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Sun’s Still Out


I am one lucky girl to have found my Skin Therapist from Essence Of L Medi Spa. I swear I’m turning into Benjamin Button from seeing Leah! When I look in the mirror, I feel my skin looks better than when I was in my early 20’s. On a daily basis I get asked how I get such great skin and I am constantly writing down Leah’s contact.

Not only is Leah amazing at what she does, she is one of the most knowledgable people I know when it comes to skin health. So I thought what better way to share then by picking her brain and bringing you some Q&A’s on the essentials needed throughout the year. Even though we are rolling into fall, the sun is still out and these are some important tips you need to know. So Sit back, grab some rosè and enjoy our top 11 skin must do’s.

BB411~ What is the top treatment during sunny weather?

EOL~ Rejuvenating HydraFacial

BB411~ What is the biggest misconception people have about their skin health?

EOL~ Right now I hear (a lot) the question “If I wash my face before I go to bed, why do I have to wash it in the morning?” There are two reasons why it’s important: #1. If you wear active ingredients before you go to bed, you need to wash them off in the morning because they can make you photosensitive and cause irritation and #2. Can we say sweat, dirt and skin mites!

BB411~ SKIN MITES???????

EOL~ Yes!

BB411~ What is the biggest NO NO that clients do when it comes to skin health?

EOL~ Going to bed with makeup on!

BB411~ The next question really helped me out while I was competing in my fitness competitions. This is actually an acne tip (whether you workout or not). What are the top two things to do while working out to help with acne and breakouts?

EOL~ #1. Ice your face. If you can incorporate putting an ice cube on your face for 1-2 minutes it will reduce your inflammation. #2. Wash your face within five minutes of your workout.

BB411~ Leah says to cleanse your skin at the gym or after your workout but I don’t always find that easy. So is there a option that makes it more convenient?

EOL~ The best option we have found is to carry baby wipes with you.

BB411~ Do any baby wipes work? Even cheap baby wipes from say…….. the dollar store?

EOL~ NOOOOOOOOOO! The best ones we have found through continued research are the Costco Kirkland unscented baby wipes. There’s no pore-cloggers in them which is great. (Check out EOL’s list of Pore Clogging Ingredients)

BB411~ To laser or not laser in the Summer, that is the question???

EOL~ In the summer or sun exposure months I’d definitely say pass on laser treatments (Photo Facial or IPL). If you’re looking for treating anti-aging and sun spots, the sun will actually trigger more melanin so you want to avoid that with sun exposure.

BB411~ Spray tan or natural tan?

EOL~ If you are looking for a golden glow, we highly recommend a self-tanner like St Tropez.

BB411~ In June Leah launched her new acne skin care line and I have been testing it out since January on my face and body. It’s incredible. What are the new products in the line?

EOL~ We have two new cleansers – One is an exfoliator and one is for the face and body.

BB411~ Physical or chemical sunblock?

EOL~ We recommend using a physical sunblock during the summer. They are a little bit more hearty, they lay on the surface of the skin like a protective layer and they are usually water-resistant for up to 80 minutes.

BB411~ In-between my awesome treatments, I upkeep by skin health by adding some at home maintenance. The “Lumibright” pineapple enzyme mask is great for exfoliating and decongesting.

BB411~ What would your top product pick be to use?

EOL~ It would definitely be Retinol, it is the gold standard in the industry. It’s great for anti-aging, for sun damage, melasma and it’s a big contender for acne.

Stay tuned for Leah’s Fall favourites coming soon!

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Fresh Ideas~ March 2013

Canadian Fine to Full 2

Say Good-bye to Fine Hair

Fine Hair has a new best friend in town, Luxurious Volume “Fine to Full” blowout spray from John Frieda. Whether you need to add life to your fine locks or natural volume to your tresses, this spray provides an instant fix. I saw first hand how hair transformed into Hollywood glamour, it was red carpet worthy. See the whole line at John Frieda

HONEYBEEWhat’s all the Buzz about

I am completely obsessed with baths and honey! Lush Honey Bee bath bomb brings the sweet scent of toffee, honey and mood lifting sweet orange oil to create a soothing bath filled with heavenly scents. I love how the Moroccan Rhassoul mud gently deep cleansed and softened my skin. It was hard not to stay immersed in hours of absolute bliss. Try one at LUSH


Baby Lipsheroized-pack

Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline Baby Lips. No matter what the day may consist of, this lip balm provides my kisser with hours of hydration and just the right hint of color for the perfect pout. I can’t seem to get enough of these beauties, I keep one with me everywhere I go. My lips stay smiling thanks to this moisture rich saviour . Go to Maybelline for all their  incredible shades

Oranger en Fleur EDP

A Garden Walk

There is really nothing like walking through a garden with all of the flowers in full bloom. The sophisticated fragrance from House of Houbigant “Orangers en Fleurs” wrapped me in alluring scents of orange blossom, Turkish rose and Egyptian jasmine. It was a perfect combination of sweet and spice that brought Springtime a little early this year. © Arpi Pap 2008

Cuticle Love

Whether rocking a manicure or going au natural, taking care of my cuticles is always a top priority. Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil completely nourishes my nails while keeping them healthy and strong. With a clean, fresh apricot scent, it’s hard to resist drenching my nails in this cuticle love. Check out Essie and grab yours today

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Crazy about Creme Sheen Glass


There is nothing like finding a great lip gloss! A while ago I was at MAC and they had a limited edition line for Daphne Guinness. It was then that I tried their Creamsheen Glass lip gloss in “Japanese Spring” and “Narcissus”. I instantly fell in love with the way they glided on my lips like silk. Creamsheen gives great coverage on its own and acts as an amazing top coat over one of my favorite lipstick, “Plink” by MAC.



I am completely out of the “Japanese Spring” and trying to scrap every last drop out of the tube, it’s such a great pearl-pink color. As for the “Narcissus”, I pull this little baby out when I want to add a splash of color. The huckleberry/plum shade compliments any cream or shimmer eyeshadow. A summer must have for sure!

What I love about this line is that it’s not sticky like most glosses, which I find perfect for a girl always on the go. Sometimes I even put it over my favorite spf lip balm when I go out for a run. My newest shade that I am currently obsessed with is “Petite Indulgence”, which I received in a gift set from MAC. It’s the ultimate Barbie pink and I pair it with a little mascara and bronzer, for an every day look. Sometimes all a girl needs is a great gloss and perfect pair of heels (Oh, Manolo Blahnik)

What is your favorite Cream Sheen shade by MAC?

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Wild Rose & Yoghurt

As my love for roses continues, so does the excitement I get when I discover new beauty finds. Years ago while on a trip to Greece, I developed a slight sunburn (even with a high spf). I came across Korres skin care and was recommended to try the Korres Yoghurt Cooling Gel. Instantly my skin was cooled and moisturized, I could feel the burn soothing. I continued to use this for the remainder of my trip and still to this day keep a bottle in my fridge (love keeping it chilled, feels incredible). I use it all over my body including my face. This is one of my MUST HAVE items!

Being such a huge fan of this product I thought I would try out their Wild Rose beauty line. Now all of you know how much I love roses and this line gets my stamp of approval. I picked up the Wild Rose Face & Eye Serum and 24-Hour Moisturizing & Brightening Cream. Lets start with the Serum, the smell is devine~think roses and cinnamon hearts. I love how you can use it on your face as well under your eyes, two bangs for the buck. It has a light gel texture that glides on smooth and you skin will soak it up. It has Wild Rose Oil which is a natural source of vitamin C, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines. After I applied the serum I followed it with the moisturizer, again the smell is so delicious and addictive. What I love most is it has such light texture yet provides mega moisture for longer periods of time. It’s perfect for those wearing it under their foundation. It contains “Imperata-cylindrica extract: This desert plant is known for its ability to provide continuous moisturization by regulating the moisture equilibrium”. There is no greasy feel and it would be suitable for all skin type all year round. I suggest grabbing yours today at Korres or Sephora.

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Fresh ideas for June

 I love this time of year! With June near, Summer is just around the corner. I decided to focus on a feature dedicated to amazing products that smell delicious. There is nothing like finding great beauty buys that have incredible scents to captivate you.


Revive & Balance

After a recent haircut I’m learning to style short locks. I have tried many products but most leave my hair feeling either crunchy or greasy and tend to weigh it down. Not with R&B hair moisturizer from LUSH. With ingredients like Olive Oil, Avocado Butter, Coconut Oil and Jojoba oil, my tresses are full of soft, bouncy curls. It’s perfect for scrunching hair that’s wet or smoothing fly aways. The best thing about this cream is the exquisite scent of Jasmine. You will be wrapped in the romance! Pick up yours today at LUSH

Purity Made Simple

I found a one-step facial cleanser from Philosophy that is a true triple threat. Not only does this cleanser clean, tone and moisturize, it’s a makeup remover too. It’s suitable for all skin types and is great to use all year round. I love using this after my morning run, for a perfect post workout cleanse.  Start your day off right with “Purity Made Simple

Good Luck Perfume

Never before have I worn a fragrance where more people (men included) stop me on the street and ask me what I’m wearing. MZ by Principessa awakens my senses with an enticing sweet, clean scent. I’m reminded of lemon meringue pie, walks on the beach, crisp linen and gardens filled with my favorite flower, Jasmine! I coined it my “Good Luck Perfume” as every time I wear it good things seem to happen. Whether the scent creates actual good luck or just puts me in a great mood, I am a firm believer you will fall in love and it will become an instant favorite. Visit Princepessa to learn more about the fragrance with all the Hype


The Ultimate Cup of Tea

Who doesn’t love cozying up and relaxing with a warm cup of tea after a long day? Well, I have now found the ultimate luxury when it comes to indulging and tea time is being taken to a whole new level. Salontea bath tea sachets fill your tub with sultry, sensual fragrances of spices and herbs. From “the Writer” Chai tea, to “The Lover” for chocolate fans everywhere and “The Society Hostess” in us all, you will be immersed in heavenly scents.  I must warn you, you may enjoy the bath time so much you will want to stay in there forever. Discover yours today, shop Salontea or for my Vancouver followers check out the new Granville location

Lip Love

I think many of you will agree, we all love to pamper ourselves from head to toe. I’ve have always been an advocate of making sure to exfoliate my body and face. I recently came across the lip scrub “Brown Sugar” by Sara Happ and don’t know how I ever lived without it. After just one use my lips were softer and smoother than ever, making my lipstick and gloss glide on like silk. This scrub makes your pucker perfect. Say good-bye to chapped lips forever. Oh, and did I mention it smell like brown sugar?


Salty & Sweet

If you could, wouldn’t you want that spa feeling at home?  Principessa has created the perfect scrub. Introducing “Amore Afterglow” smoothing salt buff & “Delizia Mia” creamy sugar polish. These two magnificent scrubs leave my skin touchable, soft and glowing, plus they leave the most incredible scent lingering on your skin. I love the whipped, frothy texture and how they illuminate my skin when applied. Both contain the sweet fragrance of Honeysuckle, along with luscious organic extracts and Shea butter. I cannot get enough of this line and am constantly replenishing my supply. I’m not the only one loving this line, check out all the press!


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A “Fresh” look at Springtime


 What better way to dive into Spring then with some great new additions to your skin care regime and make up bag. This season I am indulging in vibrant colors, glowing skin and nutrient-rich ingredients. There is nothing my skin loves more than products that deliver intense moisture. I have compiled a list of items that are perfect for “Must Have Monday”.



Hydration that doesn’t leave

What better way to combat our Vancouver weather than with a product containing the powerful concentrated Labrador Tea extract. I found a new line by Lise Watier, Age Control Supreme La Creme gives superb moisture day and night. This line also has a great elixir for am/pm, the night-time serum is black and disappears as you apply to your skin. The incredible Labrador Tea leaves can with stand extreme climate conditions and do not shed. In my eyes, Labrador tea is a superhero in skin care.

Recently I featured Lise Watier in a segment I did for West Coast Style presented by Pacific Centre with Host Mana Mansour . The show explores fashion & beauty trends, local designers & the hottest fashion events. To prep my make up and hair for the taping, I acquired the help from two talented individuals, Gemma Lagden & Chris Funk from Funk’d Hair

Gemma Lagden heads the makeup department at Shaw TV Vancouver. Over the last five years, her television experience has included network projects for NBC, ABC and MTV as well as national commercials. I have known Gemma gor some time and have been looking for an excuse to work with her. She is such a pleasure to work with and actually introduced me to a few new favorites that are sure to make a future post!

Chris Funk from Funk’d Hair is the “King of the Roller Brush” and flat-iron! I have been going to Chris for some time now, whether it’s for a blow out or some added curls, he glams you up for any occasion. Trust me, your hair will thank you.

Click Here to watch the video

Strawberry & Roses

I love finding products that smell good enough to eat! Fresh reminds me of my childhood, spending time in the kitchen & garden with my grandmother. The Sugar Face Polish gently exfoliates with real brown sugar and strawberries, evoking memories of warm oatmeal and freshly baked pie. A perfect way to follow-up and lock in moisture is with the Rose Face Mask. With the captivating scent, I’m reminded of rose bushes in full bloom. I’d guarantee that my Grandmother would approve. Check out Fresh to order yours today!

Red~The new Black

My new obsession is rocking red lips. I have always kept a neutral lip, but I’m discovering how much fun a little pop of color can be. Paired with a smoky eye for a dramatic look, or as a featured lip, Lise Watier’s Haute Couleur High Coverage Lip Lacquer in Rouge Catwalk makes a bold statement. With a lighted applicator and mirror, this lip lacquer will not disappoint. Live on the wild side and add some color to your life.

After Glow

Put a little spin back into your skin care. With this powerhouse couple, my skin has been taken to the next level. The SKN Spin is a must add to any regime, it allows products to penetrate deeper and gives a gorgeous, radiant glow. The After Glow Serum pumped my skin full of nutrients and antioxidants, leaving it feeling restored and replenished. Aging skin is no match for these two.

Learn more at and visit

A Beautiful Blend

Since I love anything pink, I could not resist this wonderful little gem. I was able to perfectly blend my foundation, even in the tiniest corner. With its versatility and durability, the Beauty Blender is the ultimate make up sponge. I love its unique shape and how it gives you a flawless coverage. Who doesn’t want a streak free complexion? Say good-bye to boring sponges and hello to this beauty. For My Vancouver and Canadian followers, check out Beauty Mark



I would love to hear what beauty “Must Have” you love that gets you ready to welcome Spring! #BB411 #MustHaveMonday

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YSL Lips

The Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2012 collection has the most vibrant colors. I was completely in love with the whole collection. I was able to test out a few of the ROUGE VOLUPTÉ PERLE silky-sensual-radiant lipsticks. First off, they come in a beautiful gold case with the timeless Yves Saint Laurent logo. They are like the cadillac of lipsticks! I have been a major fan of glosses and have recently been experimenting more with lipsticks. I have to say, I was impressed with the texture and how nourished my lips were. Plus they smell great too, actually reminds me of watermelon. They provide a great shimmer with lasting color.

#116 Milky Pink~ As a huge fan of pink, I was drawn instantly to this shade. The perfect pink when you want a little color!

#115 Shimmering Coral~ This Coral color will compliment many skin tones. It reminds me of a beach vacation.

Both shades are perfect to welcome Springtime!

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