field by creating transformative hair care products that allow women to look and feel amazing.

BB411~Who has been your favourite celebrity to work with?

AL~ I have had the pleasure of meeting numerous celebrities in my life but I must admit that my favorites are Karinne Vanasse and Nina Dobrev. These two women are sweethearts.

BB411~ Designer and celebrity you haven’t worked with but would like to?

AL~ My dream job would have to be to do a collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier. He is the best at what he does.

BB411~Which celebrity do you love for rocking great consistent style?

AL~ Jennifer Aniston always looks smart and beautiful. From the “Rachel” cut she had on Friends to her perfect highlights, she’s always sporting a hot, trendy look.

BB411~ Favourite colour?IMG_7507 1.35.45 PM

AL~ I have always been a huge fan of red heads, whether it’s burgundy, Bordeaux and even a fiery red. This is why I’m really excited about one of John Frieda’s new tones, 5RV Medium Burgundy.

BB411~ What are 5 staple products every woman should have for taking care of their hair (year round)?

AL~ The perfect shampoo and conditioner are two items that every woman should have. If you colour your hair I would recommend the John Frieda Colour Protection product line that is designed to protect your colour by shade. The products should be used any time the hair is exposed to water from the first time you wash your hair after a salon visit, to ensure that each time the hair faces water exposure it is protected which decreases the chances of your colour fading. If your colour is au naturel then look for a shampoo and conditioner that provides you with a solid foundation for what you are looking to achieve. Whether volume, frizz or repairing is what you need there is a product out there that will be sure to help you achieve the perfect look.

When it comes to stylers John Frieda has an amazing serum from their Frizz Ease Collection called Sheer Solution Serum that is meant for women with fine to medium hair. It is applied on towel dried hair to give women frizz free hair that is also manageable. I would also recommend women using at least one styler, such as the Frizz Ease Heat Defeat Protective Styling Spray. Many women use numerous tools on their hair to get the look they want, and this product will help to rehydrate hair, making it safe for styling. Finally, I would recommend women use a finishing product such as the Frizz Ease Secret Weapon Finishing Cream. It works to hide any imperfections and gives hair a shiny, smooth texture.

sb-go-blonder-lightening-shampooWith summer coming up, what should be our top hair priority?

Frizz control is a must for the summer months as the weather becomes hot and humid, especially in the city. The John Frieda Frizz Ease line has everything to keep your frizzy locks under control and to keep your hair smooth and hydrated. My favorite summer tip for women that want to make their hair colour lighter is the John Frieda Go Blonder shampoo and conditioner. Using these products in the shower will help to gradually brighten your hair colour.

BB411~ Top 3 Hair tricks (what are you known for)?

AL~ For hair tricks, there are a few that I love year around. I’ve always loved braiding hair and it’s something we do on a daily basis at CAJH Maitres Coiffeurs in Montreal. For this season, I love looser, messy braids rather than keeping braids tight and shapely. I would also recommend women use Frizz Ease Moisture Barrier Firm Hold Hairspray to keep their hair in place while keeping moisture out. I also love naturally curly hair because there’s so much you can do with it and it’s naturally voluminous.  A trick for curly hair would be to use John Frieda Frizz Ease stylers to help sculpt curls without the frizz. Finally, I love up do’s that are done around the crown of the head. For any event in the summer where it’s too hot to wear your hair down, an effortless, feminine up do is the perfect solution.

BB411~ Are you involved in any charities that are close to your heart?

AL~ My partner and I regularly give to numerous causes. The ones closest to our hearts are working with women’s shelters. We always find it empowering to help women regain faith and strength within.

BB411~ What does it mean to you to give back?

AL~ Giving back is just a natural thing to do, I have been a very lucky person in my life and sharing some of what life has given me is just the right thing to do. It’s good Karma.

BB411~ If you could tell your younger self something you have learned and know now, what would it be?

AL~ The most important word in the world is humility. No one possesses the answers to everything and that’s all right. Ask questions, learn and master your basics and then break the rules to your liking.  Be yourself but try to be nice while doing it!

BB411~ Three words that best describe you.RE_EssentialsLounge

AL~ Unique, Passionate and Honest

BB411~ Do you have a best kept beauty secret that has been passed down to you (Say from your Mother or Grandmother)?

AL~ Women always want fuller looking hair, and one trick I’ve learned is to blow dry hair with your head upside down. Keeping the dryer about 10 inches away from the head, position the dryer so that you are drying in the direction of the cuticle, first drying the root of your hair and then moving to the tips. If your ends are dry but your roots are wet, it will eliminate the smoothness of your hair.

BB411~ What is your skin care regime?

AL~ I have sensitive baby skin, so my favorite is baby oil in the bath and a simple hydrating base cream as a facial moisturizer. For the body, I use Jergens Natural Glow to get just the right amount of colour I need.

BB411~ Beauty products you carry with you always?

AL~ I always carry the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Crystal Clear Hairspray with me, as well as hair pomade.

BB411~ #1 beauty product you could not live without?

AL~ That would have to be my face cream! It’s a basic hydrating cream, like the ones used by pharmacies into which they add ingredients to fill prescriptions. It works wonders on my skin.

BB411~ Do any certain scents remind you of your childhood?

AL~ I love the smoke of a campfire; it brings back fond memories out by the lake with my brother and sister. I also love the aroma of a pipe as it reminds me of my dad. It would mean he was finally home after a long period away working in the woods. Also, the smell of my mom’s “ragout de boulettes” always reminds me of my favourite French Canadian meal.


BB411~ Fun fact that people may not know about you?

AL~ I was the lead singer of Racine Carree, a franco-ontarian rock band.

BB411~ Favourite quote?

AL~ “Trends are meant to influence not dictate”-Alain Larivee

BB411~What advice would you give entrepreneurs starting out that are following their dreams?

AL~ Write out your dreams. We accomplish 5% of what we think of and 80% of what we write down.

BB411~ When I say the words #lovethis, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

AL~ Great hair!!!

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Fresh Ideas for May and June

USES__HRSensitive Peepers

It seems like so many people these days are battling sensitive skin, myself included. Finding an eye serum that doesn’t irritate my peepers has been an ongoing quest. Dermalogica’s new Ultrasmoothing Eye Serum combats the signs of aging without the irritation. It has a light gel-like texture that coats the eye area and quickly absorbs, leaving it a perfect partner to complimenting your makeup.

For ultracalming skin care shop Dermalogica today



Everlasting Blonde” 14365099_130114143000

As a former brunette, I’ve come over to the blonde side. Preserving my color (which ever hue that may be) has always been a challenge that I have dealt with for years. John Frieda introduces “Sheer Blonde” Everlasting Blonde Color Perserving Shampoo, with safflower oil and bergamot extract, my hair is left smelling like a fresh cut bouquet of flowers on a crisp, Spring day. This line helped maintain my golden locks from the first day of color, kept it from fading and left it manageably soft.  Simply Devine.

Available for all shades of color. Go to John Frieda


ECD_JtR_coverJust the Rules

Beauty really is more than skin deep. I truly believe what you put in your body reflects in having beautiful, radiant skin. Living a healthy lifestyle has always been my main focus and New York Times best-selling author Tosca Reno has been both an inspiration and motivation in my life. Tosca’s new book “Just the Rules” has become my food bible, it’s simplified my life, put me on the right track to living healthy and fit. This incredible book teaches you to bring it back to the basics, there really is no more excuses to achieving your ultimate fitness goal with ‘The Eat-Clean Diet’. Tosca shows you 51 food laws that you can take and apply anywhere. Even when you’re constantly on the go like me. My body and skin have been strengthened through proper nutrition. Trust me, these rules you won’t want to break.

What are you waiting for, grab yours today at Tosca Reno.


Whipped Souffle” OmbreSouffle_SunrisePeach+Ledum

For those of us that are not natural makeup artists, playing with eyeshadows can be a little intimidating. I have been dreaming of a product that would be fool-proof for some time. Lise Watier’s new innovative Ombre Souffle Supreme in “Sunrise Peach” is the perfect combination of a cream, powder and foam all-in-one. I love how easily it applies with a brush or even just my fingertips, it smooths and dries to a perfect finished look. The best part is you can touch up in seconds and can say goodbye to smudges.

Visit Lise Watier to find your perfect match.


MIA_1_Lavender_FrontA new Spin on Clean

How did I live without thee…… I’m a big advocate when it comes to cleansing and exfoliating my face. I thought a good cleanser and face cloth did the job when tackling makeup and dirt until I discovered Clarisonic’s Mia.
This little device brings deep cleaning to a whole new level. I did a test with first washing my face like I normally do, then I used the Mia after and saw how much greater it pulled the grime out of my pores. My skin was
transformed and with continued use, I had a clearer, more glowing complexion.

For this MUST HAVE beauty tool, check out Sephora or Clarisonic.


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Winterized Beauty

With the New Year here and the cold weather still here, it is even more important to make sure to protect your skin. I always post on the importance of staying hydrated and keeping moisturized. Even though I try to drink as much water as possible, my skin still shows signs of dehydration at times during the winter months so I need to stay on top of my skin care regime. I wanted to bring you some of my absolute favourite things that I have discovered in 2012 that gave my skin that added boost of moisture.


The first thing I want to talk about is treating yourself to a facial. Now it is important to keep up with weekly maintenance at home, but I recommend finding a great spa near you to pamper yourself each month. A lot of spas have specials that make it affordable to go on a regular basis. For those of you that have been following the blog for some time, know that I just adore SKN Holistic Rejuvenation Clinic in Vancouver. From the moment I have been going to them my skin has been in love and just can’t seem to get enough. I swear that my skin acts up sometimes just so I will go in for a treatment. On a recent visit to SKN, I received the “Perk Me Up Peel“.This peel is a great, quick treatment that creates visible change and hydration in the skin. It boosts the skin by removing surface cells with AHA’s and is completed with an infusion of antioxidants.First off they started by cleansing my skin with Osmosis “Cleanse” with 20% lactic acid added to it. Then a 50% lactic acid was applied to my skin and left on for 2-3 minutes to help with cell turnover, decongestion and hydration. After a Rhonda Allison Omega 6 oil was put on my skin, along with a milk mask to pump up the moisture. While the mask and oil sat on my skin, a cold jade roller was glided across my face (this was the best part). To finish off the treatment, I had more Omega 6 oil and a growth factor serum added for healing and rejuvenating. Not only was my skin glowing when I left, but the next morning and days after I had clear, radiant skin~ no more dehydration and congestion. You can check out SKN Shop  for all these lines and many more great products.


Now I have some absolute favourites when it comes to MUST HAVE products that hold a permanent residence in my cupboard. With saying this I want to not only include them in this post but also introduce you to some new contenders I have had cross my path.

Hair~ Now since I cut my hair last February and have a shorter style, I have really started to play around with different products. Recently I have started the journey of becoming a blonde, which means with curly hair as well, I need to find lines that give my hair tons of moisture. Here is a list of some of my favourite products that are keeping my hair in top shape this New Year.

Joico “Smooth Cure” hair care line~ This line gives my hair tons of moisture and helps protect it from the dry winter weather. I love their Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, both contain KeraShield Complex that reduces frizz and leaves my hair manageably soft and smooth. After I like to add Joico’s leave-in rescue treatment. This cream can be used alone on wet hair as a styling aid or it can be applied before blowdrying your hair. When blowdrying my hair I also like to add their thermal styling protectant, these two combined protect my hair against humidity and thermal damage. The whole “Smooth Cure” line from Joico smells great on top off all the goodness it does for your tresses. Another great leave in treatment I found was Biolage Smoothing Shine Milk. This light-weight mist helps control flyaway’s, frizz and gives added shine while leaving my curls bouncy and soft.

The original Mane ‘n Tail hair care line~ It’s funny I originally heard of this line and tried it years ago, but was recently sent some product. This line gave great moisture and strength to my hair. I enjoyed the shampoo, conditioner and hair strengthener. One product that was new to me (and not hair related) was their Hoofmaker hand & nail therapy, it was originally developed for horses to moisturize dry, cracked and brittle hooves. This cream is light-weight and non-greasy. It adds instant moisture to dry hands and left my cuticles nourished.

Moroccan Oil products~ What’s not to love about this line. One product that I recently discovered during a photo shoot was their Luminous hairspray, all I can say is it smells heavenly~ like being on a beach in the Caribbean. It has medium hold but still keeps your hair manageable with a natural look. It’s even easy to brush out if you’re needing to change-up your style. 03739

LUSH~ Awwwwww Good ol LUSH Cosmetics, what can I say ~ How I love thee! As many of you know LUSH holds a special place in my heart. I have discovered so many fabulous products from them that I enjoy sharing them all with you. When it comes to hair, LUSH has been a life saver. I am totally obsessed with their R&B hair moisturizer which I have posted about before. It is one of my go to products that I also use as a styling aid. The Blousey shampoo is a new-found favorite that contains rose oil, blackcurrant absolute, thyme and rosemary. It has fresh smashed organic bananas that provide my hair (especially being blonde) with intense moisture. Next I discovered Happy Happy Joy Joy hair conditioner, which reminds me of Springtime and all the flowers in bloom. With Orange flower absolute, rosewood and grapefruit oils your hair will be dancing a happy tune. Once a week I like to run a bath, apply a hair treatment/mask and relax. There is nothing I enjoy more than hair products that contain peppermint and honey, and Roots hair treatment contains both. I love the way it tingled and left a cooling sensation on my scalp. Honestly my hair had major bounce after this treatment! Last but not least Shine So Bright split end treatment. I love adding this to my hair as a finishing touch after drying. You can use to mend split ends or tame fly-aways as well. It’s a perfect size to slip into you purse and have as a quick fix when your out on the

This past October I attended World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto and had the opportunity to go backstage with Redken and Maybelline to see all the magic created before the shows. I have always been a fan of both brands and during this trip I came across some new products that caught my eye. First off Hair! Again with shorter curly hair, finding a styling cream that doesn’t weigh my hair down is a little tricky. Also one that doesn’t leave it looking greasy is the key too. That’s where Redken Tousle Whip 04 comes in. This cream smells divine and delivers soft texture while providing a good hold. Then when I want to blow out and style my hair I first use Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide, with macadamia oil it adds protection and leaves my hair glossy smooth. After I dry it, I use Redken Iron Shape 11 finishing thermal spray. This heat protective spray locks in curl and straight shapes while adding a touchable, shiny finish. There are many Maybelline products that now fill my makeup bag, one being their new moisturizing lip balm “Baby Lips“. This lip balm provides 8 hours of hydration and I was passed on a beauty trick from Maybelline’s lead Makeup Artist Grace Lee ~ use it to highlight your features. That’s right girls, you can add “Quenched” (shown here) to your cheekbones for contouring. This new balm also comes in scrumptious shades and my new favorite is “Cherry Me”.

brown_ss_angleFace and Body~ When it comes to my skin I love products that smell great, deep clean and keep me well moisturized. I believe in exfoliating your skin each week, always moisturizing and not going to bed with makeup on (though we all have done this a few times I bet). Here are some of my favourites from 2012 that I can’t seem to put down. Even though I love going to the spa, I love even more finding products that I can indulge in right in my own home. During my birthday last year I received La Licious brown sugar & vanilla sugar souffle’ and this is definitely a scrub you need to get your hands on. It exfoliates your skin to perfection and did I mention it’s all natural! It has all my favourite ingredients~ Brown cane sugar, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and honey. It smells so good you will want to eat it. Another great scrub that I was introduced to by the same friend was Jade & Ginseng Sugar Scrub from Jade Spa. With the detoxifying properties of jade and many health benefits of ginseng, your skin will  be exfoliated, renewed, smooth and hydrated. These two have permanent homes beside my tub.

When it comes to shower time and cleansing my skin I tend to mix it up between using scrubs, body washes, milks and my latest craze~shower jelly. LUSH  introduced me to shower jelly’s and I was instantly hooked. A few of my favourites have been Calacas (limited time only)~which smells like green life saver candies, Ghost~which smells like a garden of jasmine and lilies, and my latest obsession Whoosh~ which bursts with a lemon scent and is sure to wake you up. The great thing about these shower jelly’s is they clean your skin so well without stripping the moisture. Another fave from LUSH  is their Rub Rub Rub shower scrub. This sea salt scrub contains a mimosa and orange blossom scent that is sure to awaken your senses. After cleaning your skin you always need to moisturize. It is said the best way is to apply your crams and lotions while you skin is still damp. Sticking with a theme I came across a few beauty finds from LUSH,  Vanilla DEE-Lite body lotion  is vitamin-packed and made with their Vanilla Fountain fragrance and fresh kiwis. Though this lotion is light it still leaves your skin supple. Another great moisturizer for those looking for an organic line is Consonant C ultra moisturizing organic face cream. This cream is formulated with organic botanicals and natural source hydrators making it a perfect fit for the driest winter weather. Last but not least when it comes to cleansing my face I look for a wash that is gentle for sensitive eyes, deep cleans and won’t over-dry my skin. Dermalogica’s Special Cleansing Gel does the job. I love how easy this cleanser washes my face and easily rinses off. Dermalogica products are formulated without artificial fragrances and colours, making them suitable for all skin types.

Wel there you have it, a few of my favorites from 2012 that I’m continuing to love in the New Year. I’d love to hear what your MUST HAVE beauty products are that you just can’t live without.

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