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Need Your Help -Only 3 Days Left to Vote!!


LETS MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Thursday………….. I woke up this morning feeling energized and so excited with only 3 days left for the Canadian deadline of the Global Degree contest.
I am willing to do anything, I’ll eat something weird, shave my head, climb something big – If I win!!!!!!! I have not wanted anything more…… EVER
I am a blank canvass ready to paint the world with Global Degree
There is nothing to lose and a Giant, Beautiful World to Gain
I want to Pay It Forward, spread love and share kindness
There is only three days left to vote and gain as much love as possible to help gain the attention of the team and sponsors! I would love nothing more if you could take a moment to click the link HERE and watch my video and Vote

*********Remember In order for the votes to count, you have to go to the Global Degree Contest Page and like, subscribe and follow all pages for Global Degree & Flight Centre Canada.

To All that have already voted (Thank You form the Bottom of my heart), if you haven’t already liked their pages, if you go and do it, you can VOTE again. That means Double votes for this Girl trying to make a dream come true by becoming the 4th member on the Global Degree team along side Natalia Anja, Michael Graziano, Alexander Thomas James Hennessy and writing for these incredible sponsors World Nomads, Flight Centre Canada, Monstercat and Hostelworld.
Please feel free to share and spread the love on this amazing opportunity I would be forever grateful to live.

Much Love, Crystal – xo